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Pundits send warning to Troy Deeney as he says sorry for rant and brings in ex-Prem duo for help

Pundits send a warning to new head coach Troy Deeney as he says sorry for a rant about his players and brings in an ex-Prem duo for help.

Deeney is currently on the search for his first win as the boss of relegated threatened Forest Green Rovers in League Two, but it didn’t take long for him to cause a stir.

His recent public criticism towards his squad members has had the likes of Chris Sutton and Martin O’Neil questioning his way of dealing with the club’s current struggles.

The Telegraph claim that he has turned to John Terry and Jermain Defoe in a bid to turn his side’s fortunes around, looking at bringing them in to carry out a defenders’ session and a shooting clinic.

Deeney is also said to have contacted Burnley manager Vincent Kompany and Leicester loans manager Robert Huth with it being the January transfer window.

Deeney stepped up to replace David Horseman in December, with Forest Green picking up three draws and three defeats in his six matches since being appointed.

John Terry is currently at Chelsea’s academy as a coach, but is wanting to get into management, having held talks and been let down in the search for that first appointment as a first team manager.

Jermain Defoe however is currently the boss of Tottenham Under 18s side as well as being club ambassador for the club.

Forest Green haven’t picked up a league win since the 28th of October 2023, and have just 19 victories from their previous 95 matches in all competitions, with two wins in 14 outings under Horseman, and are now looking at potentially a second successive relegation unless they really turn their form around.

“I’m trying to raise the standards everywhere,” Deeney said to The Telegraph.

“There are a few new lads in.

“There will be more coming and more going in the next few weeks. If you want to stay, you have to step up your game.”

Deeney spoke to Sky Sports about his rant, saying he stood by his comments but that he understands why he was wrong to voice them to the press.

He said: “Look we’re all learning on the job. I let my emotions get the best of me at times.

“Obviously as a player you can say what you want. Listen, I still stand by what I said but I probably shouldn’t have let that out. I’ve already spoke to Fankaty Dabo and apologised.

“I expect high standards. And, in the era we came up in, that was a minimum. Hard work and dedication and sometimes they fall below that.

“Back then [when he was playing football] it was okay to be called out on it and told you need to think about it a little bit more.”

After the game, Deeney slammed his players in the press as he laid bare his desire to make changes to his squad.

‘I was trying to cosy my way into it but the sledgehammers are going to have to come out and there will be a lot that won’t like it,’ he said. ‘I don’t really care. At the moment, there’s too many babies from top to bottom.’

When he was asked for his assessment of the game, he added: “Probably the same as everyone else. A lot of nonsense.

“A group of people doing their own thing, hiding, scared. I don’t understand why they’re scared, they should be used to losing based on what I’ve seen over the last 18 months, two years.

“I know a lot of people are going to go, Troy’s being harsh, Troy’s deflecting. I’m not deflecting at all, I take full responsibility for it. I pick the team and I have got to apologise to the fanbase, but I’m not really into the apologising thing, I’m into fixing and sorting the issues out at its root core.

“The root core is that we’ve got a lot of people who haven’t gone through the mill of humility to understand why they are here and what they have been doing. If this is your level at League Two, then why are you at the bottom of League Two?

“This club is not a bottom of League Two club, so we have to start addressing that. The harsh reality is we will bring people in, which we will and are, but if you come into an environment full of sulkers and people that blame other people then it takes time.

“There are a lot of things we have had to deal with on a daily basis and that will change very quickly.”

Some pundits have expressed concern however, saying he has already lost the dressing room, with Chris Sutton on the BBC’s Monday Night Club podcast, saying Deeney is “going to have a short career in management” if he continues to throw his players under the bus.

“I think his outburst on Dabo was disgraceful really,” said Sutton.

“When managers come out publicly and slaughter players I think it’s a problem, I think you can lose the dressing room.”

 Shay Given added: “I don’t know what happens with Troy Deeney now, not just with one player but with numerous players who have not carried out the game plan, not given enough,” said the 47-year-old.

“I think you can keep that within the four walls.”

Martin O’Neill said on talkSPORT that Deeney’s comments about Dabo were “pretty poor”.

O’Neill said: “He can say what he wants to him in the dressing room if the player can take it and the other players are listening and he makes his point, but not to the public.

“He said ‘I told him’, you haven’t just told him, you’ve told us all about what he hasn’t done in the last eight or nine weeks, although seemingly you’ve still continued to pick him in some of these matches that he hasn’t performed well in.

“I think it was pretty poor…

I would have made it a policy that what I said to the players in the dressing would stay in the dressing room, if that’s the case. It’s the only way.

“You will lose a lot of respect for coming out and criticising some player. That player may be able to handle it, he may not be at all. Your job is to try and improve this player, you’re certainly not going to improve him if you’re publicly hammering him.”

Twitter users reacted as pundits send a warning to Troy Deeney as he himself says sorry for his angry rant and brings in ex-Prem duo John Terry and Jermain Defoe for help…

@GrayRich27: Spot on…. I’m more than happy for him to keep them spiralling down though 🙂

@JaneGinger50: Agree with Martin. Deeney won’t last long in management calling players out publicly like that. Bully.

@mattacollinseng: It’s just poor leadership, sport or otherwise. Publicly threw the players under the bus.

@Kaytea21: Troy Deeney slagging off Dabo really triggered me. I’ll stop spamming your feeds now but being singled out like that so publicly was shameful. His apology was the equivalent “sorry not sorry”. No sincerity about it. Anyway all I have to say is… #FanKaty & #FanDabo forever.

@mattieshaw97: Agree with everything Martin said, but are we surprised that Troy Deeney is a disaster as a manager? Get the impression Vince cares about the PR rather than what’s best for his football club.

@KennyChatter: I always thought FGR were some sort of weird experiment rather than a properly run football club. Isn’t that the case?

@kieranstead95: Publicly outs his players. Says infront of his own players one of his players isn’t good enough for national league. Spends his afternoon on sky sports instead of resolving his teams issues 🤣🤣 blokes an absolute clown

@Jack7Bullen: Welcome back to non league lads 🐅

@LtfcWardy: Outside of digging out his players publicly like the prick he is, I don’t think he’s taking his managing career very seriously!

@LeePoultney: Weird appointment. Never in all the years of watching and listening to Troy have I ever thought he was manager material. It will end in tears for certain.

@superspence83: I thought the same with Ainsworth when he was at QPR. Either be a manager/ coach or be a pundit.

@lukestokes84: He’s just fed up dealing with rubbish from the team so came on sky for a break lol. Alarming to hear that interview given what he has been through as a player. Don’t think the players will respond positively at all

@Streetyx3: In an interview he said something like being a manager is like having a baby. You think you know what you’re doing then you’re doing it and you realize you don’t. Hardly reassuring is it…

@followthetowen: I remember Hasslebank used to do this when at Burton and they were struggling. It annoyed me as a neutral. I’ve got no doubt McKenna has spent today watching back our game Vs Sunderland and studying Leicester for the next week.

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