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Ramsgate sign ex-Man Utd, Ipswich, Millwall, Charlton, Gillingham, Exeter, Ebbsfleet, Dover player

Ramsgate sign Lee Martin, who was an ex-Man Utd, Ipswich, Millwall, Charlton, Gillingham, Exeter, Ebbsfleet, Dover player.

The former £1million Manchester United player, has signed the third non league club of his career having left Dover Athletic at the end of last season.

The club confirmed that the attacking midfielder wasn’t one of those retained and became a free agent before being snapped up.

At the beginning of his career, Martin was signed by the Red Devils in 2004 from Wimbledon for £1.35million, when he had just turned 16, makinng three appearances as a senior player for the club.

After six loan spells from Old Trafford, Martin was sold to Ipswich Town in the summer 2009 for £2million, only two months after he made his Premier League debut away at Hull City in a win on the final day.

He has played for Charlton Athletic, Millwall and Northampton Town before spending two years with Ebbsfleet.

“It’s 17/18 years of playing football. Numerous clubs along the way, played at the top, all the way down to the bottom. So, yeah, a lot of experience and a lot of sort of knowledge to pass on.

“I’m at Gillingham, working with the full teams in their academy. Obviously been there previously as a player, so working there closely with the academy and also looking just set up a football coaching company as well, on the side.

“Well, funny enough, I’ve said earlier to Ben about when we played, we played a friendly match against Ramsgate and it was a fantastic sort of model that was being built then. It was a massive sort of turn out, big atmosphere, vibrant place.

“So, yeah, taken back by them, really. I think it was a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Loads of kids are out, and I know it’s very much after speaking to Ben himself and said it was a massive sort of footballing culture based upon youth. So it’s a great fit for themselves.

“The club are in a good place, foundations are being set, and obviously they want to get youngsters into the first team. That’s what they’re driving to do behind the scenes. And for me, that’s a brilliant it’s a refreshing approach.

“The layers are being built below so that it’s a smooth transition into that first team. I think if you’re all playing the same sort of style of football and all got the same goals, fantastic out. Yeah, that’s it.

“Listen, I can’t wait to get started in that first and foremost and get down and see all the fans and all the kids that play. And I’ve got three young boys who are football crazy as well, so I know what it’s like. I’m a family man. It’s a family club. So it’s perfect. Perfect fit.

“Like I say, the spots being built behind the scenes, it’s impressive. I know a few of boys as well, so, yeah, can’t wait to get, you know, get going and see see them as well. And look to look to do the best we can.”

–2003 – Wimbledon
2003–2005 – Manchester United

2005–2009 – Manchester United
2006 → Royal Antwerp (loan) – 17 games (1 goals)
2006 → Rangers (loan) – 10 games (0 goals)
2007 → Stoke City (loan) – 14 games (1 goals)
2007–2008 → Plymouth Argyle (loan) – 12 games (2 goals)
2008 → Sheffield United (loan) – 9 games (0 goals)
2008 → Nottingham Forest (loan) – 14 games (1 goals)
2009–2013 – Ipswich Town – 107 games (6 goals)
2010–2011 → Charlton Athletic (loan) – 25 games (3 goals)
2013–2016 – Millwall – 69 games (2 goals)
2016 → Northampton Town (loan) – 10 games (0 goals)
2016–2018 – Gillingham – 56 games (6 goals)
2018–2020 – Exeter City – 77 games (8 goals)
2020–2022 – Ebbsfleet United – 45 games (9 goals)
2022–2023 – Dover Athletic – 44 games (1 goals)
2023– Ramsgate

Here’s the fans reaction as Ramsgate sign the ex-Man Utd, Ipswich, Millwall, Charlton, Gillingham, Exeter, Ebbsfleet, Dover player…

@jamie_dafc: Found his level then. 👋👋👋

@JonesDAFC12: Lee “It’s my ball im going home” Martin

@Ralfie01: Proper decent that

@mancubmusic: Brilliant Rams!! #COYR Welcome Lee 😃😃

@mattlawrence734: Fucking hell ridiculous squad for Step 4 its like Newcastle and Man City on steroids 😂 #hmspisstheleague

@connerdafc18: Still ain’t good enough for them ever

@ConnorJames___: Didnt you see his stats. Bad when he was getting showed up by 17 year old. Glad hes gone

@connerdafc18: He’s the worst player I’ve ever seen offering out fans as well

@ConnorJames___: Hopefully, won’t spend all season telling fans to f off and shit. 🤣🤣

@maffathefaffa: Good player. Shit for brains.

@498Lewis: Bit embarrassing now…. Surely there’s gotta be a FFP in these leagues now 🤣🤣 stupid money

@morgscott9: Eventually found his level 👋🏼

@Stephen_gingell: Wow !! what a signing!

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