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Police officer in court for attacking 16-year-old fan

A police officer for the South Yorkshire police unit has made an appearance in court for attacking a 16-year-old fan in February of 2020.

The sickening incident took place last season when Sheffield Wednesday travelled away to Barnsley, the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Shortly after the final whistle a scuffle started between two males outside the ground.

Out of nowhere, a South Yorkshire police officer ran towards the pair and struck one of the males across the back of the head with his police baton, leaving him with a deep wound which required stitches.  

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Passers-by looked on with horror at what they had just seen, and with it all being caught on camera, the public slammed the officer’s shocking actions taken towards the Sheffield Wednesday fan, who was left hurt, bloodied and in a daze as described by family members.

Another officer quickly arrived at the scenes, where they could be heard saying “he’s injured, he’s injured” with the ground also getting a covering of blood.

A second copper allegedly smashed a phone of another person that had been filming the ongoing incident.

Watch the shocking clip for yourself below…

Warren Wright said via social media: I saw the whole incident, the copper must have run 50 yards and had time to think about the situation.

“He could have quite easily hit him below the head, that was calculated, he knew exactly what he was doing.

“I insisted to another copper that I wanted to report an assault and got told to go away. PC 3139 will get away with it, SYP corrupt to the core.”

After this happened, Sheffield Wednesday chose not to comment publicly, but claimed that they were concerned that South Yorkshire police, despite launching a new “neighbourhood policing approach” to football in the summer, are still being too heavy-handed.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct launched an investigation and advised the officer that he was the subject of a criminal investigation, whilst also being investigated for possible gross misconduct.

South Yorkshire Police then revealed that after the incident, the officer had still been working for the force but on restricted duties.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

In November, nine months later, it was confirmed that 26 year old Police Constable William Sampson was charged with unlawful and malicious wounding on Midland Street in Barnsley.

He made an appearance at Leeds Magistrates Court on Monday, however he didn’t say whether he did it or not.

He will return there once again before a judge on the 7th of March.

There was a decision to be made where to hold the hearing, with either the crown court of Sheffield or Leeds being used.

They came to the conclusion of having it at Leeds so that the jury would be unbiased, with a provisional date for the trial taking place March the 7th 2022.

The judge could be heard saying that he didn’t have a clue that both Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday had a big fanbase.

After seeing that a police officer has appeared in court for attacking a 16-year-old fan, Twitter users gave their reaction, see what they said below…

@ForeverAYellow: I hope the young lad gets justice, because in no way should he have got treated in such a way as he did. How the officer gets punished big time, because you just can’t go around doing that!

@guymbell: Leeds judge Guy Kearl tells the court he “wasn’t aware Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday had huge followings” as they decide whether or not a police officer, charged over an attack on a teenager, will be tried at Sheffield or Leeds CC. Needless to say, they definitely do…

@mattrf4r7: What a waste of court time. Send it to Leeds and I hope they find him guilty and he gets sacked. Police officer appears in court over attack on Barnsley football fan, 16

@MattHarris6: He’s right about Barnsley #swfc

Some other fans tweeted on the incident itself back when it happened…

@Alexstone93: ‘He’s injured, he’s injured’ yeah no s**t love your colleague has just wiped him out! Useless!

@AdamKBFC: This is horrific. Don’t know what’s gone on before but nobody deserves that. Could have killed him.

@caitlindenton01: exactly a hit to head at that force with a baton has got to do some serious damage! fuckin shocking they’re meant to protect the public, whatever’s gone off it looked like the lad were walking off so absolutely no need to attack him

@AlexanderSwfc: That is pure and simple GBH, putting someone in a uniform does not give them the right to do that. He literally could have killed that young lad. We have a lot of good and brave officers, this officer is cowardly and should be sacked, that lad posed no threat to deserve that.

@Josephine_KK: This is horrific! the head is a red zone in baton training aka fatal. You are taught to go from green(muscle), amber(bone/joints) to red(head/chest etc) zones. that officer struck red 1st,he has to be disciplined!!!

@LeeDenton01: Disgraceful that poor lad

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