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QPR player Ilias Chair given prison sentence and ordered to pay victim £13,400 compensation

QPR player Ilias Chair has been given prison sentence and ordered to pay his victim, a truck driver, £13,400 compensation.

The Championship footballer received a two-year prison sentence, with half of it being suspended, after being found guilty of an incident in 2020, where he bashed a truck driver’s skull with a rock.

It took place in Bazeilles, northern France, with the lorry driver Niels T said to have waited with his family to get a coach back to Belgium having been on a kayak trip back in summer 2020.

A family from East Flanders reached the end of their arduous journey, where buses were prepared to transport the weary and famished tourists back to the starting point.

“While queuing to board the bus, the victims were suddenly passed by a lady in a green bikini and her family. They passed the group and, as it were, demanded to be the first to get on the bus because they had just missed another bus,” the prosecutor said last month.

“This led to a discussion with other people who were waiting, including the later victims: Niels T., his sister Eline T. and Dries D. The woman in the green bikini behaved very aggressively and things quickly escalated. the hand. The woman lashed out at the victims and their children. There was hitting, scratching and biting.”

The organisers of the kayaking trips tried to calm the situation down, only for a massive brawl to break out, which suddenly escalated when a man grabbed a large rock.

That man was later identified by the French police as Ilias Chair of Queens Park Rangers.

“According to several people involved, Ilias Chair lashed out with the stone at Niels T., who immediately lost consciousness,” said the public prosecutor.

“The consequences for Niels T. were dramatic. He suffered a serious skull fracture of two centimetres. He was admitted to Reims hospital in critical condition. He would then have to recover in a Belgian hospital for a long time. He was unable to work as a truck driver for a long time and to this day he still experiences the consequences of that blow, which almost killed him.”

Chair denied that he was the man who threw the rock. He asked for an acquittal. On Friday morning, he arrived at court for the verdict himself, with a new lawyer.

He had asked to reopen the debates, a request that was rejected by the court.

The professional footballer was sentenced to two years in prison, half of which was effective.

He must pay compensation of 15,684.75 euros to the victim. Nora H. (the woman with the green bikini, ed.) was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence, Ilias’ brother, Jaber, was sentenced to a six-month suspended prison sentence.

QPR issued a statement on Friday afternoon, saying: “The club are, and have been, in regular contact with Ilias Chair’s legal team regarding a charge of assault which has been made against him.

“The legal proceeding is yet to reach its conclusion. As such, the club will be making no further comment at this stage.”

Twitter users reacted on QPR player Ilias Chair given a prison sentence and ordered to pay his victim £13,400 compensation…

@SBA_CCFC: Guess we’re not getting Ilias Chair now 😭

@hadders112: Ilias Chair going to prison for a year. I have now actually seen it all. #QPR

@AddisonMS: A year? For cracking a man’s skull? So attempted murder. Justice system is laughable

@MILLS1989FB: Wait, 12 months for cracking his skull?? Deserves a 4 stretch at least

@sbmc6695: We are staying up! 😂 #Millwall

@DerbyLAD95: That’s QPR relegated then 😂💀

@BluebirdSnoop: How long is left on his contract? 🤣 they cant sell him if he’s in Prison

@KerridgePhil: Isn’t he out of contract this summer? Probably explains why he didn’t move on in January

@NCFC_Adam: Fucking joking? We could’ve done with this a month ago so we didn’t have to face him. Single handedly earned QPR that point

@argyletweet: Rotherham and QPR confirm the first two relegation spots. Over to you Mr. Chansiri. #pafc

@BCFCJD: How on earth was he allowed to play during this? There’s only one way to make this right, and that’s to forfeit last weekend’s result as a 3-0 loss for QPR

@ActualOllieKay: Ilias Chair… what the actual fuck.

@callummorris_: Greens are staying up 🥳

@jamiepersonaI: im crying he scored against us on saturday

@LTFC_Dave: Probably a good thing we didn’t sign him then

@kieran_ashton1: What the almighty fuck

@StokieTom_SCFC: QPR are down then

@lukeros30863078: A year should be way more 😂

@GironaExpat: Wow, this is huge for QPR’s survival hopes. Top player who seems to have misunderstood the game rock, paper, scissors (must have been lost in translation).

@Holz_mfc: How’s he only got a year for nearly killing someone though 🥴

@Nintendoubt815: What in the actual fuck?

@jhixiii: Would have preferred he was jailed last Saturday tbh, but we move.

@LestahSam: Lol that’s another bullet dodged

@SCOLLLLL: Didn’t have this on my 2024 bingo card like

@jamesrlynch2006: Fucking hell, that’s not something I was expecting to hear today 😂

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