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Premier League footballer arrested over alleged child sex offences

Breaking news has emerged on Monday night, stating that a Premier League footballer has been arrested over alleged child sex offences.

The Mirror state that the millionaire ace and regular player for his country – had his home raided by police and was arrested on Friday.

He cannot name him for legal reasons however there are various rumours on social media over the last few days.

The statement, from Greater Manchester Police, read: “Officers arrested a 31-year-old man on Friday 16 July 2021 on suspicion of child sex offences.

“He is on police bail pending further enquiries.”

The player’s club have confirmed to Mirror Football that he has been suspended.

They said: “The Club can confirm it has suspended a first-team player pending a police investigation.

“The Club will continue to support the authorities with their inquiries and will not be making any further statement at this time.”

The alleged predator’s club, who and which remain unnamed, have complained about how it disrupted their preseason camp, as the club may need to look at signing a replacement.

A source told The Mirror: “This has caused a massive shock.

“Any suggestion of allegations of offences involving a child are rightly taken seriously from the point they are made.”

The insider added: “Clearly this matter must be fully investigated. Allegations of this nature will cause a considerable amount of alarm among everyone within the club, the fans, and the wider public.

“This is now a case of waiting to see where the investigation takes us.”

Everton published their own, saying at midnight on Tuesday: “Everton can confirm it has suspended a First-Team player pending a police investigation. The Club will continue to support the authorities with their inquiries and will not be making any further statement at this time.”

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As rumours quickly spread amongst the football world earlier this week that Gylfi Sigurdsson had been arrested for texting in a sexual nature underage girls, his wife has come forward to deny any such claims and state the player is not behind bars or been arrested.

As no evidence has come forward despite thousands of tweets being published on social media by football fans claiming to be “In the know”, it’s reported to be another case of a vile attack on football players by using the social media channel.

As previously reported, thousands of tweets started to circulate on Saturday evening that the star player had been arrested after allegedly being caught texting underage girls.

Some tweets claimed that that he had been rumbled by Paedophile hunters, although there was actually no footage appeared to be presented or forthcoming.

YouTube presenters were also very quick to jump on the story – which that got a lot of attention before it was judged to be unfounded, completely made up and total fabrication, until this latest development emerged on Monday night.

“Imagine what he and his wife are having to go through,” said Swansea City supporter Dai Thomas.

He went onto add: “Twitter has to be controlled far better, and these types of tweets need to stop; they are vile and disgusting.

“I met the player and his wife on several occasions when he played for us; they were delightful people, they don’t deserve this.”

Although YouTube football presenter Adam Brown, like others who went and made videos on the subject and presented them, still feels that something is afoot despite the wife’s denials.

Brown said: “Simple question, why is it the wife and not the player or his agent making the denial?”

He continued: “That to me smells alone; something is afoot here.”

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Fans reacted on social media as a Premier League footballer gets arrested over alleged child sex offences…

@mikefearnehoug2: Everton or not it’s fucking heavy throw away the key the big danger

@scousebluenos3: No matter who it is, he needs locking up for good!! None of this shite Adam Johnson got hes in a position of responsibility and will probably be looked at like a role model! Send him down and take his finances too!!

@whograssed: cut his knob off

@lewismcc0: Vile cunt get him as far away from the club as possible

@BaghdadCocaCola: Fucking hell. Innocent until proven guilty of course but I don’t understand why these adults mess around with underage kids…

@mc_chug: What is it with these footballers first Adam Johnson now whoever this is honestly sick bastards

@hobson9999: Everton fans looking worried 👀

@LUFCPeachey: It’s like we’re playing guess who but for nonces

@JfunYFC: Everton have more nonces in the last 25 years than trophies.

@samwren_95: We all know who it is 😂😂

@brad_cain96: Fuckinghell

@Lilywhite4life: Never thought he was that type of guy Scumbag

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