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Police on the hunt after flare is thrown into stadium injuring footballer and 12 year old girl

Police say they are on the hunt after a flare is thrown into a stadium injuring a footballer and a 12 year old girl at an FA Cup tie.

It’s been reported that “protesters” disrupted Bury AFC’s FA Cup Qualifier against North Shields, which had been televised/streamed via the BBC.

Police say a “group of male protesters” gathered outside the ground and threw flares into the venue during the game with it paused following the incident which happened 20 minutes after kick-off.


The child and footballer who were involved and both had to be treated for minor injuries.

Greater Manchester Police are searching for witnesses who were at the Neuven Stadium in Radcliffe, at around 1pm on Saturday, 3 September.

The police are looking to identify a group of “male protesters” who caused the disruption.

Chief Inspector Samantha Goldie, of GMP Bury Division, said: “Whilst we anticipate protests taking place and facilitate them where possible, we absolutely do not tolerate violence.

“This is a public event and ultimately we want everyone to be safe and have an enjoyable time.

“Thankfully this reckless and dangerous action by a few did not result in serious injury.

“We are keen to speak to anyone who might have more information that could help identify those involved.

“If you witnessed this incident, or have footage, please share it with us as soon as possible.”

Greater Manchester Police is keen to reassure the community that this is an isolated incident and is not connected to the reports of fireworks being used in an antisocial manner elsewhere in Bury.

You can contact police on 0161 856 8181 quoting incident number 1415 of 03/09/22. Alternatively, you can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Social media users have their reaction with police on the hunt after a flare is thrown into the stadium injuring a footballer and 12 year old girl…

@RickGoldie: Fingers crossed those responsible are caught and prosecuted. There are no words to accurately describe how embarrassing the vote no morons are. You’ve shamed yourselves live on TV. You’re now not only the laughing stock of Bury but the entire country. #buryfc

@Shakersjoe: Congratulations to the pathetic and clueless protesters. You really are all dumb, and that includes the keyboard warriors who will say it was nothing to do with them

@jamie3elsy: Just aswell the shields fans wernt standing there or they would have all of us to answer too!

@jamie3elsy: Absolute idiots! I hope this doesnt reflect the bury fans mind… it will be the minority of of idiots that wanted the protest.. we clapped with you lads when calling them wan*ers hahahh

@andymay68: Peaceful my arse…….

@mozzerjnr: Just want to congratulate the protestors! I think you lads got your message accross perfectly yesterday 👏👏 Presuming the message was “we are uneducated bell ends” of course #BuryFC #BuryAFC

@shakerfacts: The protests against the merger and the throwing of the flares from outside the stadium can only be described as pathetic. If you have been at all involved in either of these, I suggest you look closely at who you have aligned yourself with and why. Time is up. #buryfc #buryafc

@ShakersMMV: We hope you find the fools who did this

@jtahoyle: No words to describe this – absolutely disgraceful. Needs to be addressed to the fullest extent of the law.

@whitebluearmy: I’ve never felt prouder as a Bury fan to how we reacted to this shambolic shite, AFC is the way forward and we’ll carry on in to the future.

@nickmetcalfeuk: Here you go @BuryTimes and @isabel_oldman this is the outcome, the 14 idiots you gave the oxygen of publicity to with their hurt feelings and peaceful protests.

@RadcliffeBees: How’s that peaceful, don’t worry about the kids football, protest go… Oh, not well I see

@Sam_MacLeod: @FairCop_ @WeAreTheFSA I fucking dispair, how do we stop this nonsense.

@paul_m8: How did that peaceful protest pan out for you all?

@Sarah_Haq92: Absolutely disgusting that this happened at our match today. I had my 5 year old son and 8 year old niece with me as well as many other children being there. I really hope GMP catch who threw the smoke bombs and they get what’s coming to them 🤬

@buryfchannah: Report these tools, no place for this.

@steviebury: Peaceful Protest? Get them found & dealt with. Stayed quiet for a long time even through the ‘real Bury fans’ thing which is a joke in itself but this is too far. @OfficialBuryAFC is a great environment to take the kids along to. Mainly because we don’t have these clowns.

@amychristinexo: Have you ever heard of anything so disgusting over something as inconsequential as a game?!? Gammons

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