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QPR fans want player sacked after receiving SEVEN match ban by the FA

QPR fans want player sacked after receiving a SEVEN match ban by the FA, the Championship outfit confirmed on Friday night.

Todd Kane has received the punishment and must attend an education session for using abusive language “referencing nationality or ethnicity” towards Brentford’s Sergi Canos.

The 27 year old defender, who has also been fined £6,000, admitted the charge following the fixture back in February.

The Englishman said it was in response to an insult which also referenced his nationality, though the FA accepted Spaniard Sergi Canos’ denial of that claim.

On the 4th of May, the FA said: “QPR’s Todd Kane has been charged with a breach of FA Rule E3 following their fixture against Brentford FC in the EFL Championship on Wednesday 17th February 2021.

“It is alleged that Todd Kane used abusive and/or insulting language during the 62nd minute of the fixture contrary to FA Rule E3.1 and that this constitutes an ‘Aggravated Breach’, which is defined in FA Rule E3.2, as the language included a reference, whether express or implied, to nationality and/or ethnicity.

“Todd Kane has until Monday 17th May 2021 to provide a response to this charge.”


“Todd Kane has been banned for seven matches, fined £6,000 and ordered to attend a mandatory education session after admitting a breach of FA Rule E3 following our EFL Championship fixture against Brentford on Wednesday 17 February 2021.

“Todd admitted from the beginning of the hearing that he used abusive and insulting language during the 62nd minute of the fixture contrary to FA Rule E3.1 and that this constituted an “Aggravated Breach”, which is defined in FA Rule E3.2, as the language included a reference, whether express or implied, to nationality and ethnicity.

“The club want to make it clear that there is no justification for insults pertaining to someone else’s nationality. Todd knows this falls below the standards he sets for himself as well as the standards we set for our employees and is against the inclusive nature of the club.

“In addition to the sanctions by the FA, Todd, who has shown remorse throughout, will be subject to internal disciplinary procedures.

“In mitigation, both Todd and Rob Dickie, who witnessed the incident, have consistently testified that Todd’s comment was in response to an opposition player using similar language about Todd’s nationality.

“Todd admitted using the wording “diving, foreign *expletive*” in response to being called an “*expletive* ugly, English *expletive*”.

“The opposition player admitted using abusive language but denied referencing Todd’s nationality. This was accepted by the FA and no further action was taken against him.

“As a club we were surprised to learn the individual views of one opposition player have been believed by the FA while the views of two of our players were rejected, particularly given that both were praised by investigators for their forthright testimony.

“Nevertheless, referring to anyone’s nationality is not acceptable and the club and Todd apologise unreservedly to the player involved and to others for whom this incident has caused offence.

“We would appeal to supporters of both clubs involved to consider how they comment on this on social media, particularly towards any of the players involved. This is an issue that has caused a lot of distress for all parties.

“QPR condemns all forms of discrimination and has been at the forefront of working to tackle this issue, in both our recruitment across all levels of the club and our action in the local community.”

As mentioned, some QPR fans want the player sacked after receiving a seven match ban by the FA, others had something else to say…

@Boothreece92: Gutted it’s only 7 games.. sack him.

@Hoopman58: Sack him 0% tolerance

@hadders112: Todd Kane has done a good job of embarrassing himself in the last 6 months. He just needs to leave. Time to go boy

@QPRLiam: Any chance you can ban him for life instead? @FA

@sonny22363137: Time to go

@sdj17: Get rid

@Amtj2003: Rip his contract up

@un0fficialanz: Just release him ffs


@SQPR82: Sack him

@dean_hunter17: 7 games! can we appeal and make it longer?

@NathanSellar1: Just release him

@Mas1882: 7 games, about time the FA made a stand against racism. Not acceptable no matter who he plays for! Release him would be my choice as he would be gone in any other walk of life. Not sure why canos gets off Scot free though

@qpr_kevin: Unfair and terrible by the FA, Todd can still piss off tho

@Amtj2003: Kane is in wrong, you can question why Canos wasn’t banned but that doesn’t excuse Kane, on Canos from what is said in the statement it is slightly odd he wasn’t banned.

@balhampa: Seems inequitable that the FA fails to accept testimonies from Kane and Dickie re Kane being abused on the grounds of his nationality. Two wrongs don’t make a right but it puts the offence into context. Definitely not enough to warrant him being sacked.

@JoshFenwick23: Man, I actually really started to like him until that interview thing came out, and now this. His time is up, simple as that

@Andy_Swan82: This is why the club should have not said anything before knowing the outcome. So many assumptions that Kane used racist language. Not good at all & he deserves to be reprimanded but surely so does the other play involved. Take the medicine + move on.

@Leewads: Unacceptable behaviour and is quite rightly punished, I hope for his sake he keeps his head down works hard and takes his chance when it/if comes. No more sticking his fingers in his ears or talking down teammates.

@MarkDee84: No excuse for what he said, but no consistency in the FA applying the rule to the opposition player. I’d like us to move on from Kane over the summer, purely because the kid is just a problem. But disappointed in the FA.

@OfficialQPRFAN: So the other geezer doesn’t get a ban either, even tho Dickie witnessed it?

@kianlee01: No ones commenting on the fact that Canos said something originally according to race and ethnicity which Dickie witnessed yet the FA dismissed it? I’m not saying Kane is in the right as he really isn’t and I’d rather him leave the club but how can the FA dismiss it like they did

@AndersHole: What…? Canos started apparently with «ugly English (something nasty) and he responded with the same but «foreign» instead? Wtf? It’s the same fucking sentence?! 7 matches for Kane and nothing for Canos?

@_StewartCutts22: The @FA in a nutshell mate

@Opporchoonist: Right decision on Kane but to let Canos off is ridiculous

@Tracy_A_73: Both should have been equally treated the same, but as usual it’s only a problem when it’s said to a non Brit!

@Fili_Edd: Their player should’ve got the same punishment as well.

@zedkingy: Shock nothing happens to Canos for basically saying the same to Kane.. why is Canos believed over our 2 players who were acting as witnesses..?? #doublestandards

@bbruton3105: So Dickie witnessed what Canos said yet the FA give him nothing? Absolute bollocks

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