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Port Vale investigate horrific messages sent to Leyton Orient player

Port Vale are to investigate horrific messages sent to Leyton Orient player Lawrence Vigouroux after his side’s defeat at Vale Park.

The 27 year old League Two keeper reported the comments, sent on social media, and his club have confirmed they will be reporting the incident.

Vigouroux shared several vile messages he received on Twitter in shock at how this seems to keep on happening within today’s game.

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Vale say: “We are aware of an abusive message sent privately to a Leyton Orient player. Port Vale Football Club will not tolerate abuse of any kind towards officials, players, staff or supporters. The club is investigating.”

The goalkeeper highlighted the comments, saying: “Football such a beautiful game ruined by people like this.”

Leyton Orient say: “No one should face racist abuse in any circumstances, we’re all with you Loz. The club will be formally reporting this and hope it’s dealt with fully.”

Supporters of both clubs have condemned the abuse.

The Port Vale Supporters’ Club say: “It’s come to our attention that Leyton Orient goalkeeper Lawrence Vigouroux has been subjected to racist abuse online.

We, and our Chair Mark Porter want to make clear that racism is never acceptable and has no place in football. No true Vale fan would subject anyone to racist abuse.”


It comes just days after a 50 year old West Brom fan has been jailed after blaming autocorrect for sending a racist abuse to his own team’s players Romaine Sawyers.

A mindless Baggies ‘supporter’ has been sent behind bars for eight weeks for racially abusing the club’s midfielder on social media.

Simon Silwood was sentenced at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on Thursday morning, with this the first case in Britain where somebody will actually serve prison time for racially abusing a footballer online. More on that HERE.

Kick It Out reporting racism

Online Reporting Form | Kick It Out

Kick It Out is football’s equality and inclusion organisation – working throughout the football, educational and community sectors to challenge discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and campaign for positive change. Use the link above to report racism, to eradicate it from the beautiful game.

Let everyone enjoy football regardless of skin colour, nationality, sexuality, gender, disability.

Twitter users have reacted with Port Vale to investigate the horrific messages sent to Leyton Orient player Lawrence Vigouroux…

@pvfc_anon: Ban this “fan”. Great game but emotions soured by this 😢 Disgusted, and so sorry about this

@ANDYPVFC: Needs banning for life. Let’s hope @StaffsPolice investigate.

@gregwoodcock_14: Disgusting to see this, apologies from all at port vale. You celebrated the goals just as we did. You shouldn’t receive that abuse.

@Matty_pvfc: @OfficialPVFC please take action, regardless what went on during the game, we don’t want him back in the stands

@JoePavett00: Sorry you’ve had to go through this, did the smart thing putting his name out there for everyone to see. Hopefully Port Vale will do their thing.

@jasesherratt: Sorry to see this Lawrence. This individual doesn’t represent Vale fans. Thanks for inadvertently giving our fans & team the lift we needed though in that last few minutes. All the best to you and your team for the rest of the season

@kirstyvale: I am sorry & saddened to read this. This person doesn’t represent Port Vale FC and what our club stands for. I urge @OfficialPVFC to stand up against this and create an anti-racist working group. Always open to continue conversations previously opened on this subject @pvfc_carol

@Wakefield__: Never nice to see Lawrence. No room for racism in football or indeed in any sense. Solidarity. You’re still an Oxford legend though.

@ForeverAYellow: Send them to prison just like that West Brom fan earlier this week. Absolutely taking the piss now. Sick and tired of this happening with so many immature disrespectful kids doing it too and getting away with it

@OOCSwindonTown: Some of the comments on this are disgusting. We all stand with you Lawrence

@Lxwilson: He is no fan of our club lawrence…. really sorry to see this, please report it. Our club and the police will take action…. so so so sorry pal

@Benstledger: Do you people not learn, someone just put in prison for racial abuse towards a West Brom player, we aren’t going forward as a society we are going backwards

@BenjaminGrocott: Obviously there was some back and forth throughout the game but just because he’s wound you up during the game doesn’t mean you have a reason to do this after

@fwc68: As a Vale fan I’m really sorry that you have received this awful message. Please don’t think that we are all like this as we aren’t. @OfficialPVFC @StaffsPolice please find him and charge him. People like this don’t deserve to be part of the game. #NoRoomforRacism

@richyjbourne: Disgrace!!! We love you Lawrence! No player, fan, person should have that sent to them.

@tsproston: On behalf of 99.9% of Vale fan, ‘sorry Lawrence, he does not represent us’. He needs banning & returning to the 1970s.

@TrussyPaul: Unacceptable in any circumstances. The language alone is bad enough, the context makes it reprehensible.

@InplayMan: Find this lad @OfficialPVFC and get rid. We don’t need fans like this

@Michael25820690: It’s just unbelievable that some people believe they can even say this kinda thing on social media let alone think it! Ultimately it’s just embarrassing. #equalityforall

@daniels9119: @instagram you need to do something about this you have the account names do your job now

@lee_wilshaw: They do not represent our club , the rest of us vale fans stand against them with you VTID

@nickpaganman: Lawrence know that we love you and we’re behind you all the way, this has angered all the family, especially our 10yr old boy Logan who cannot believe what was said to you. P.S. he’s asked for a wave next home game, South stand and look for his sign….

@Ted__Boss: @StaffsPolice life time ban for both and compulsory learning of black history along with a hefty fine, or jail time if of age

@jrj21_: @OfficialPVFC ban him

@RealNickE: Absolutely disgusting and lifetime ban from all sports grounds should be the minimum. Apologies on behalf of all vale fans as no one should be getting this! #pvfc

@pvfccharlie: @OfficialPVFC get him out of our club, we don’t want him

@PaulWiggins1969: Unfortunately some people just choose the wrong words in the heat of the moment. Loser would of been the better choice. On behalf of all #pvfc fans please except our sincere apologies. Flip side thank you to you and your gloating team mates for putting fire in our players to win

@DamonBurton: Absolutely disgraceful. We are all passionate at a game but there is no need for this at all! Hopefully a ban and some publicity will shame him.

@IanW1983: Fucking hell, what year is it?? Throw the book at the little runt. What a sour note after a cracking game

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