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Premier League star and wife ‘tied up by machete wielding thugs’ in terrifying robbery

A Premier League star and his terrified wife were reportedly tied up by machete wielding thugs in a terrifying robbery at their home.

The unnamed player was allegedly dragged around his £1.5million house after a break-in by a masked gang during the recent international break.

It’s claim he was watching his teammates on TV whilst his partner took a bath when four men smashed through a glass door to gain entry into the premises.

Their home was ransacked of watches, jewellery and electrical items whilst both were then tied up and threatened.

A source told: “It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. He was pretty brave and did his best, but he was outnumbered and they were pretty aggressive.

“The player lives a pretty low-profile life off the pitch, so he was shocked to be targeted. He doesn’t flash his wealth and enjoys being as normal as possible.

Police said: “Entry was forced to the property and jewellery, along with other household items, were stolen. Inquiries are ongoing.”

It is not the first time a top level footballer has been targeted in such a horrid way.

Back in March, Everton goalkeeper Robin Olsen and his family were confronted by a gang at their home in Cheshire, and last May, Dele Alli was attacked by two knifemen at his £2million home.

Alli was punched in the face after being threatened by two masked intruders armed with knives, who made off with thousands of pounds worth of jewellery, including expensive watches.

Alli tweeted at the time: “Thank you for all the messages. Horrible experience but we’re all okay now. Appreciate the support.”

A year ago, another Spurs player, Harry Kane, saw his £100,000 vehicle, a Range Rover, being stolen by thieves in a shocking daylight robbery.

A gang was believed to have targeted the England international’s vehicle for a while having been filmed driving past it several times.

The culprits got into the car and then subsequently sped off with it from outside an upmarket address in Chingford, East London.

Footballers have been warned about their use of social media around their properties and of their high-value possessions, with criminals known to scour Instagram and Twitter to find their targets and work out the opportune moment to strike.

Premier League clubs have also been notified that the ordeal suffered by some of those listed in this article, which shows they must start taking the security of their players more seriously before someone is killed by armed raiders.

The alarming rise in incidents has led to communication between security chiefs at Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City, with one senior club source saying their players had been advised to be on “high alert”.

The BBC World Service’s World Football programme claims footballers and their relatives are becoming prey for gangs, who see them as easy targets for extortion and intimidation. The threat has now become so serious that PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor believes players should hire private minders to supplement any protection afforded by police.

Gordon Taylor: PFA chief executive to step down after 38 years | UK News |  Sky News

“Football reflects society and sometimes society can be not very pleasant,” said Taylor. “If these threats are a reality it’s a terribly intimidating thing for the player concerned.

“Clubs and players are a lot more conscious about security, we have made them aware of this, and there’s a strong need for private security to go alongside the police.

“It’s not a massive issue but we’ve seen enough examples in recent times of players’ houses being targeted while they’re away and teams suffering security scares for it to be taken seriously. Ultimately, it’s something that clubs and players have to discuss with the police and their security people.”

Paul Hughes, David Beckham’s former bodyguard who runs Benchmark Security, claimed he had heard of players being involved in protection money demands.

“I believe it has already happened, it’s an ongoing thing in the north east from what I have been told,” he said. “Most of your players are up-and-coming lads from the council estates and have still got all these contacts with people from when they were hanging around on street corners.

“When these other people see the money they have got they are contacting them.”

Hughes said players and their families were easy targets. “They are so easy it’s ridiculous and I think the clubs and the FA need to do a lot more to protect them and their families.”

Twitter users reacted after reading that an unnamed Premier League star and his wife were ‘tied up by machete wielding thugs’ in a terrifying robbery…

@StokeyyG2: fucking helllll, that’s mental

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@ranny_ft: That’s so horrible! Prayers of safety for the player and his family. No one should ever go through that

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@JoBro1886: Where is Kolasinac when you need him

@WMerchantWissa: Holy shit, hope whoever it is is ok

@tigerroarcouk: the more you have, the more people want to take it off of you 🙁

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@Lcfc_Vizico: What in the actual fuck have I’ve seen.

@Doddsy228904442: What is wrong with people.

@AlissonHeader: Fucking hell mad if true nobody deserves to experience that man. Hope they’re okay 🙏🏼

@demariusutd: Jesus. Hope everyone is alright

@ForeverAYellow: Incredibly worrying to see how regularly this is happening. Really hope the player and his family are alright.

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