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Portsmouth, Plymouth, Ipswich and Leeds fans help ex-player sell title medal to fund court case

Portsmouth, Plymouth, Ipswich and Leeds fans all come together to help ex-player David Norris sell his title medal to fund a court case.

A touch of class from supporters as they help out the former pro-footballer as he battles to try and take his parents to court.

Norris, 42, planned to let go of his League One title medal that he won with his old club Plymouth Argyle, he announced on Twitter.

He said: “Plymouth Argyle fans / football fans/collectors… League One Championship Medal from Plymouth Argyle winning the league and promotion to the Championship in the 2003/04 season ⚽️ DM Offers (currently £500)

“I don’t know where to start. I was just trying to raise some money to help with solicitors/court costs but overwhelmed beyond belief for everyone’s support. Thank you for allowing me to keep the medal 💙💚 can’t believe the response. Once it’s over I will pay back or donate back”

Having seen his post, Plymouth supporter ‘Janner Royalty’ set up a donation page in a bid to help raise £1,000 with the money going to cover Norris’ legal fees, so that he doesn’t have to sell his medal. At the time of writing, £3,460 has been donated by 254 people.

The JustGiving page read: “Weʼre raising £1,000 to help ensure that David Norris gets to keep his League One Title Winning Medal. David is an argyle legend and it’s only right that we help!

“David Norris is a club legend and we cam all help him with a donation. He’s fallen on hard times due to the actions of those he loved and trusted. As Argyle fans, lets do our bit to show him the love!”

Norris replied having seen this: “Honestly that is an incredible gesture. I have someone who is willing to buy with an option to buy back so I will do that. Thank you for your support it means a lot 💚💚”

This is how fans reacted as Portsmouth, Plymouth, Ipswich and Leeds fans help ex-player David Norris sell his title medal to fund his court case…

@bencollick37: @Argyle put the ‘ever green’ to good use and help an Argyle legend.

@StevieWotsa: Don’t worry the fans will have you covered you given us some priceless memories! You are a much loved legend.

@jackolesliepafc: No need to pay back Chuck. Your performances over the years at Argyle were worth their weight in gold alone 💚

@AR11_1898: You’ll never need to buy a pint in Pompey again after that goal

@PAFC_Displays: No need to pay back Chuck! Once a green always a green.

@Squeeze_85: Just come back once a season and do the 50/50 draw. Once a green… 💚

@hicks_malcolm: No need to pay back, I’m sure more will agree. Once a green always a green 💚

@ArgyleLoz: You gave our football club great service, believe me we have your back David, nothing to pay back #pafc…

@Pa24109982Pan: You paid it forward every time you laced up for us mate. Just get your self to home park for the half time draw.

@DaleHughes87: The fact his parents stole his savings and he has to sell his winners medal is shocking, Argyle, help a man #pafc

@smiddy_lcfc123: Footballs class

@Hayden_PFC: Classy from both Pompey and Argyle fans, love to it. Once a blue, always a blue David. PUP 💙

@ShaunVSmith22: Argyle legend mate. Always gave your all for us so the least we can do! Don’t want anything back! Once a Green! 💚

@PompeyDurham: You have managed to united #pafc and #Pompey fans; that must be a first!

@crazybrit28: This is what the football community is all about we stand by our own good luck chuck were all behind you it’s upto 3k atm shows how much we all love you 💚

@thalnothos: You bought so many happy moments to so many. Not just us argyle fans. So gutting to hear what happened, and so amazed to see the response. You have to keep that medal at all costs. #Onceagreen #forevergreen

@salmoncucumber: No need to pay back. Hope things sort themselves out and you can look forward with some optimism

@mattde203: You deserve our support. Always gave everything you had in green and played a key role in some amazing memories.

@PompeyData: David you will always deserve this! Especially because of that goal against the scummers 💙😉

@RyanEasterbrook: Small price to pay for the years of good memories you gave us Greens!

@EmmaAngle: We all go through hard times and you deserve to keep that medal! The green army wish you all the best 💚

@RichardMarwood: Sorry you’re having to go through this & hope it’s resolved quickly. Happy to help. No need to pay anything back, that goal was priceless! PUP

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