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Portsmouth fans baffled by Northampton’s ‘horrendous’ tweet over harsh red card decision

Portsmouth fans have been left baffled by Northampton’s ‘horrendous’ tweet over a harsh red card decision brandished to Tom McIntyre.

Paddy Lane netted twice as League One leaders Portsmouth thrashed Northampton 4-1 despite having debutant Tom McIntyre sent off.

It was the sending off that got people riled, coming on 54 minutes with Pompey tweeting: “🤯 Tom McIntyre slides at the feet of Pinnock and wins the ball, but is shown a red card. 🟥 A round of applause from the Fratton faithful for the defender as he walks off the pitch.”

Northampton meanwhile had a different take on it, saying: “54′ RED CARD! Tom McIntyre is sent off for a horrendous challenge on Mitch Pinnock. 🟥”

Pompey’s head coach told The News: “My initial reaction actually was I wasn’t sure which way the referee had given the free-kick, so that probably tells you everything you need to know about what I was thinking.

“I just thought in real time it was a really good tackle, I don’t know how else Tom can win the ball without putting himself in serious danger.

“I know for a fact that he didn’t go to try to hurt the player, he’s not that kind of person. It might sound strange because I’ve not known him for a huge amount of time, but in all the work we have done with Tom, he tries to win the ball honestly.

“He has actually come out of the tackle hurt as well, so there was some contact from their player on his ankle.

“He’s walked out on crutches because of the impact on the ankle, which is just precautionary.

“Tom’s gutted over his debut ending that way. He was so good for 54 minutes before that and it is the one thing which mars the day.

“I thought the referee was really good for the rest of the game, that was the only thing I had an issue with.

“We will have a proper look at it. I’ve seen the image from the wide angle on the far side and I’ve seen a couple of replays on phones.

“I don’t know yet whether we’ll appeal. We have to make sure we get everything right with his appeal so they are not wasting anybody’s time or anybody’s money.

“So that will be something we’ll sit down and go through properly. If we think there’s a case, we will.”

Northampton boss Jon Brady said: “To concede a set piece early on was very disappointing as were the goals we gave away,” he said.

“At 2-0 against ten men I felt we had an opportunity but we then imploded for their third goal.

“Portsmouth are a top side but in the last two games we’ve made it too easy for the opposition.

“Injuries have hit us and Sam Hoskins has gone down with a hamstring injury today which we will have to get assessed.

“Ben Fox has been out all season and he could only come on for fifteen minutes and Sam Sherring felt his ankle in the warm-up which is why he couldn’t come on but
Ben coming on for fifteen minutes is a positive.

“Everybody tipped us for relegation, today was tough but overall we have shown we can be competitive in this league. We know the fight we’ve got and we will keep fighting to try and achieve that.”

As mentioned, Portsmouth fans were baffled by Northampton’s ‘horrendous’ tweet over the harsh red card decision…

@mpearson_18: Please tell me this is a wind up? 😂

@Craigpfc7: If you think that was a horrendous challenge, I don’t think you should be social media admin for a football club. Never a red!

@AndyFord33107: Looking forward to your apology here.

@blakepfc: Ahahahaha horrendous challenge? You need glasses lads?

@Mikey_Ev: won the ball 😂 “horrendous challenge”

@harry_pfc: “Horrendous” what on earth are you watching 🤣

@keir711: This is why you’re an admin for a pathetic football team. Know sod all about football 🤣 Horrendous challenge 💀💀💀

@Lin_Pompey: Mitch Pinnock deserves an Oscar for his ‘injury’ performance. 😡

@knight37: Played the ball won the ball then your player rolled around on the floor! How was that an horrendous challenge! Maybe you guys should pack football up if you think that’s horrendous! The ref got that wrong! Never a red card!

@pompeyowen7: He didn’t even touch him the ball bounced on to his foot

@Ben29495: Horrendous? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Joey1989118: Was right infront of me. He saw a bit of blood on his sock, rolled it down and was basically a spot/graze. Our player won the ball ‘proper challenge’.

@FosterAdrian: Horrendous? You were obviously watching a different game. Not even a foul.

@mbunn2023: When you look at the replay you will see it is not even a foul never mind a red card.

@onerealmasters: Are you alright mate. Have you seen the replay. Think you might feel a bit silly after you see the replay.

@jakemeyers2015: Turns out the #NTFC admin is as much of a fanny as the teams coaching staff. “Horrendous challenge”, get over yourself. Not a gambling man, but would be happy to bet that gets overturned.

@mrchrisr91: I’m sorry, but this is quite the exaggeration… He’s won the ball, Pinnock has made quite the meal of it, as has the Northampton admin. Embarrassing from a footballing perspective

@Streetchy_: The only thing horrendous was the reaction from the player, the Northampton staff and this tweet. Perfectly good tackle.

@bernardpfc: I’ll comment as a referee of 37 years there’s no way that’s red wouldn’t be one on my pitch!!

@JamiePFC: average tweet for a tinpot club, what horrendous challenge 🤣😭

Dirty, Cheating Bastards.
“Horrendous challenge”
@ntfc 🖕🏻
#ntfc #Pompey

@SimplyOToole: Stop getting your hopes up, stop getting your hopes up, stop getting your hopes up, stop getting your hopes up, stop getting your hopes up, stop getting your hopes up, stop getting your hopes up, stop getting your hopes up, stop getting your hopes up, stop getting your hopes up

@KyranHopcroft: Could be the worst take I’ve ever seen

@djliamh: Fuck off 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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