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Ralf Rangnick reveals what Ronaldo said in tantrum as Thomas Frank’s rant goes viral

Ralf Rangnick reveals what Cristiano Ronaldo said in his tantrum at being subbed off during the win away to Brentford on Wednesday.

The 36 year old swapped with Harry Maguire in the 71st minute, but upon closer inspection, Ronaldo is seen muttered to himself whilst grumpily coming off the pitch.

He made his feelings clear to Rangnick when getting to the bench, before sitting down and spitting his chewing gum out according to reports.

“Why me? Why me?” Ronaldo asked Rangnick in the dugout. “Why would you take me off?”

Speaking to the media after the game, Rangnick confirmed Ronaldo’s comments.

“He [Ronaldo] said ‘Why me, why did you take me off?’,” Rangnick revealed.

“I said I had to take the decision for the team, for the club. Maybe in a few years when he is a coach he will understand.”

The interim Man Utd boss was also seen explaining his decision to the frustrated striker just as Marcus Rashford was making it 3-0 shortly after the substitution, and he attempted to pour cold water on the situation post-match TV interview.

Speaking to BT Sport, the German coach said: “That is normal – a striker wants to score – but he has come back from a little injury and it was important to remember we have got another game coming up.

“Also after what happened at Villa Park, we had to defend the lead this time and it was important that we went back to a back five and while we didn’t keep the clean sheet it was important to make sure nothing else happened.”

Ronaldo tweeted after the win: “Three important points! Well done, lads.”

Brentford manager Thomas Frank also stole some of the headlines after he called United “unbelievably lucky.”

“[I am] unbelievably proud of my team. We are the smallest club in the Premier League, Manchester United the biggest,” Frank told BT Sport.

“We destroyed them in the first half, they didn’t have a sniff, three huge chances and there could only have been one winner of this game. They are unbelievably lucky. I know all the stuff about taking chances. They changed the system against little Brentford.

“One of those nights, fair play to David de Gea, if we get those chances again one will go in the back of the net. Our intensity killed them, we showed that in the first half, we played the Brentford way.

“Of the three goals, the second is most disappointing and difficult to come back from. The way we smashed them in the first half was fantastic, so proud of my team.”

And Rangnick somewhat agreed with the Dane, adding to BBC Sport: “The first half we we were second best in almost all aspects of the game, sloppy passing, missing 50-50 situations and hardly won any second balls.

“We were nervous on the counter-attack and were lucky at half-time to have a draw. A few great saves again from David de Gea and we showed a different face in the second half.”

As Ralf Rangnick reveals what Cristiano Ronaldo said in his tantrum at being subbed off, the memes, trolling and fan reaction rolled in…

@Eunan__V2: It’s not the Ronaldo show, it’s Manchester United, don’t like it he can go somewhere else

@HonestPenaldo: He makes the team worse. Good choice from Ragnick

@Nomad_1x: He’s literally done nothing all game though and as soon as Maguire comes on United score again… he should be upset about anchoring the team and being taken off, he should work harder and become a better player that can do more than just score penalties

@NickGEssential1: Someone should tell Ronaldo he is not that special,,the only thing we man united fans need is three points and we don’t care who score as long as we are winning. Can’t play for one man

@GarethKerrigan: There’s no denying Ronaldo is a top top quality footballer but he’s the biggest cry baby in world football along side Neymar.

@RyanBenvin93: 36 years old, 2-0 up against Brentford & goes on like this, great example to the young kids 🤢🤡

@ryajones_: Honestly think this is embarrassing from Ronaldo. Team is winning 2-0 & he’s just come back from injury & surprise, surprise, he’s making it all about him.

@NoahMead9: How old is this bloke? Jesus Christ, moans more than a fucking toddler.

@quentinnnnnn_: Whinging at the big old age of 37 about being subbed off with only 20 minutes to go just because he hasn’t scored a 5 yard tap in

@Hardyboy79: Fan of ronaldo… But his moaning is becoming boring now. Still a top player but if he wants to continue at the very top then needs to give up some minutes. Especially when 2-0 up vs Brentford. Game is won.

@Komps4: This is exactly the kind of negative energy why United are 7th.

@MrPaton_: Get used to it, what being part of a team is all about. 2-0 up, you’re just back from injury with another game in 3 days.

@x14jack: what’s he winging for?it’s a team game no? clear what he actually cares about

@BenKitla: I don’t see why the the manager should explain himself… cr7 cannot be bigger than the team ..


@ElangaSZN_: Battered them in the first half fc

@cam_mahal: Breath of fresh air from Thomas Frank, a manager of a “small side” not afraid to say how he felt in how they deserved more against that United side. Not shying away and playing the football he wants to play, class.

@mcfc_lads: Laugh all you like. He’s not wrong.

@jeckysmash: To be fair I love the way he’s talks and they should be proud! They played great first half, we had luck! We are also playing some of the worse football in years and most teams all over us 🤷🏼‍♂️ nothing new in that first half mate

@iamsriram98: I mean yeah Thomas Frank comes off as super salty and a “prick” or whatever but you keep asking for personality in football and flinch when you get it. He’s right about “smashing” us in the first half.
It’s ntd, let it go, we got the three points

@jacob_23_: Thomas Frank rattling everyone makes me happy

@Utd_76: I used to like Thomas Frank and considered him a decent chap. All he is to me now is Steve McManaman’s drunk uncle.

@stephenwhitley1: Great interview IMO. Didn’t hide behind the usual cliches that we are used to hearing – need more of this – Displayed honesty and spoke his mind 👏

@MlCHAEL___: How does this rattle people so much?

@benm318: You can’t see the salt in that interview? Dragging players that weren’t even part of the squad, calling Utd lucky (the pinnacle of saltiness), the way he could barely start a sentence cuz he was so rattled lol

@Malachians: If you can’t finish you aren’t unlucky, finishing is one of the most important skills in the game. If you can’t finish, you aren’t good enough.

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