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Racist incident, managers sent off, objects thrown at Spennymoor v Darlington

Racist incident, managers sent off, objects thrown and so much more happened at Spennymoor v Darlington to marred the match.

Bernard Morley, Moors joint-manager, and Quakers chief Alun Armstrong both saw were red carded following a mass fracas in injury time.

It came after Darlington’s Jack Lambert, who attempted to keep the ball in play close to the home dugout, but was tripped by a Spennymoor coach who was outside of the technical area.

Armstrong fumed and went on the pitch towards referee James Westgate, Morley then became involved and soon all players and officials from both sides were embroiled in a scrap that played out for a minute or two during the National League North fixture.


The Club can confirm that during Saturday’s game against Darlington an allegation of racial abuse was made regarding comments aimed by a spectator towards a visiting player.

We would like to make it absolutely clear that Spennymoor Town Football Club abhors discrimination in all of its forms and will not tolerate this sort of behaviour inside The Brewery Field.

The Club will now work with the relevant authorities to try and identify those responsible and we will seek the maximum penalty and a lifetime ban from the stadium for anyone found guilty of such conduct.

We would also urge anyone who has information that could support the investigation to contact the Club or the Police.


“I got the red card because I entered the field of play, but if the referee sends me off for that, then he’s got to send virtually everybody else off,” said Darlo boss Alun Armstrong as per The Northern Echo.

“I’m protecting my player, who gets kicked off their assistant manager, manager or whoever it is. He’s out of their technical area, and has got no right to touch that ball. He could have seriously hurt Jack, because the innocuous ones can be like that.”

The first goal came on the hour after Glen Taylor saw his effort strike against the post, before Jordan Thewlis followed up to score. Then Darlo got an equaliser when Lambert found Beck inside the Moors area, Metcalfe blocked Beck’s first attempt, then Beck had another chance, which went into the bottom corner.

The referee stopped the game to speak to club officials following an alleged racist remark aimed at Darlington’s ex-Spennymoor player Adriano Moke coming from behind the goal occupied by home fans.

After the game, Moors general manager Ian Geldard said: “We will investigate and if found, lifetime ban from Brewery Field.”

Co-manager at Spennymoor, Anthony Johnson, wrote on Twitter: “If anyone racially abuses a player they should be outed immediately, you’re the lowest of the low in society.

“Banned and dealt with by the proper authorities outside of football – Scumbags!”

To what sparked the fracas, Johnson added: “There’s tribalism in football, I get it. There’s rose tinted biased views also, but trying to create something out of something so little doesn’t need to happen.

“Stepped 6 inches outside of area to stop a ball so we could take a quick throw in, that’s it!”

Jack Lambert said: “Not one to make a meal of something but anyone who knows me knows that ankle is goosed at the best of times 😂, nothing in it really but it knacked all the same, didn’t need to kick off the way it did but a derby is a derby so let’s get on with it 👍🏽”

@Markodarlo wrote: “Well I can honestly say I walked away from @SpennymoorTown v @Official_Darlo proud of our supporters and team. Going off what I witnessed, Spennymoor town have real issues, issues that go right the way up from the fan base, through the team and into the management.”


Twitter users reacted to the racist incident, managers sent off, and objects thrown at Spennymoor v Darlington…

@garypaterson81: Horrendous that we still talk about this in football in this day and age!!! Ban them for life and we will see change!!!

@AdrianHalliwell: Ban for life and hand them over to the police !!

@GQ1876: 100% agree no place for racist or sectarian abuse no matter what size the club is

@adamwoodward07: Life time ban from not just football but from all sports events and throwing into a cell and throw the key away

@DezyByers33: If you see the whole thing the ball had rolled down the touchline and was clearly out of play, the coach is clearly just stopping the ball not trying to trip anybody up, also look at Taylor in the picture, if the ball was close to being in play then he would of been challenging

@MichaelBarrass1: Stopping the ball ? He took the player out which could have caused injury .he didn’t apologise or help him up and then hid while it all kicked off

@DezyByers33: Also if it had been the other way round you lot would of done exactly the same thing, stopped the ball to try and take a quick throw

@studs1974: Coach in the wrong.

@JamesSheehan19: Poor behaviour from the coach

@darloite: ironically johnson was the calmest one on the pitch even saying to the darlo fans coming back to the dugout after ht we were too nice and missing abuse aimed at him 🤣🤣

@jacklambert193: Not one to make a meal of something but anyone who knows me knows that ankle is goosed at the best of times 😂, nothing in it really but it knacked all the same, didn’t need to kick off the way it did but a derby is a derby so let’s get on with it 👍🏽 @Official_Darlo

@calbeagle18: Rules are rules. The argument of ‘6 inches from the technical area’ isn’t justifiable to me? It’s like going to a shop and paying 95p for an item that’s £1 and saying ‘It’s only 5p’. The reaction was unnecessary to an extent, but still.. it’s a ‘derby’ so all I takes is this.

@Gar_Hughff: Armstrong comes onto the pitch, let the ref deal with that. There was no reason for spenny players and coaching staff to get involved. THATS what sparked the fracas

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