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QPR training ground fight sees player get tear gas from car to use on teammate

Andros Townsend spoke of how there was a fight at the QPR training ground which sees one player get tear gas from his car to use on a teammate.

Speaking on Wednesday’s talkSPORT Breakfast, the Crystal Palace winger looked back on his loan spell with the Championship club, stating one of his teammates lost the plot during a heated exchange in the 2012/2013 season.

“It was just something so simple,” said Townsend. “It was like a bad tackle – everyday, run of the mill stuff – and then square-up, that gets broken up, and both players walk off…

“Then two minutes later, a player comes back with some tear gas!”

Townsend, now at Crystal Palace, continued: “When you have a big defeat or someone’s not playing well there’s always arguments – whether it be on the pitch or in the dressing room afterwards away from the camera.

“This sort of thing happens Monday to Friday on the training field; there’s always arguments, fights…

“As soon as you’re over the heat of the moment you apologise and you hug and you move on. It’s part and parcel of being a footballer these arguments and disagreements.

“Within half-an-hour of training finishing it does sometime spill over.

“I remember when I was at QPR one player actually went to his car to get tear gas.

“I can’t use any names, but there was a fight on the training pitch and a player has gone to his car for tear gas.

“Honestly, it was a special moment… that time at QPR.”

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Townsend chose not to reveal the player, though there was a time when former QPR midfielder Marc Bircham spoke on the same story – and actually revealed the individual involved – on Under The Cosh last September.

That man was Armand Traore.

“There was a time he [Traore] absolutely lost his s*** with Shaun Derry,” Bircham said. “I was reffing and having a bit of banter.

“It was a small-sided game and someone should have squared it to Armand Traore, but they had a shot and missed.

“And he’s gone, ‘you’re a c***’ and what not. And the time’s ended and Shaun Derry’s gone to him, ‘don’t call someone a c***’ and Dez has hit him.

“I’ve never seen someone – it’s a bit like when Popeye has had his spinach – absolutely transform. I was holding on to him, it was like when my kid was three holding on to my arm.

“He’s lost his s*** saying, ‘I’ll kill you’, ‘I’ll do this’… We all go in and we’re trying to calm it down.”

He continued: “At the training ground there’s a tunnel and Armand Traore has come in with a can of tear gas and gone, ‘I’m going to kill him’, so I’ve had to drag him into the office with the player liaison officer.

“He kept saying, ‘I’m going to kill him, he can’t disrespect me like that’.

“I was like, ‘wow, Armand, what are you doing? You’ve not thought this through mate. It’s a covered area, so if you throw the tear gas in there you’re going to gas yourself mate. So one: you’ve got no gas mark, and two: where have you got that tear gas from?’

“‘My boot’, he replied. I was like to him, ‘what the f*** have you got tear gas in the back of your boot for, you’ve been playing too much Call of Duty’.

“But he said, ‘no no, I have it in case there is trouble, and there’s trouble now’.

“I went to him, ‘can’t we just go back to the old days where we’ve got baseball bats or golf clubs?! You’ve got tear gas mate’.

“I went to Dezza, ‘I think you better get yourself home. I’ve seen his eyes… he’s serious. The best you’re going to get is tear gas in your eyes.’”

Fans reacted on the QPR training ground fight which sees the player get tear gas from his car to use on a teammate…

@WARRENG39: That’s nothing, I’ve been involved in a game where a player left the pitch to get a gun from his car !!

@TheLoneRanger00: Guns in the board room, tear gas on the training pitch, Kung fu fights with the Chinese national team. We have gone a bit crazy of late.

@Danny_rowe88: My fucking team 😂😂😂

@QPR_Harry: What a club we are

@JoePavett00: Imagine getting caught on the chin and your first thought is to get tear gas

@_slsxp: Nah this wilddddd

@jack_swansbury: Why doesn’t this surprise me?

@Gunner_Banty: That’s mental 😂

@4EverQPR: This could only happen at #QPR 🤣🤣🤣 That’s why we all love the club so much 😂

@benconnelly07: My fucking club 💙

@RickyTuittQPR: Stories like this makes you so proud to be a QPR fan

@LewisKeegan7: What a fucking club

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