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Pundit mocked after stating where Rangers and Celtic would finish in the Premier League

A pundit has been mocked after stating live on talkSPORT where Rangers and Celtic would finish in the Premier League table.

Jamie O’Hara launches an astonishing blast on Scottish football – claiming that Fulham would win the Premiership title ahead of Celtic and Rangers. 

The former Tottenham midfielder also insisted that both sides of the Old Firm would “struggle” south of the border if they ever made the decision to join the Premier League. 

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 Speaking on talkSPORT’s Sports Breakfast, O’Hara said: “Yeah, I think he (Gerrard) has done a brilliant job. He’s done a fantastic job, I’ve watched him obviously this season because that statement I came out with highlighted it.

“So I thought, I best get on with Scottish football. Celtic have not been great at all with the way they’ve been playing.

“In terms of the quality, I don’t think it’s anywhere near the Premier League. I think both teams would struggle to stay in the Premier League, they’d find it tough.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

“Would they survive over the course of a season, are they better than West Brom, Sheffield United and Fulham? I don’t know.

“I think Fulham would win the league in Scotland. I look at it, I played with (Moussa) Dembele, who left Fulham and went to Celtic. He was good at Fulham, he was decent, scored some goals.

“He went to Celtic and he was unbelievable. I look at at that and I look at the standards…”

Rangers legend Ally McCoist hit back: “Well what about the flipside – what about the guys that have come up and haven’t done it? You’ve got Shane Duffy right away, and he’s struggled.”

O’Hara then responded: “Coming off the back of a bad injury, and he’s had his career, he’s at the end of it. Going to Scotland is like going to the MLS!”

In August last year, he claimed that Steven Gerrard should take the job at relegated Bournemouth as it was a bigger challenge than that of Rangers.

He told talkSPORT: “I wouldn’t want to disrespect the Rangers people because they are a huge football club but it is a bigger job to potentially be the Bournemouth manager.

“Rangers are a huge, huge football club but for me there are only two teams in Scotland. Bournemouth is the potential, they have just dropped out of the Premier League and to get them back into the Premier League. They are still a high profile football team.

“I would take the Bournemouth job. It’s the bigger job.”

Fans reacted as the pundit was mocked after stating where Rangers and Celtic would finish in the Premier League…

@EmpireFF: Jamie trying to stay relevant as the only thing he’s known for is his ex wife shagging most of the Premier League.

@WestMidsLoyal: TalkSport are quickly becoming a parody radio station. Everything is said to try & get a reaction out of a set of fans, whether that be Rangers/Celtic/Arsenal/Man Utd etc, so fans ring up and argue. I used to be a regular listener but it’s easy to see why I no longer bother.

@crosskeyswishaw: Fulham’s best player is still in motherwells centre half’s pocket from November.

@flashcity69: This old debate. They are both massive clubs and with the riches on offer would both attract good players and would both be fine.

@BALLYSEAGAL: It’s not the standard just now that pellet head should be comparing! on an even playing field with the finances that the likes of Fulham have then we would sweep them away! Size of the clubs doesn’t even compare!!

@DeekMc1980: Only Liverpool and Manchester Utd are bigger clubs than Rangers and celtic. Give us the same money and we’d be top 4 easy. O’hara is a nonentity trying to stay relevant, a failure of a player that couldn’t cut it in any league. Billericay town is his level

@mgriffin8622: The english absolutely cannot deal with the fact that 2 of the biggest 4 clubs in britain are from Glasgow & not London

@AllanKelman: It’s obviously because of the financial power the premier league has, another pointless subject from fatty O’Hara.

@RakoTuke: It’s actually quite sad that this is the only way someone like Jamie O’Hara can stay relevant. Fulham would struggle to get past Aberdeen nevermind Rangers and Celtic.

@W_S_40: This is the problem with English players down south. They think that they are a cut above the rest. If Rangers had the same money as what the bigger teams down south get they’d within 5 years win the premiership. We’re a bigger draw than Leicester for example

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