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Raheem Sterling faces potential BAN after video shows him throwing item back at Tottenham fans

Raheem Sterling faces a potential BAN after a video shows him throwing an item – chucked at celebrating players – back towards Tottenham fans.

The incident came during the chaotic clash on Monday night, with Chelsea going on to win 4-1 against a 9-man Spurs side. See more on that HERE.

Cole Palmer got his side level from the penalty spot in the first half after Cristian Romero picked up a red card for a lunge on Enzo Fernandez.

Palmer went and celebrated in front of the away fans, placing his finger to his lips before being joined by his fellow teammates.

A new video from the in corner – posted by Chelsea’s own TikTok account – shows an object chucked from the stands, hitting Palmer’s leg

However, as the players make their way back to restart the game, Sterling then bends down and throws it back into the home end.

The incident hadn’t been seen by the officials, however, according to the Daily Mail, an FA spokesperson has since made it clear that it is being reviewed, as they look to determine whether any action needs to be taken.

@chelseafc Spot on from Cole! 🤫 #chelsea #cfc #colepalmer ♬ original sound – Chelsea FC

It’s not the first time we’ve seen scenes like these, with more recently, Richarlison getting a ban from the Football Association for throwing a lit flare back into the crowd after scoring for Everton against Chelsea in May 2022.

This came before he made the switch to Spurs that summer, his punishment being a one match suspension, in which delayed his debut for Tottenham.

The FA said at the time in their statement: “An independent Regulatory Commission has suspended Richarlison de Andrade for one match and fined him £25,000 following a breach of FA Rule E3 that took place during a Premier League game on Sunday 1 May 2022.

“The Tottenham Hotspur FC forward admitted that his conduct while playing for Everton FC during the 46th minute of this game against Chelsea FC was improper, and his sanction was imposed during a subsequent hearing.”

Chelsea legend Didier Drogba was given a three-match ban in 2008, having chucked a coin at Burnley fans in a Carabao Cup defeat on penalties.

We also saw Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher handed a three-match ban and also a formal police warning for throwing £1 coin at Arsenal supporters in an FA Cup fixture at Highbury back in 2002.

This is what fans had to say as Raheem Sterling faces a potential BAN after a video from his own club shows him throwing item back at Tottenham fans…

@brown_dylan: Should be looking to fine Tottenham for their fans not being able to control themselves

@jhayy_jhayy: Has the person who threw it been banned yet?

@Jdickinson108: Don’t agree with this to be fair. If someone’s got the balls to throw something at someone then they should be ready to get it thrown back at them. Play with fire you get burned

@SonOfChelsea: Spurs fan intentionally throws missile to hurt Chelsea players, Sterling throws it back with less force. The problem here isn’t the player

@LOUW1LL1AMS: Games gone if we’re getting bans for this

@llabsamoht: We dont need another example of how illogical the people that govern this game are right now

@CFCRobL: I’m assuming the lack of interest in the Spurs fans who threw missiles at Chelsea players was because we’re all in agreement they’re exceptionally brave and the true winners in this scenario.

@sashcfc: How did Raheem get the missile in the first place? Don’t think he had it down his shorts.

@CFCJohnnyB: Keyword here being “BACK”… It shouldn’t have been on the pitch in the first place. Punish that person! 🤦🏻

@mikeenglishcfc: Are Tottenham punishing the fans who threw the missiles?

@mufc_JNathanJ: Fucking ridiculous, the scumbag fan deserves it

@TOSOTC_CFC: What about action against the person who threw the missile on the field in the first place? Nothing against the instigator but the person retaliating gets a ban? Also why a ban? Why does the punishment have to be a ban on this instance? What happened to simply giving a warning?!

@Htalkschelsea: So it gets thrown down at him and he can’t throw it back? Give me a break what a load of shit.

@richwhiting: Precedent is he will be banned. Drogba threw a coin back at Burnley fans just over a decade ago and got banned.

@RJCafu: What about the fans who threw them? Absolute hypocrites that they ain’t being investigated.

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