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Pundits lost for words as Jurgen Klopp slams reporter over 12:30pm comment in awkward interview

Pundits were lost for words as Jurgen Klopp slams a reporter over a jokey comment about the 12:30pm kick off in what was an awkward interview.

Jurgen Klopp was talking to Marcus Buckland for showing a lack of respect during Wednesday night’s post match interview for making a “joke” about Liverpool’s early kick offs.

He spoke on Amazon Prime following his side’s 2-0 victory at Sheffield United which moved them to within two points of the Premier League leaders Arsenal.

Klopp often speaks out on a need for more consideration over early kick offs having criticised the decision to change Liverpool’s side game at Man City to a 12.30pm kick off following the international break and said it was made by “people who cannot feel football”.

Amazon presenter Marcus Buckland was alongside Steve McManaman and Billy Sharp on the panel, speaking to Klopp after the Premier League fixture at Bramall Lane and said: “You go to Crystal Palace with your favourite kick time at the weekend.”

Klopp replied: “That’s really good to make a joke about that, really. It is constant. Now we go home, I don’t know exactly when we will get home. 1am? 2am? Whatever. And we play again. We have two sessions – tomorrow and Friday – so it’s time to recover and then we go again. Crystal Palace play tonight as well. That’s absolutely fine. But I realise you don’t know understand it as well even when you work in football so why should I try to explain again. If you make a joke of that then you’re just completely ignorant. But it’s good, football is entertainment and I understand.”

Marcus Buckland said: “It’s just one of those issues that come up and I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful.”

But Klopp added: “You were already. I’m good. You can say what you want. It’s just that I can’t say what I want because that would be really different.”

Wednesday night’s game saw Szoboszlai add to Van Dijk’s first-half volley with the result meaning that bottom club Sheffield United are still four points from safety but showed signs of encouragement under returning boss Chris Wilder.

Player ratings (via Sky Sports)

Sheffield United: Foderingham (7), Bogle (7), Robinson (7), Trusty (7), Ahmedhodzic (6), McAtee (6), Souza (6), Hamer (6), Brooks (6), Osula (6), Archer (6).

Subs used: Fleck (6), Traore (6), Norwood (N/A), Lowe (N/A)

Liverpool: Kelleher (6), Alexander-Arnold (7), Konate (5), Van Dijk (7), Gomez (5), Endo (6), Mac Allister (6), Szoboszlai (7) Salah (6), Gakpo (6), Diaz (6).

Subs used: Jones (6), Elliott (6), Nunez (6), Gravenberch (N/A)

Player of the match: Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool)

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to BBC Match of the Day: “Really happy. It was a very mature and resilient performance – when it got exciting for them, it was our fault but everybody was mostly really concentrated and focused.

“We didn’t let the atmosphere really happen, I think everyone was really ready to go for it and we calmed that down.

“The first goal was a great goal and the second goal was outstanding – we would have loved to have ended it earlier but it was a nice recovery from Darwin and a super pass.

“I would have taken 1-0 as it was nervy, each throw-in was the most dangerous situation, it was really difficult to defend but we came through that. We take the three points and keep going, recover and go again.”

This is how Twitter users reacted after seeing pundits lost for words as Jurgen Klopp slams reporter Marcus Buckland over his 12:30pm comment in what was an awkward interview…

@SarcasticForest: Klopp being rattled by an Amazon Prime presenter is exactly the cheer up I needed this morning 😂😂 #NFFC

@ynwa6times: Put that clown in his place…well in Jurgen

@GarySmithJnr: Klopp is such a tw*t.

@coachDbutler: Maccas response after this was spot on.. Liverpool have had more than anyone but Liverpool Utd Cory etc are the biggest clubs in Europe they will get these times.. we just gotta roll the sleeves up and get on with it…

@DanielRoachLFC: I love how Jurgen takes no shit. Cross him at your peril. Matip with an ACL but let’s joke about another early kick off. About time player welfare and fans were taken into account when it comes to kick off times for tv fixtures. #LFC

@ChrisHewittLFC: This is a massive overreaction from Jürgen. He was already on edge because the first thing they talked about when he appeared was Virgil’s goal, where they tried desperately to suggest it should have been disallowed. But this response to something that wasn’t even a joke was OTT.

@LFCSF: Nicely withering response to a stupid joke.

@Paulieb668: People calling Jurgen out on this? I don’t think there was anything wrong with the way he spoke to the fella+he was correct to say something, why shouldn’t he? The fella saying it’s part+ parcel of the game (cut off so don’t know his exact words) LFC get more than any other club!

@dylannMUFC: How can anyone stand Klopp. Such a fucking baby. The most insecure man in football. Yeah mate he defo “shat himself” 🤡

@bthunt23: He’s so embarrassing, literally being a nob for no reason. So boring 🥱

@bear20093: 😂😂 amazing. They really need to stop trying to make a joke about the amount of 12:30 kick offs we get

@Mason_1094: How embarrassing. Can’t wait till him and Pep have fucked off and we can have our prem back. Pair of Cunts

@ellfmrzsmn: I don’t think Klopp was overreacting at all. He’s not in the same position as the rest of us out here. We talk. He runs the team. He coaches. He manages. He cares about his boys. This is work for him. This is sports. But it can come off as mere entertainment to the rest of us.

@P4ul785: Klopp really is weapons grade d*ckhead fair play.

@Andy_midd84: A big F U to all the fans around the country who do a days graft then travel to support their team. Get home at 2am for their alarms to go off at 6am to go back to another days graft. Got so much sympathy for Klopp 🙏 Only 2 & half days recovery 😳🙄

@mcurrie95: Not sure at this point why he’s still here if it’s getting to him this much. Do yourself a favour and have a day off Jurgen

@barnstonworth: I’m sorry but what moaning, grumpy man.. what about people up and down the country who work 12/14 hour days and don’t get paid half as much. Have some humility and plus your 2nd in the league

@ctfc_b: Most unbearable manager the Premier League has ever seen.

@paulkay7: One of the most disrespected hard done by and arrogant managers I’ve ever listened too. Horrible manager.

@BenW0086: Amazes me that there are still people out there who really like Klopp. He’s a dickhead.

@MarkLenehan: Remember when Klopp was one of the most likeable blokes in world football? Long time ago that. Chap has turned into a sour, grumpy old man.

@ashpatt8: He is just a proper knob. Simple as that.

@StevoCaswell: What a complete and utter moron this man is 🤦🏻‍♂️ Lighten up mate, it’s football, you’re not saving lives! 🤣👎🏼

@TobiAdeleye6: He’s right you know, reporters can say anything but if coaches do, it’s a problem

@WalkerYoo: I’m sort of with Klopp with this attitude 😂 bloke was clearly trying to make people laugh and Klopp mugged his interview in the end 😂👏

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