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Rangers player Barisic brands Celtic manager’s comments ‘a joke’

Rangers player Barisic brands Celtic manager’s comments ‘a joke’, and it’s well and truly caused a stir on social media between the fanbases.

John Kennedy made the assertion following last weekend’s 6-0 win over Livingston, using the caveat “on our day”.

Champions Rangers are 20 points ahead of Celtic in the Premiership and face each other in a cup meeting on Sunday.

Kennedy recently claimed “that on our day we are still the best team in the country”.

However, Kennedy moved to bring some clarity to his opinion: “My take on it is, people make a story and a headline out of taking the comment out of context,” said the former Celtic defender, who confirmed Polish striker Patryk Klimala is set to join New York Red Bulls.

“I was referring to us going into a cup game and on our day we can still be the best performing team in the country because we have that level in us.

“That is purely what it is. Several times in the last few weeks I have commented on Rangers thoroughly deserving to win the league because they have been the most consistent team, they have racked up the most points, so I have shown full respect to Rangers for what they have done.

“I am entitled to say that on any given day, especially going in to a cup tie against Rangers, I fancy us on our day to come out on top.

“People sometimes take a small part of that statement and twist it and turn it into what they want to suit their argument and that is careless for me.

“To bring a bit of clarity to that, Rangers deserved to be the champions this season because they have been more consistent than us, but come a cup game, if we hit top gear and we can perform well, I fancy us to be able to go and win the game.”

“I think that is the biggest joke I heard this year,” said Barisic.

“They didn’t win against us in three games and we are 20 points in front of them, so it is disrespectful a little bit to us. That’s my comment on that.”

With four matches left to play out, Rangers remain unbeaten in the league, with two wins and a draw against Celtic this season.

“You need to be in life always realistic,” added Croatia international Barisic. “If someone is better and if someone is 20 points in front of you, you just don’t talk like that. It is disrespectful for all the things we do this season.

“It is not only from him. I know a lot of people talking about Celtic’s situation with Covid and all of these things. It’s like we’ve lost five games or we are just five points in front of them.

“We are 20 points clear in front of them, we didn’t lose a game this year. It is disrespectful to talk about anyone and changes. I am talking about this season. That’s it.”

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When pressed on Kennedy’s comments, manager Steven Gerrard said: “I don’t really focus on anyone outside Rangers. I know the reality, I know the truth.”

Celtic have not lost in the Scottish Cup since Rangers beat them on penalties in the 2016 semi-finals.

“Cup football gives everyone a chance,” added Gerrard. “What’s gone before this season will have no bearing.

“Intensity and tempo is something we will strive for, to be at our best. I believe, as a team, we play our best football when we are aggressive and when we play quick.”

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Fans reacted as Rangers player Barisic brands Celtic manager’s comments ‘a joke’…

@Bhoy1888Celtic1: Trying to look everywhere except into the camera. Coward.

@GrahamH91: No need for a Rangers team talk now ! Thanks Big JK

@TFIO_WDTGH: @CelticFC are inferior to @RangersFC in every facet of football both on and off the field.

@AyeReady_4444: Actually the biggest joke anyone heard this year was the also rans and their “ here we go 10 in a row”

@ElloElloEllo13: He’s not really understanding JKs point is he!? 20 points ahead and 3 games is nothing to with ‘on their day’ 🙄 Celtic v Rangers ‘on their day’? Celtic easily for me but due to several factors they have never been at their best this season and league was won by the better team

@Baldy_Barisic31: Rangers have had an off day in the last two games and they still haven’t lost.

@mn7cfc: QUAUDRUPLE TREBLE WINNERS. The only joke here is a team that have won ONE trophy and now think they are world beaters

@Declanreilly23: Until youse win countless trophy’s back to back for about a decade then come n talk ur shit

@cole67_: Say it into the camera Borna you fucking shitebag.

@E__1917: Must say Barisic has a point, we are definitely not the best team in Scotland, Kennedy must be taking the piss

@martinsuth90: Folk will say “do your talking on the park”. We have, its Celtic that need to start doing it on the park. JK has done our team talk it would seem. Superb

@dcmfw21: Talk like that gives me the fear. Would rather that was just kept in our dressing room, and used as fuel to beat them. Now, this gives celtc something to pin up in their dressing room to get a reaction.

@RangersBear_55: Borna fkng Barisic

@ibroxrocks: You have zero reason to fear that lot and the difference is he’s earned the right to say that. They hadn’t.

@MijBmal: Borna Barisic ripping the pish oot’a Celtic is fantastic content that we all love to see.

@_JFC67: 9 league titles and 4 consecutive trebles. We’re the best team in this country, one bad year does not change that.

@P4MELAR: Just when you thought you couldn’t love him any more 😂💙

@DavidGJohnston0: ‘Them’ – I love that. Our players now showing the same disdain they’ve done. We are going to put you lot in your place.

@Glxn72: Borna Barisic does what he wants

@PaulDamage69: I hope this is a huge motivation for all the players. Kennedy is on drugs I think

@TheLauraLothian: Lifetime contract for that one 😂

@Euas04: That’s right I forgot that the best team in Scotland has already lost the title before the split

@sayersy1872: They are hurting borna! Get it right up the bastards

@Kyle_M93: “The best team in Scotland on their day”
-who currently sit 20 pts below the league champions
-haven’t won in the last 4 old firm games
-have lost 4 games in the league
-have lost 5 games in Europe
-beaten 3 times by opposition in the bottom 6
Get yerself to absolute fuck!

@Beesh24240265: To be fair Borna, there has been some great one liners this year. Our behaviour was “perfect”. Only two of our players caught covid on the stag do in dubai

@adamgil92377969: Say it louder borna

@54timeskings72: Well said Borna. Any level headed Celtic fan would agree. Very silly comments from Kennedy in the build up to an old firm

@Lewisst49584395: Celtic are a joke of a club. How anyone can support a club with a vile history like they do is beyond me. They had some free years when Rangers were rebuilding, that will never happen again. They couldn’t even reach 9. Scotlands most successful club are on top where they belong.

@Eminechnie_: Well said Borna 👌🏼 They’re a club full of arrogant fannies.

@rob5552021: I think borna barisic comments today has upset the Celtic fans 😂

@Sneddon0472: I feel John Kennedy has done Gerrards team talk.

@andyprfc: Shat it fae borna’s da

@ElevenLubos: The irony 😅 You’re club is steeped in arrogance ya wet wipe..

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