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Portsmouth cheekily mock Bolton and their fans for losing playoff final and bottling promotion

Portsmouth cheekily mock Bolton Wanderers and their fans for losing the League One playoff final and bottling promotion.

The first post from Pompey was a screenshot of Marlon Pack’s face as he mugged off a taunting Bolton fan over a remark about the ‘promotion party’ after the two sides met on the 13th of April with the game finished 1-1 and delayed Portsmouth’s promotion celebrations.

A video emerged online, with a Bolton fan under the username @MarkLittlemore1 tweeted a video and it’s gone on to get nearly a million views.

The Bolton fan wrote: “If anyone bought tickets for the Pompey promotion party in Bolton tonight, then speak to Aaron Collins for a refund. It will be now be held in a Portsmouth Wetherspoons next Saturday. #bwfc #Pompey @aaroncollinsx @TrotterChatPod @TheFanzonePod”

The video recorder goes over to Marlon Pack, and says to him, “when’s the promotion party, I thought it was tonight”, the Pompey footballer replied “when’s your promotion party”.

Bolton ended up finishing in 3rd place, and then lost to Oxford in the playoff final, meaning they would be spending a fourth season in League One next term.

Portsmouth wasted no time in taunting, literally right on full time, as you can see below…

Josh Murphy steered Oxford to the Championship for first time since 1999 with two first half goals against a Bolton side who lacked any attack and put in a disappointing performance.

Oxford boss Des Buckingham on Sky Sports Football:

“I can’t sum up how I’m feeling. We didn’t dream until the full-time whistle because we know how good Bolton are.

“To see what I’ve just seen, I haven’t got the words for it. With the football we’ve just played there, I thought we were excellent today. I’m so proud to lead this team and I’m so proud of the players and what they’ve just shown Oxford United to be.

“We had a way we wanted to play against them with the ball, which I thought we executed really well with the goals that we scored. We know, out of possession, if we tried to close up some of the areas we knew they were strong in, we might cause them some problems.

“We didn’t want Bolton to dictate the whole game. We could have sat back and weathered a storm, which is never good when you’ve got 35,000 people come to watch us, so we had to be brave. These are the moments where you have to step up and trust yourselves and back yourselves to do things.

“You’re always tested if you come in mid-season. With no pre-season or staff coming in with you, it takes time. But I’m thankful to the club for giving us that time, which allowed us to go on and show what we wanted to do. The more time we now get, it’s about building for the Championship now, not League One.”

Bolton boss Ian Evatt on Sky Sports Football:

“I can’t really explain it. Now’s not really the time to get into too much detail. That was unrecognisable from us.

“We look at our best when we are fast, intense, aggressive, energetic and show quality with the ball – and from minute one, it just wasn’t there.

“Whether it was the occasion, the pressure, I don’t know, but that was not acceptable for our level. I just apologise to all the supporters who came here today and witnessed probably our worst performance of the season.”

Ian Evatt also responded to claims of a premature promotion party. They failed to register a shot on target in the defeat to Oxford at Wembley.

In their semi final win over Barnsley, fans invaded the pitch and players could be seen celebrating and drinking as they advanced through.

Players were also seen drinking on the pitch, taking in the scenes at the Toughsheet Stadium.

There was plenty to say on those early celebrations, criticism came Bolton’s way, but Evatt insists that didn’t have a bearing on their timid performance against the U’s.

Evatt told Sky Sports: ‘I didn’t really like the comments after the second leg and we made it through.

‘Every time I see play-off games I see pitch invasions and see people excited to get to Wembley.

‘I don’t think anyone thought we’d achieved anything, so I don’t like those comments. I thought they were harsh and unfair.

‘Today I don’t think there was complacency, I don’t think there was any of that.

‘Maybe there was a fear and sometimes fear stops you. It certainly stopped us today, we were unrecognisable.’

This is how fans reacted as Portsmouth cheekily mock Bolton and their fans for losing playoff final and bottling promotion…

@darrell_ben: That’s world class housery 😂😂😂

@StevronConnor92: Impeccable timing 😂😂😂😂 Good luck next season @OfficialBWFC 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@MikeOfPompey: Max at the back post

@jamster65777: Best team in the league 0-2 Oxford utd

@KyleWhetton15: best team in the league still in league 1 🤣🤣

@CharlieFarnsba9: Hey, @MarkLittlemore1 – on behalf of #Pompey, Marlon Pack wants to send you an invitation, sadly for you though he’s a bit late as we’ve had ours 👍

@pfch92: Knighthood for Max

@teddynettle1: Max you deserve a raise 😂😂😂

@PompeyPedro: Oh my god 😂😂

@dobs10: Sensational content

@jamster65777: Games in hand fc 0-2 Oxford utd 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@lege20: Absolute brilliant 🤩 Tweet only fit for the Champions

@Mikey_Robs_91: Oh what a tweet 👏🏼

@ProudieYT: Honestly, give Max the freedom of the city, a knighthood, the key to the world now

@charxsinclair: 😭😭😭😭😭😭 MAX UR SO ICONIC

@IndianaDerman: Horwich wanderers can be the best team in league one again next year.

@genojenson: Max at the back post !

@FRATTON1898: Maxxxxxxx at the back postttttt

@jack_pfc19: YES MAX 😍

@charliebtaylor: Beautiful.

@swattz: Proud Dad and fan moment incoming 💙💙


@justjess_95: Pompey 🤝🏻 Derby 🤝🏻 Oxford 🎉 🥂

@kenziemoore01: he’s scored a brace max swatton 😮‍💨

@GeorgeSlatcher: MY ADMIN 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I FUCKING LOVE THIS CLUB 💙💙

@Pompeytucks: Not only the best team in League 1 the best Admin as well done Max #BWFC

@MaxFaithfull18: Something the ‘best team in the league’ hasn’t got

@EdieWeide: Max you absolute legend 😂💙💙

@Hells_Bells1982: Up the Horwich Wanderers

@GallenLeung: Best team in the league eh 😆😆

@Callum9358: The pettiness is next level max I like it 😂

@BenfieldTim: Admin on fire!!

@cookie1884: Only for Jim Smith’s teams 🐏

@merson_pfc: Brutal 😂

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