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Portsmouth investigate players involved in nightclub altercation

Portsmouth investigate some of their players who ended up getting involved in a nightclub altercation following the season’s final day.

Danny Cowley’s side ended up losing 1-0 at home to Accrington Stanley, handing Oxford United the final League One playoff place with the U’s winning 4-0 against Burton.

However footage has appeared on social media of what looks to be Ronan Curtis, Lee Brown and Tom Naylor having drinks after the game.

This led to fans feeling miffed off watching them seemingly have a good time whilst supporters back home are sobbing at knowing their side face yet another season in the third tier of English football.

Here is the clip that everyone is talking about, short but allegedly before it got heated…


During the course of yesterday (May 10), Portsmouth Football Club were made aware of an incident that occurred outside Astoria nightclub on Sunday evening.

After liaising with the police and speaking to players who were present, we now have an understanding of what happened.

A member of the public did require medical treatment, but despite rumours to the contrary, nobody was, or has been, arrested and no allegations of assault have been made.

While footballers are entitled to enjoy themselves in their spare time, there are acceptable boundaries and it is clear, in this instance, that a line was crossed.

They fell below the standards expected of them as representatives of Portsmouth Football Club.

We have started an internal process with the players who were involved and they will be dealt with appropriately.


We have standards at the Astoria, this sort of behaviour from players at Portsmouth Football Club is never welcome. We’re glad we didn’t allow them inside our venue, but sad they felt the need to hospitalise a lone student nearby our venue.

We have worked with Hampshire constabulary to ensure these lads have been placed on scannet, this means they will still not be welcome in our premises and other venues around the city will have information on their behaviour outside ours, we hope other venues will have equal standards and refuse their entry.

It’s a shame that people like this, who so many young locals look up to have treated our city and community in such a way.


We are aware of the incident on Sunday at the Astoria Nightclub and the subsequent statement by Portsmouth Football Club.

We welcome and respect PFC’s internal investigation, and we urge the club to make its findings public along with subsequent actions.

The Pompey Supporters’ Trust is deeply disappointed by the involvement of Pompey players in these circumstances. This incident risks damaging the bond between the football club and the community. 

Playing for our football club and representing the city and its people comes with a responsibility to exemplify the best of us and to make us proud of our team. Please remember who you represent. 

Fans reacted as Portsmouth investigate players involved in nightclub altercation…

@c_p_mcgreal: All the work players like Burgess did in the community to represent the football club and now we’ve got this.

@teddynettle1: “Dealt with appropriately” basically getting away with it then

@mrlibertine: Looking forward to the CCTV footage leaking.

@AR11_89: Next statement, retained list. (A very small one)

@bericszn: This had better factor into those contract negotiations. This club needs a serious overhaul starting with the foundations

@pfczak: ‘We paid off the Uni student’

@derekdarwin4: Lucky for the players it wasn’t a Saturday night & they got chirpy with a different animal

@GamblenDarren: A Portsmouth University student ( our club sponsors !!!) assaulted and it’s an internal thing ?? Make a proper statement please this is totally unacceptable behaviour

@Pompey_1976: Sums up the attitude of the players and our final position this season- absolute joke

@CapiTweets: Why couldn’t they behave like good lads and have a pleasant night in Popworld instead?

@PaulGwilliam1: Pity they didn’t show the same aggression on the pitch earlier as outside the Astoria.

@PFCRhys_: Heavy fines expected 👍

@DerekLewry: The same week a #Pompey legend passed away this talentless trio let the club down on and off the pitch, hopefully they won’t pull a blue shirt on again. Not fit to clean Maccas boots.

@merson_pfc: Sort em out properly then

@Liam_Chalk: Absolute cop out… if you’re certain of events of that evening the fans deserve to know the events. The rumours and speculation are unhelpful and only go on to make the club a more toxic environment

@DerekPether: There was something to celebrate was there?? From what I saw on Sunday…….there wasn’t!!!!!

@SteveSt94352512: For all those going on about a cover up or brushing it under the carpet, give your heads a wobble FFS! Have any of you not heard of due process? There has to be a full and proper investigation, if disciplinary action has to be taken then they have to make sure they have it right.

@jtw_96: Get every single one of them out the club 👍🏻

@ChasEarl: We’re actually becoming the laughing stock of the South coast.

@Jamesr02_: Disgraceful behaviour, hope they get sorted properly

@m___wood: Announce Curtis released on a free transfer.

@plasticstoat: I’m afraid I agree with the masses who have already said the same, they need to set an example as they are representing the team inside and outside of the ground. Throwing their toys out of the pram because they couldn’t get a table at a nightclub bar is poor. Bin them off

@PompeyHazza9: Get him gone

@Clarkeyboy12345: Time for some sackings

@GBerry1984: Pathetic statement. Nice to see Astoria can say it straight.

@RoryJones_: Shame the players didn’t give it the big one on the pitch like they do when they want a shant.

@pfcmccloud: Cheerio cheerio cheerio

@pauliehansford: Prima Donnas. What makes me laugh is that they are members of the worst group of players I’ve seen at Fratton Park in decades. No class, inflated egos, no bottle!

@darrenbox: And remember this involved our captain and vice captain AND after the shit show performance they put in. They should be moved on, don’t want my kids to see these as people to look up to…show the #pompey people some respect in making the right decisions.

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