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QPR boss rages as official makes ‘worst decision in football history’ vs Sunderland

QPR boss Mark Warburton rages as an official makes the ‘worst decision in football history’ vs Carabao Cup opponents Sunderland on Tuesday.

Queens Park Rangers’ hopes of reaching the quarter-finals of the tournament for the first time in 32 years were crushed when they lost on penalties.

But they were denied what seemed a perfectly good goal when Charlie Austin, who was on as a substitute, netted from close range.


It was ruled out for an offside and the League One team then prevailed in a shoot-out in which Austin’s kick was saved and both Ilias Chair and Yoann Barbet fired over.

Warburton said: “What am I allowed to say without getting fined? It’s staggering to be that wrong on a major decision in a game of that importance.

“I saw it after my TV interview. What I said in my TV interview was that I didn’t think we could turn around and say we deserved to progress.

“But I’ve just seen that chance. I was immediately told it was offside (by the fourth official). Having seen the picture I’ve just seen – wow. That’s an appalling decision which has cost the club on so many fronts.

“You’re not talking about an inch or a marginal decision. You’re talking about feet – Charlie being onside and being given offside.

“Those type of decisions, surely you can’t get them wrong – not with what’s at stake tonight.

“At this level, with what’s at stake…I’ve never been quite so shocked on seeing a picture like that.

“To be that far onside and to be given offside, you have to question it and say ‘What did they see?’”

The bottom line for Rangers, though, is that they failed to take a glorious opportunity to reach the last eight.

“I can’t sit here and say that was our game and we deserved to go through. It was pretty evenly matched,” Warburton admitted.

“But the feeling of frustration and disappointment has just been taken over by the shock at seeing that decision.”

Sunderland manager Lee Johnson said post-match: “Bar a 20-minute spell we were worth a draw and then the victory. In the second half I thought we were the better side.

“The boys are battered and bruised but that’s the tempo. If you want to compete at Championship level, which we want to do, this is a really good learning game.

“I’d love Arsenal or Tottenham away [in the next round] and then wait for the really big guns when it’s two legs.”

It wasn’t just the QPR boss who rages as an official makes the ‘worst decision in football history’ vs Sunderland, Twitter users also had their say…

@louis1875zz: It is offside

@OisinMul_: No it is not the keeper is the 2nd last defender playing him on

@Sunderl11339675: After the shambolic refereeing at the Charlton game we deserved this

@QPRSteve1982: Sorry @MarkWarburton9, offside goal aside, we did nowhere near enough to beat a League One side at home over 90 mins. Completely set up wrong yet again. Players out of position, defence shaky week after week, one natural midfielder in Amos tonight making Chair totally ineffective

@DarrenFitzy71: Austin looked back at the lino when he scored and started celebrating, that tells me the lino hadn’t initially raised his flag #Shockingdecisionyetagain

@grandrapidsRs: Lino had NO FUCKING CLUE so he whipped out his flag just in case he was offside.

@Hoops9Linda: And they’ll still appoint Stroud to officiate more games without any recourse. Why he is still conning a living is beyond me.


@SAFCTC: After the shit decisions we’ve had to endure over the years, it’s about time we had some luck. But that is shocking from the linesman

@CallumP74850222: tbf it was a tragic decision 😂

@antonyfoster88: Wow! We have really upset the officials this season. How was that given offside @EFL @FA

@Acerno1: That’s a shocker

@Judecairns_: that is one of the most disgraceful decisions I think I have ever seen. Absolutely outrageous. Handball in there too!

@pootzwar: I am buzzing that we got a dodgy decision go our way. We have been done over by shit officials all seasons that one doesn’t even it up but it’s nice to get one go out way

@samthubron3: we were fucked at the weekend by a shit ref so let us have our moment thank you

@qprdp: Keith Stroud needs to be investigated like this isn’t even a joke anymore you can’t referee with this much bias lmao

@Jay_Alderson04: The first time I saw it I thought he was offside. After seeing that fuck me the linos had a stinker there.😬😬

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