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Presenter in hysterics as Rafael Van Der Vaart gives X-rated Harry Maguire analysis

A presenter was left in hysterics as Rafael Van Der Vaart gives a brutal X-rated analysis on Manchester United’s Harry Maguire.

The former Tottenham player turned pundit for overseas TV has branded the Red Devils skipper Harry Maguire ‘really shit’ live on air.

The Tottenham hero admitted he was staggered when ‘Slabhead’s current club spend £80million for the England defender.

Harry Maguire has been heavily slammed for his recent performances, especially after he was sent off in the shock 4-1 Premier League defeat at the hands of Watford that saw boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sacked.

Van der Vaart let rip at the centre-back prior to United’s Champions League clash with Villarreal for Dutch TV channel Ziggo Sport.

He said: “I talk about Harry Maguire so much, so I try to avoid him. But he is really shit. I have said this so often.

“I can’t get away from the fact United have paid €90m for him. That’s how much he cost!

“Where did they look for him? You’ll find players like him at any amateur club in Holland.

“I think it is unbelievable. He is no top-class defender – and he demonstrates this every week.

“If you go out and sign players like him, I can understand why you end up having financial problems.”

Van der Vaart isn’t the only TV pundit to have had a pop at Maguire in recent weeks with Roy Keane being accused of bullying the 28-year-old.

He went into him big time for his efforts in the 5-0 defeat by Liverpool and his subsequent celebration for England.

Keane said on Sky Sports ahead of United’s trip to Spurs some weeks back: “What Man United have always had over the years is players with character and personalities.

“I don’t see it with this group. I heard Maguire talking during the week, he was like a robot.

“He was like (English accent): ‘Apologies to the fans’, with no emotion behind it.

“These guys are coming off the back of a good European Championship for England.

“They’ve turned up before for big matches. I’m fed up with the chat after games and people apologising.

“Harry Maguire says ‘we need to come together as a group’.

“No, you need to sort your game out if you’re going to be the leader of that group. Get the basics right and do your own job.

“People say he might not be fit, he gave a goal away against Leicester a couple of weeks ago.

“It’s nothing to do with fitness, just a lack of professionalism and not doing his job properly.”

Twitter users reacted with a presenter in hysterics as Rafael Van Der Vaart gives his gone viral X-rated Harry Maguire analysis…

@smarriott26: Wish the English media would call out their own players like this @GaryLineker @IanWright0 @HarryMaguire93

@WholeLottaLyes: Disagree with the analysis all you like, anyone labeling Van der Vaart as a shit player doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

@eightsmufc: Not maguires biggest fan but this is just unprofessional and kinda embarrassing

@ItsMunashe: I like foreign pundits because they speak the truth reckless settings

@ncfckieran: Will people ever leave him alone, blokes a good player just needs a good manager and defensive partner with him. Calling Harry Maguire ‘ really shit’ is just being straight up uneducated, like, did you see him in the Euros? Good player.

@JamesWardBecks: I get it. Harry Maguire and price tag NEVER really gets a mention. Yet the media talk about Pogba and his price tag constantly and they both cost around the same money.

@thehutch83: It’s only what everyone’s thinking

@Kenna020: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I just love how honest he is

@Asmith4000: Said it so many times! He’s honestly up there with one of the worst I’ve ever seen

@neutralcf_: Dutch tv have no filter

@RMarsden94: I honestly thought the quotes from him in the past were fake 🤣🤣🤣 what a guy

@razor5edge: Van Der Vaart is bang on and I think he’s personally offended that this guy cost more than Van Dijk.

@DaveKitson17: Fucking killed me this have 😂

@keepithalalbro: I mean even United fans would agree 😂

@FerranRole: He’s not wrong

@DanPQuinn1: Inject that into my fucking veins.

@Jfunnellyfc: Its true, guy is a bottom half of the table player, awful business, 130 mil for Maguire and AWB is ludicrous

@UtdJadon_: There’s a reason he’s not invited on Sky Sports anymore, which is because he speaks the truth.

@DukesBicep: He’s not wrong. Should stick him on Monday night football with Gary Neville

@UtdLH: Dutch media is clear

@jeemboosh: Hahaha. Man speaks facts

@AndyBeav96: Honestly love this mans hatred for Maguire

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