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Preston fans laugh at ‘salty’ Coventry as Mark Robins gives damning reaction to 3-0 defeat

Preston fans couldn’t help but laugh at ‘salty’ Coventry as Mark Robins gives a damning reaction to his side’s 3-0 defeat on Friday night.

Preston scored three first-half goals to move ahead of Coventry in the battle to get into the Championship top-six, and had Emil Riis Jakobsen to thank when having a hand in all of them at the CBS Arena.

The Danish striker gave Preston the lead within the first minute, set up top scorer Will Keane on 20 minutes and then forced Bobby Thomas to put through his own net just before half time.

The remarkable victory meant that Preston were now on the verge of the playoff places, sitting two points behind Hull, as they leapfrogged Coventry in the process.

Mooching (aka @Pneawaydays) had a good chuckle at Coventry’s expense, collecting tweets from their supporters, and wrote: “Want some chips 🍟 with that salt ?🧂 Gritters out in full force 🤣🫡 Enjoy.. 😉 #pnefc #teamslikepreston”

Coventry had failed to beat Preston in their last 20 league meetings going as far back as 2007, failed to score for the first time in 20 matches, and fell to their heaviest defeat of the season.

Things were made worse when Tatsuhiro Sakamoto had been stretchered off after a heavy fall following a challenge by Andrew Hughes just 30 minutes in.

Coventry manager Mark Robins told BBC Radio CWR: “That was as bad as it’s been for probably a good few years – it was worse than the Stoke game last year when we lost 4-0.

“Sometimes the game gets away from you early on, and today was that. We conceded after a minute, a really poor goal – you have got to defend that better. They set their stall out from the first minute and we didn’t cope with it.

“We’ve been old-manned. They’ve got an experienced line-up, they ran and fought harder than us, and did the dirty side of the game better than anyone who has been here, so they deserved to win, no doubt about it.

“You can talk about the clean sheet in the second half, but the game was done. You can talk about trying to salvage pride, but there was no pride in that, it didn’t even look like a performance, it was a group of individuals who looked scared stiff and let them get on top of us physically and mentally.”

Robins gave an update on Tatsuhiro Sakamoto: “It’s not a good injury at all. He’s got up really high and landed down on his back and hip.

“I don’t want to speculate on things, but it looks like a really bad injury.

“I didn’t anticipate it being as bad as it seems. He’s in some pain and he’s in the hospital now.

“I’m just awaiting information when it comes, and I’m hoping and praying that he’s okay.

“He’s going to be out for a while but I’m just hoping that he’s going to be okay.”

On the game: “It’s been as bad as it’s been for a good few years. Even the stoke game when we lost 4-0 last year, it was worse than that.

“Sometimes the game gets away from you early in the game. Today was that. We conceded after a minute with a really poor goal, and we have to defend that better.

We can concede goals form corner, you don’t always get it your own way, but they set their stall out from the first minute and we didn’t cope with that.

We’ve been old-maned, they have an experience line up and they have run harder than us and fought harder than us and they have done the dirty side better than anyone who has been here and they deserved to win there’s no doubt about it, it’s just the manner of the defeat.

“There was no pride in that, it didn’t even look like a performance it looked like a group of individuals who looked scared stiff and let them get on top of us.

There were some poor individual performances and decisions, and we have to look at that and its even difficult to pick the bones out of it because it was so poor.

We can’t feel sorry for ourselves, we have to be ready to go again Monday.

we have to take this on the chin and take all the criticism we’re going to get and stick out chest out and put in a performance Monday.

“It’s difficult to make changes when I’m hamstrung with injuries that we’ve got. Torp was ok, but he couldn’t start the game today and if he did, he wouldn’t have been able to play next week.

If I played him from the start he would have torn his calf properly, so those things I have to weigh up.”

Preston manager Ryan Lowe told BBC Radio Lancashire: “It was a top performance. On the front foot from minute one, with a set-piece goal that we worked on.

“I couldn’t have asked for any more than 3-0 in the first half, and we possibly could have had another one. They had a go, to be fair, but we were just better all round.

“The lads were fantastic. In the second half they were changing shape and were obviously going to come at us with good players coming on, but we kept the ball, nice and simple, tired them out a little bit.

“I’m over the moon for the boys, but it’s just another win that takes us closer to the points tally we set yesterday.”

Ryan said per the club website: “The lads were fantastic from start to finish; brilliant. They were on the front foot and aggressive in everything they did.

“We had a few days off last week with the three games and then we had three days build-up to this game and the lads were really set on what we were doing.

“They went through the patterns of play on Wednesday and Thursday superbly well, and this morning they were in great spirits and I just felt – I know it’s easy for me to say that now at 3-0 – but you know when you just feel a nice calmness and fire in their belly and cool heads?

“What a performance. 3-0 here at Coventry is a fantastic performance and a fantastic three points. Not many teams will come here and do that.”

As mentioned, Preston fans laugh at ‘salty’ Coventry as Mark Robins gives a damning reaction to 3-0 defeat, here’s how Twitter users reacted…

@iamthesunset: Worst thing about having Preston as our bogey team is that they rarely look that good, it’s just that we always seem to have our worst game of the season against them. Every time.

@Ethan_Fletcher7: I absolutely hate Preston North End

@Syperhanic: We’re cursed against Preston. Of all clubs in the divisions it’s bloody Preston 😂😂

@PR4PNE: Hahahaha listen to them boos from the Coventry fans, what a fucking deranged fanbase #pnefc #pusb

@stov83: I hate Preston

@BattenBeats: hope preston go bust

@CovCityFanPage: Our annual pasting by Preston

@RobSc0tt: Can’t get a handle on Preston North End Football Club. Are they shite? Are they good, but poor on the eye? Who the hell knows?

@spud8550: Did anyone else see Preston time wasting after less than 10 minutes whilst 1-0 up and throughout the game. #PUSB

@Paul_In_Cov: I guess we’ve been spoiled the past few years so the odd hiccup is acceptable. But its Preston. That hurts. Overachieving bully boys who we always make out to look like prime Barcelona. Despise them.  Crap tonight, truly hopeless, but it was coming. Squad stretched, form iffy, Preston. We’re not good enough this season, and I think we all know it. Great effort though so far. Zero kudos to Preston. They are truly a horrible side for us. I actually hope they go up so we don’t have to play them next season. We ain’t going anywhere on that performance. #PUSB

@louise_pne: ‘Overachieving bully boys’ oooh that’s harsh from Paul_in_Cov 🤣🤣🤣

@DanKellettPNE: Overachieving hahaha we have been finishing mid table in the championship since they were playing macclesfield away

@GaleForceScott: I don’t know what’s entertaining me more, the shithousery we are displaying or the livid commentary #pnefc #teamslikepreston

@NickJH83: I will soon be starting a government petition to never allow us again to play Preston under any circumstances. Should easily generate the minimum signatures needed to get a debate in parliament.

@stov83: I hate Preston

@paulpkgd: Three certainties in every Coventry fans life: death, taxes & seeing us never beat Preston @pnefc @Coventry_City #pusb

@dom_33: These Coventry commentators are off their tits hahaha proper lost their heads hahahaha fantastic stuff #PNEFC

@Leeurmm: Where’s that nobhead from yesterday laughing at us for taking 900. Who had a better night you gimp. #PNEFC

@ToweringZigic: Lots of salty people in the comments here refusing to give the opposition credit

@ScandyLilley: Coventry fans dressed as empty seats.. fair play

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