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Police officer gets floored as Brighton and Ajax fans clash at train station

A police officer gets floored as Brighton and Ajax fans clash at a train station a few miles away from the Amex Stadium on Thursday night.

Large groups of supporters could be seen throwing anything they could find including metal fences before boarding trains to head to the ground.

Videos soon emerged on social media showing what had happened, officers shouted “get back” as they drawn out their batons near one of the entrances to the station.

There is also an audible voice off-screen saying “f***ing hit him”…

It was claimed that as many as “150 yobs” were involved in the clashes, while a Brighton fan at the scene described the disturbance as “scary”.

Meanwhile, the game itself saw Brighton win their first European game in their history, defeating managerless Ajax in comfortable 2-0 Europa League home win.

The Dutch giants, who currently sit second-bottom in Eredivisie, conceded goals with Joao Pedro and Ansu Fati giving Brighton a landmark victory.

Brighton head coach Roberto De Zerbi speaking in his post-match press conference:

“The focus today has been the first win in European competition for Brighton, for our fans, for our club, for our owner and for ourselves.

“We didn’t deserve to lose against AEK (Athens), and today we wanted 150 per cent the victory.

“We played a great game with high quality. We could score more goals, but the most important thing is we didn’t concede and we closed the game with a clean sheet.

“For us in this moment, it’s important to change the mood, to start winning games, to start to play better because we (have not been) playing like last season.

“The level of difficulty is more or less the same (between the Premier League and Europa League), but it’s tougher this season because after 48, 72 hours we have another important game against Fulham.

“This is the challenge that is most difficult for us. We have to accept the honour, because we made history for our club.

“It’s unbelievable and it’s proud for us to be part of this history, but in the same way we have to fight and to adapt, be ready to fight and enjoy and make happy our fans. Playing in Europe for Brighton is a big, big thing.”

Brighton: Steele; Veltman, van Hecke (Webster 85), Dunk, Milner (Dahoud 85); Mitoma, Gilmour (Baleba 64), Gross, Adingra; Fati (Buonanotte 64); Joao Pedro (Ferguson 74).

Ajax: Ramaj; Gaaei, Šutalo, Hato, Sosa, Tahirovic (60. Van den Boomen), Taylor, Berghuis (60. Godts); Forbs (46. Hlynsson), Brobbey (75. Akpom), Bergwijn (75. Vos)

Booked: Mitoma (foul), van Hecke (foul)

Subs not used: Verbruggen, McGill, Igor, Lallana, Hinshelwood, Duffus.

Attendance: 30,540

Here’s how Twitter users reacted after a police officer gets floored as Brighton and Ajax fans clash at the train station…

@BenHargreaves6: Football is fuckin mad init

@Matt_Pinner: Can’t they just enjoy the game

@GreatestFumble: How’ve we got to the point where BRIGHTON fans are acting like this?? Hahahahahaha

@JoelPafc: Fuck me bet that bit of cloth would have hurt, proper messed up chucking that around

@MJJ93__: Tell you what, nee one expected Brighton to be number one pave lovers in the Europa league this season. Taking on Marseille and Ajax back to back 🤣

@carlafrancome: Missed this by 10 minutes. Crazy atmosphere just now – riot vans and sirens everywhere. Advised by kind stranger not to go into the train station with the kids for a bit. It’s a train station! Wanted to shout “calm down everyone it’s just football!” Imagine 🤯🤯🤯

@CPFCMatt42: Brighton are embarrassing man 😭 #CPFC

@EastStandMag: Ajax lad approached the fencing, threw something at Brighton fans & the police move him on before turning it up a notch & threatening Brighton fans (still stood behind the fencing) with a baton. Why do English football fans get policed differently to anyone else in the world?

@LiamBatey4: European teams must love coming to UK for matches seeing how our Police are equipped compared to there own. Hahahaha embarrassing

@Adam_Palace: They removed the barrier and still gave it large behind it 😂😂😂😂😂

@NickyHanshaw: Who knew Brighton had a Firm

@jakedf96: Our policing is so bad. English fans would be getting an absolute battering off the plod if they were on the continent.

@_GeorgeHill: They Litterally swung a coat at eachother 😂😂😂😂

@GazzyComedy: It’s 2010, Gus Poyet’s Brighton and Hove Albion finished 13th in League 1. In Holland, Luis Suarez just banged in 49 goals for Ajax sealing a big money transfer to Liverpool. 13 years later…

@tmkbanks: Nothing baffles me more than these sort of situations at football, fighting etc. You’d just go to the pub wouldn’t you 😂

@ryleycpfc: Getting terrorised and screaming “AL-BION” as you do it 😭😭😭 hilarious “fanbase”

@AS_Northbank: Look how quick batons are out with football disorder, yet for everything else nothing

@AndyB73: After @AFCAjax had their previous matches abandoned for violence then this happens tonight.. their fans are really idiotic and will see their club banned in Europe and behind closed doors home games in the league..

@henry_parish18: Football is special, its got a family club like Brighton turning into the Warriors 😂

@BoozerArab: English coppers once again without their riot gear on like it’s Fulham coming to town and not Ajax ffs. Idiots.

@Sarge1872: English police eyes never come off the English boys. There’s yer problem right there. Go to most European countries and the police want to fuck you up.

@RNewall2: State of our police. Always protecting fans from the opposing country over their own. Embarrassing

@_LV2__: The police letting them do all that but when we go away to Europe their police batter ye everywhere for looking at them funny

@SSE_LTFC: Another day, more embarrassing wet wipes, another poor use of the term “fans” from Football away days.

Tory’s ruining peoples lives ✅
Weird haircuts everywhere ✅
Football hooligans back in fashion ✅
80s revival??? 😂😂🤷🏼‍♂️

@ozzy19x: The fucks going on with these bellend clubs get one season in Europe and want to kick off with everyone who comes to town? No wonder English fans got such a bad reputation. They’re all fucking bellends

@mxtt_81: Police only turn up to work when it’s football fans… you’d never see people in London get this treatment

@AFCJas0n: Football fights make me cringe sm. causing physically pain to yourself and others cause 11 people I like are gona kick a ball against 11 people you like in a few hours

@Lea_EFC: From someone who’s taken his young kids to watch football, this is absolutely terrifying. I hate this side of football.

@highbury87: Brighton doesn’t normally have this kind of trouble…

@kswannick4: Where have Brighton all of a sudden pulled this mob from 🤣

@kevinoneill_93: Ajax are actually an embarrassment of an establishment. Worst fans in Europe

@Dean94611515: Fucking hell mental, hope nobody got hurt by that coat they were throwing around 🤦🏻‍♂️

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