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Quick Insights into English Football

English football league is a league competition founded in 1888 and comprises professional association football clubs from England and Wales. Its structure resembles a pyramid whereby the top leagues start at the top and trickle down to the bottom tournaments featuring the small clubs. The league system consists of interconnected leagues of football clubs in England. The league system also has teams from Jersey, Isle of Man, Wales and Guernsey.

The system is in a hierarchical format meaning there is promotion and relegation in the leagues. That gives all the teams an equal chance to rise to the top of the pyramid. The English football system contains over 140 individual leagues and over 480 divisions. There are 11 official levels in the EFL system, starting from the Regional Feeder League to the top tier Premier league. However, these levels extend to 21 levels, and those below the 11th level being unofficial and based on a notional structure.

The number of clubs in the system may vary from season to season due to some clubs leaving or joining the league and others merging, but roughly there are 15 clubs in every division. All these leagues are available on most betting sites for you to bet. To place a bet, look for casinos that offer you value for money and have impeccable perks to save some cash, such as the JustSpin Casino bonuses. Let’s look at the most popular leagues in the English football system.

The Premier League

Also referred to as EPL or English Premier League, this is the top-level tournament in the English football league system. It operates on a promotion and relegation system and contains 20 teams. Its seasons run from August to the following year in May, with 38 matches to play. Almost all the games happen on Sunday and Saturday afternoons. The Premier League was initiated in 1992 upon a decision by the clubs to part ways with the English Football league. 

The English Football League

It was formed in 1888 as a Football league. The English Football League is among the oldest football leagues in world football and comprises three leagues, namely Championship, League One and League Two. 

Usually, there are 24 clubs in the individual leagues. Promotions and relegations are the order at the end of every season. Three teams in the Championship secure a slot in the Premier League while the bottom three clubs drop to the lower division, i.e., league one. 

In league one, three teams are promoted to Championship while four teams move downwards to League Two. However, when it comes to League two, four clubs are promoted to League One, while two clubs are related to the National League.

This entire process is what integrates the English football league system. Clubs from Wales also take part in ELF, including Newport County, Swansea City and Cardiff City.

This football league has had a title sponsor since the 1983-84 season. Its name has been changing as the sponsors change. Since the onset of the 2016-17 season, the leagues acquired the name English Football League just like the Premier League is famously known as EPL. 

Non-League Football

These are the football leagues that happen outside the top-flight football leagues in England. Non-leagues comprise amateur and semi-professional clubs. The non-league is inexperienced even though many clubs are entirely skilled in the National League, and some are former EFL clubs that suffered gradual relegation. 

Participants of the non-league include the National League, National League North and National League South. The National League consists of 23 clubs. Here there are only two promotions to the League two and three relegations. 

National League North, formerly known as the Conference North, is a second division competition from the National League. It consists of 22 clubs with only two promotions and two relegations. It is currently divided into the Northern Premier League – Premier Division (22 clubs) and Southern League – Central Division (21 clubs). 

The National League South has 21 clubs with two club promotions and only one club relegation. There are also two smaller divisions here, namely the Southern League – South Division and the Isthmian League – Premier Division. 

The two divisions have 22 clubs with two promotions and four relegations at the end of the season. 

National League North and National League South each have six divisions with a hierarchical structure. All the other clubs fall below those divisions and keep increasing or decreasing as teams withdraw, merge or resign.

Final Thoughts

English football is not as complicated as some people claim. All you have to do is trickle down the pyramid, understanding that the top is the premier and most superior league, with the bottom of the pyramid being the small clubs in England.    

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