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Police speak out after storming into away end to confiscate drum from Crystal Palace fans

Police have taken to speak out after storming into the away end to confiscate a drum from Crystal Palace fans at the Emirates Stadium.

Officers were seen wading into the Palace end to take away a drum the wasn’t allowed in the stadium, as per the club’s rules.

A group of cops in high-vis jackets made their way into a packed out away end, with Palace fans also setting off blue and red flares.

The police spoke with a number of travelling supporters prior to the Premier League fixture while one officer filmed the fans from the terrace above.

The tempers boiled over as officers tried to get hold of the drum.

MPS Football Unit wrote on Twitter: We’ve seen posts about a drum seized by police at Arsenal v Crystal Palace today.

This was done since fans had avoided having the drum searched and did not subsequently engage with stewards

Safety is our top priority. Please see our statement:

Ch Insp Niall O’Neill said: “Officers were tasked with seizing the drum quickly since we suspected it might contain prohibited items.

“Fans had avoided having the drum searched and did not subsequently engage with stewards. In the event, nothing was found within the drum.

“Since the drum was against ground regulations, we confiscated it and handed it to stewards. The club has procedures to return the drum to its owner. One person was arrested for assault on an emergency worker at around the time the drum was seized.

“Safety is our top priority and we will always act if we think it necessary to keep people safe.
“Four other arrests were made, one in relation to pyrotechnics, one for assault and two for public order

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Arsenal’s matchday stadium rules do state that musical instruments are not allowed.

It reads: “We can not permit large bags or suitcases – only bags A4 size or smaller are permitted into the stadium. All bags are subject to a search on entry. This can cause delays at the turnstiles so we discourage you from bringing a bag at all if possible.

There are a number of items that fans are not able to bring in to Emirates Stadium to ensure the safety of our supporters.


Small compact cameras (most be able to fit in a pocket)

Small fold up umbrellas

Small bags or backpacks (Must be able to fit under your seat)

Non-offensive flags or banners (2m x lm or less) (No sticks or poles and must meet fire regulations)

Clear plastic bottles (500ml or less)

Crutches or walking aids (In order for us to ensure that your visit is as safe and smooth as possible, and your seats are suitable for your needs. please email prior to attending the game)





Canned drinks

Drinking glasses

Glass bottles

Glass vessels (e.g. Perfume)

Plastic bottles in excess of 500ml

Flags or banners larger than 2m x 1m or of an offensive nature

Air horns

Baby buggies or prams

Video recording equipment

Solid containers or flasks

Large lens

Poles or sticks cameras (including Selfie sticks)

Knives or weapons

Large bags or suitcases


Fireworks or flares

Smoke or gas cannisters

Laser pens


Musical instruments

dangerous or hazardous items

Emirates Stadium is a no smoking stadium, this includes the use of electronic cigarettes and vaporisers

This is how what social media users had to say as police speak out after storming into the away end to confiscate a drum from Crystal Palace fans…

@AW_CPFC: Didn’t Arsenal fans have a drum not 100m away?

@WarrenAJB: 24 (by my count) of your officers to seize……..a drum. Absolute waste of resources and time.

@taylorkeate1_: storming into a stand, kicking and shoving all for a drum… people are out stabbing people and committing burglaries, while the police just sit back and watch however when it comes to football it’s a different story

@Troomp: Safety being your top priority? Why not heighten people’s emotions by wading in with 20+ officers to confiscate, what? – An empty drum! Which group is making things unsafe? The guys standing with the drum or the ones wearing body armour & batons pushing into people?

@bradcam123: Hello if the drum is against ground regulations why was there a drum with the opposition fans? What’s the difference or have you put the wrong statement out above. Confused 🤔

@BazCansell: Its a drum!!!!!!! Let’s get it into context, You used all that resource and forceful power for a drum. You can make up the narrative but it’s still a drum 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@camberwell73: Absolute jokers. Kids getting stabbed on the streets and 70 of your officers are confiscating musical instruments from football fans…

@HigginsAlan: @metpoliceuk why aren’t you this heavy handed when folk are smashing central London up at various protests? One rule for football as ever

@Mark74NUFC: Regardless of what you think of drums in football stadiums this is way over the top from @metpoliceuk Especially considering Arsenal have a drum in the home end. If ever there’s a police force you’d think would be trying to improve their reputation.

@FansAgainstVAR_: Trying to create an atmosphere in the @premierleague and this is what happens. The police and clubs want obedient tourists. Soon our crowds will be indistinguishable from NBA or NFL stadiums at the top level.

@BriLeeStokle: Of all the shit what’s going on in London, the @metpoliceuk decide to have a zero tolerance policy on some lads banging a drum at a football match! 70 officers🫢 you’re an embarrassment to the British people you’re supposed to serve.

What should 70 police officers focus on:
– Reducing the 12.7k stabbings in London last year
– 1 drum
Quite clear that @metpoliceuk have their priorities so far removed from reality.

@_holah_: 20-odd officers to confiscate a musical instrument, WHAT a shift lads 👏👏

@JJames_2020: The @metpoliceuk are pathetic. As I always say, football fans are fair game to them. Two tier policing. Disgrace of an organisation.

@mxtt_81: If knife crime was related to football the police would be all over it in seconds. There’s a massive policing agenda towards working class footy fans in this country

Couple of things happening here:
– middle aged white wet wipes dressed all in black wearing shades to a game in January
– taking a drum to football in the first place
– calling yourself an ultra but then giving your drum over to the police
Are they not embarrassed?

@wo01yy: Wouldn’t have happened if they were from Paris, Dortmund or anywhere else in Europe. European football fans treat like royalty compared to us English lot.

@marshycpfc: Yeah a drum is worthy of this police response. 🙄 unbelievable tbh. Hang your heads in shame met police.

Arresting paedophiles and rapists ❌
Enough Police on the streets ❌
Taking Just Stop Oil off the streets obstructing busy roads ❌
Enough Police available to take a drum off paying people attending Sports Event ✅

“So babe what did you do in work today”
“just scraped some kids to take a drum off them”

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