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Premier League clubs told ‘mind your bleeding business’ over Newcastle takeover

Premier League clubs told to ‘mind your bleeding business’ over the Newcastle United takeover as it continues to cause controversy.

talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan went into an epic rant over reports of anger at the Magpies as the Mike Ashley era on Tyneside finally draws to a close with the Premier League giving the £300m sale to the consortium backed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund the go ahead on Thursday.

It is a deal which attracted widespread criticism over the country’s human rights record, with Amnesty International and Hatice Cengiz among those to outline their opposition to the deal.

The takeover has made Newcastle one of the richest clubs in the world, with part owner Amanda Staveley putting forward the consortium’s vision to transform the club into title winners.

However, fellow Premier League rivals have reportedly ‘united in opposition’ to oppose the deal and have demanded an emergency meeting to detail their grievances.

Jordan has been a controversial critic of Newcastle in recent seasons, and had to admit he was wrong in his repeated declaration the takeover would never pass.

On this occasion however, the former Crystal Palace owner has surprisingly sided with the Magpies and insisted their unhappy rivals have no grounds to air their complaints.

Jordan told talkSPORT: “It’s none of my business who owns another football club. If the Premier League’s job to make sure that people meet the obligations that whoever owns a football club has to meet, and that’s the job that they have to do.

“The Premier League is the sum of all of its parts which is the clubs, but the executive side of it which is where Richard Masters and Gary Hoffman sit, they have got to enforce the rules that clubs have voted for.

“If somehow in a parallel universe they have managed to do that with nonsense like separation from the Saudi state which is all nonsense, then I would have to get on with it like anyone else.

“It’s nonsense – point me to the rule where it says a state can’t own a football club because I thought Sheikh Mansour was the President of the UAE. So that’s a state owning Manchester City – it already exists.

“I’m looking at it and going, what would these 19 clubs have to say besides we don’t like it? What has it go to do with you?!

“It’s a private business that plays in a football league. Newcastle United was owned by Mike Ashley, he’s entitled to sell the football club to who he wants as long as it complies with the Premier League rules.

“What you are basically saying is they should go in there and pitch to the other 19 clubs so they are happy with who they are selling to?

“Mind your own bleeding business.”

As Premier League clubs are told ‘mind your bleeding business’ over the Newcastle takeover, fans gave their reaction, see what they said below…

@McFaddenAlan83: Well said. It’s got sod all to do with other clubs. Jealousy comes to mind

@rob_laws_85: Yesssss Simon lad. You’re edging ever closer to an invite to the @Tyneside_Irish for pint.

@fonosayno: I agree with Mr Jordan. The other 19 clubs might not like it but only because they cannot compete financially with Newcastle as the takeover was completed. If it is okay for Man City and Chelsea then it should be okay for any club to be taken over. This is football now.

@scxttnufc: Don’t always agree with everything Simon says but he’s spot on here. #nufc

@Calvinroche1: Seems to have changed his tune

@Jackson85626809: Well said, great coverage of the whole situation and non biased view on all the dilemmas great show. 🤝

@therealDicko: I’m starting to love this man!! #nufc

@stewlufc: Spot on again from Mr Jordan

@fleenufc06: First time I ever agreed with him. Probably be the last too

@rjmorley78: I’m Starting to like this bloke now

@scott_eddowes: Wait, so now he’s on our side? I’m confused. More faces than Big Ben….

@steven_metcalfe: I don’t know how the likes of UTD/City/Chelsea have the balls to complain. They have out spent everyone for years. They are the very reason transfer fees and wages are so high. It’s laughable they have issue because someone comes along with more money.

Newcastle takeover confirmed ✅
Bruce gone 🚨
Simon Jordan talking sense ✅
Think I’ll have a lie down…

@TomFLGray: For the second time in a week I find myself agreeing with Simon Jordan 🤯 He’s spot on to be fair. Just mind your own business 🤷‍♂️

@CreatorOfNoah: Not often I agree with you Simon but what you have said in this clip is spot on.

@agbnufc_: Now Simon Jordan is talking sense wtf, everyone is coming around, slowly but surely.

@rusty685: He has spoken some sense since the take over was announced. Neber normally tune in but have done more, hoping to hear Bruce has been sacked!

@Blueblood1233: Although he’s perfectly happy to have spent the last 10 years slagging off the Man City takeover

@dazlar90: Beautifully put

@round_phil: Talking sense. 👏

@NUFCLC: Newcastle taken over and @Sjopinion10 on our side? Am in a dream?

@ToonBarmyrepraC: Never thought I would agree with him but on this point I actually do. What’s happened to him? #BruceOut

@Jaaaaaaamezzzz: First time in a long time he’s absolutely right “mind your own business” spot on with Sheikh Mansour state owned too, the PL said it was ok then but for some strange reason (Levy etc) didn’t want another team competing which is exactly why the CAT was submitted.

@TalkNUFC1: Fair play – all these clubs moaning are just fearful – simple as that

@StevenMcauley2: SJ says it how it is and, once again, he’s SPOT ON! Everyone is jealous of NUFC because they have more money than anyone else now! We may not like the Saudies (HR et al) but NO rules have been broken, maybe it’s the RULES that need changing?

@Toffee_Alan1973: Well the rule is the fit and proper owners test and depends entirely on how murderous that state is i.e ordering the murder of journalists. @Sjopinion10

@KyleUtterson5: I don’t always agree with @Sjopinion10 but well said Simon got nothing to do with that lot. Hypocritical of City and Chelsea as your owners are questionable and West Ham who said they would only sell to the Saudi proper hypocrites fuck off suck it up nothing you lot can do.

@toon_dublin: They’re argument is deader than a dead thing from deadland #NUFC

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