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Punches thrown in heated brawl between Liverpool and Ajax youngsters mid-game

Punches were thrown in a rather heated brawl between Liverpool and Ajax youngsters mid-game of the UEFA Youth League match in midweek.

The under 19s faced off in Amsterdam, with the Reds falling to a 3-1 defeat in their group game, but it was at 2-1 when the trouble broke out.

David Kalokoh put Ajax ahead on the night, but this lead to a furious fight among the youth, with the goalscorer and Melkamu Frauendorf clashing.

Liverpool prospect Bobby Clark was dragged away by his teammates after becoming angry at seeing Kalokoh’s coming together with Reds midfielder.

Clark, who had made an appearance in Liverpool’s 9-0 Premier League win over Bournemouth, had charged at Sabir Agougil and pushed the player’s face several times before the rest of the side joined in.

The referee dished out a yellow card to Clark for what happened, but it was felt that it was quite a lenient decision.

The Liverpool youth side scored through Trent Toure Kone-Doherty but goals from Ajax players Jaydon Banel, Gabriel Misehouy, and Kalokoh sealed a comfortable three points for the Dutch club.

Liverpool are made to wait to find out if they can book themselves in the round of 16 following the defeat, with their upcoming game against Napoli a crucial one.

The number 10 Clark said after the game: “When they started going seven, eight, I was hoping I could get on and nick one myself! But obviously, that didn’t happen. It was proper special [and] exciting watching them. Obviously, 9-0 speaks for itself, it was great to watch on the side.”

He continued: “Every day in training I’m just taking it all in and learning off the best. They just help you every day in training, help you learn and improve… I’ve got to be patient and impress the boss in training. Hopefully, if I keep training well and doing what he wants me to do, hopefully there is an opportunity here.”

This is what fans said on the clip which shows punches thrown in a heated brawl between Liverpool and Ajax youngsters mid-game…

@lfcdalz: 😂 more physical than Jonesy him lad

@DaBabyThe33: Well in Bobby lad

@GarBreeninhoLfc: His dads passion 👊🏻

@padotheman: chip off the old block 👊

@OiKe89: Absolute lad

@ste_midge79: Got a bit tasty this!

@AnfieldEffect: Yessss! Back your teammates 👊

@benalexander_1: Got to love it

@FabioRole: For the badge

@plfc15: That Ajax lad was like oh shit

@nickflavin: Get him into the 1st team asap

@jaylfc95: Showing more fight than the first team

@qurqurqo: More passion than anyone from our team besides nunez and Allison

@joshwalker__98: The same account crying over bernardo giving salah the other week

@JJLCullen2008: @NUFC gutted this lad ain’t still with us, but looks like he’s taken to lfc well and going places quicker than first thought

@ManquilloSZN: Once a Geordie, always a Geordie

@ScouseCommie: Hahahaha that Ajax lad fully shit himself

@LiamGranby: Best way to be show them no weakness an hold your own is right lad

@tombyrne16: Get him in the first team

@luke84m: Get him in middle of our side nice to see some fight in a player 👌🏻👌🏻

@R_Unsy: Would be nice to see some of the first team showing a bit of fight like this instead of not being arsed this season

@imAlexRyan: Hate when commentators say things like “unsavoury scenes” or “you don’t want to see that” when literally everyone loves a good footy group fight

@FTBL_Tyler: Don’t see enough of that these days

@Gant95: Alot of time for this, stop throwing handbags around, if your going to grab someone then do it properly.

@sapphicxswift: Tries this in the prem he’s getting sparked out btw 😭😂

@leemurchan16: Brilliant. More players could do with a bit of this

@ftbIdxniel: Does this in the prem and the other player goes down like he’s been shot

@CassLewis_: Man tried move him, failed and said fairs 🤣

@halliday_9: Geordie isn’t he? Alpha males

@Adam_JBate: Nothing wrong with a big fight! Is right lad!

@craigpnufc: You can take the lad out of Wallsend but….

@robotormonkey: Good on him standing up for his mate

@IanMeadey: It was always going to kick off nothing went Liverpools way! The ref was crap! Fair play to Bobby Clark

@Lots_Fuzion: State off that! Funny how nout will happen but we got fined!

@Jonefc007: Different clubs, different rules haha

@CouchNish: New contract and starting spot.

@Danielhd149: Need more of this every week

@HenriAshwell09: If it’s the other way round they all start crying 🤣🤣🤣

@MarkAshton_7: The next @andrewrobertso5! 🤣 When Robbo gets aggressive I know we are going to win.

@SamWebo: My god he’s got so much dog, bring immediately

@_BenMCFC_: same fanbase that wants Bernardo Silva’s head on a stick for shouting every now and again

@Ryan_Craddock_: Imagine someone did it to their players they’d report them for assault

@__JS98: Crying. Go on son.

@Bandz_LFC: Gwarn Bobby get stunk in

@Gregoris96_YNWA: We might have got some dawg in the academy after all

@UTFR1983: Go on lad 🤣✊

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