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Police issues statement with Wrexham fans planning to attend Stockport v Torquay

Police issues a statement with rumours that Wrexham fans were planning to attend the midweek match Stockport County v Torquay United.

North Wales Police said recent posts on social media sites have encouraged the Welsh outfit’s supporters to buy away end tickets for the Hatters’ home clash on Wednesday night.

Greater Manchester Police are said to be aware of this situation and will continue to identify the Wrexham supporters involved and potentially punish those for trying to instigate such posts.

Numerous ticket purchases have already been cancelled with police saying ticket purchasing is still being monitored and any Wrexham fans attempting to enter Edgeley Park will be removed from the stadium and potentially face being banned from all matches if caught.

North Wales Police DFO Dave Evans said: “We will continue to share information with our colleagues at GMP to assist their policing operation and anyone identified as a Wrexham fan will not be admitted.

“Our advice to Wrexham supporters intent on following the game is to listen to it on the radio at home and not to attend.”

Meanwhile, North Wales Police have said that their handling of North Wales’ biggest football match over the weekend ‘went well’.

There was an increased police presence for Reds top-of-the-table National League fixture with Wrexham replacing Stockport into first place with a 3-0 victory at the Racecourse Ground following two goals from Ollie Palmer and another from top scorer Paul Mullin.

Officers, who expected the bars and pubs of Wrexham to be very busy, made sure they were on hand to ensure public safety and reduce the risk of any kind of matchday disorder.

Supt Nick Evans said: “The matchday policing of Wrexham’s National League clash with Stockport County went well.

“Firstly, I’m delighted for the Wrexham supporters, who no doubt enjoyed a convincing victory over the club’s main title rivals at a crucial stage of the season.

“With over 10,000 fans in attendance, this was the club’s largest crowd of the season at The Racecourse.

“Accordingly, operational planning was extensive and undertaken with consultation with Welsh Ambulance Service staff, North Wales Fire Service officers and Wrexham AFC officials.

“Our matchday deployment reflected the occasion and was appropriately resourced with additional officers.

“This increased policing presence proved effective in preventing disorder through managing the safe movement of both sets of fans to and from the match.

“Officers also took preventative action where necessary, issuing a number of dispersal notices to remove those intent on causing problems from the area.

“The National Dedicated Football Officers with UKFPU (United Kingdom Football Policing Unit) were also in attendance on the day to ensure our policing operations are cognisant of best practice of policing football across the UK.”

Twitter users reacted as police issues a statement with Wrexham fans planning to attend Stockport v Torquay…

Alex Davies: It’s a free country, we can attend any game we like. No one is attending to cause trouble they are going to watch the game.

Charles P D: And has anyone said that they are going to cause trouble no!

Richard Malpeli: Any football fans should be able to attend any game they want.

Chris De Burger: How will GMP be able to determine that they are Wrexham fans and not North Wales based Torquay fans? I suspect Billy Bull💩 has joined Manchesters plod

Keith Young: Surely you can’t stop people going to a football match as a neutral some people generally just like watching football

Tony Whilding: It’s a local game for local people 😂

Carys Gardner: Obviously don’t want the humiliation of too many people see them lose 😂

Danny Evans: NWP this is a direct violation of The Race Relations act 1965.. NWP and GMP Xenophobic behaviour.. tut tut 😬

Aled Roberts: I thought it was a free country we could attend whatever sporting event we care to do

Eugene Roberts: Funniest thing I’ve read all week 👀🤣🤣

Lee Evans: Bit discriminating dont you think? What if someone just wants to watch a football match? “Sorry mate your not aloud in because your from wrexham” Joke 😂

Daryl Jonathon Davies: On what grounds are you kicking fans out for? Or denying entry.. Surely if that’s case all football matches should never be allowed to have “neutral” fans in.

Will Thomas: You cant even watch a game of football now as a neutral, I guess Littlehampton etc will be kicked out of the trophy final before we kick off then?

Carl Austin: Why is naturally asumed football fans will cause trouble – this wouldn’t happen in any other walk of life, stopping someone going into a venue because they are from a certain place.

Alex Murphy: Give us one good reason why we can’t attend? I’m a football fan wanting to watch a football match and that’s the end of it! You have no good reason to deny me (us) entry at all

Taylor Dodd Jones: Some people just want to watch a game of football 🤷🏼‍♂️

Kayleigh Payne: Wrexham AFC Can you explain this please?

Alan Jones: Why ? Fans aren’t going for trouble. You’re denying neutral law abiding football fans the chance to see the game. Pathetic .

Shauny Morris: What a load of tosh 😂

Caroline Loose: What a joke

Conor Cahalane: If the large majority of football fans weren’t sad acts who go to get into fights over a field full of men kicking a bag of wind about, there’d be no denials of entry would there. Football rivalry is stupid. Find something real to get annoyed with like me getting annoyed at a game and posting about it on Facebook.

@PRMira: Absolute joke this. Wrexham need Stockport to slip up in at least one of their last two games. Some fans were buying tickets to Stockport vs Torquay on Wednesday night as Torquay, understandably, won’t be taking many fans. Not to cause trouble, to get behind the Gulls.

@FootieFl: NWP with there North Korea style policing again i see…

@Ianthegreatwxm: Why what are the reasons behind this @NWPHGoldsack

@birrell_julie: Poor decision.

@MrTWelshie: This is completely and utterly pathetic. Neutral fans should be able to attend a football match without the threat of ejection.

@jamesr33_: Can’t stop people from going if they want to. Only there to back Torquay you lot want to stop branding our fans criminals/hooligans. We pay for your wages and as a club keep you in a job.

@Bennettun: On what grounds can you stop fans supporting an away team? I’m a chester fan and have tickets with my wrexham supporting mate. Does that mean I can enter but she can’t? Please can you confirm whether it is worth my while travelling. I’m based in Welshpool and friend is from Congleton. Is there a rule where you have to live in the town of a team that’s playing to watch a game of football now?

@DK38660180: May I ask on what grounds this is possible? I think this is a complete abuse of power

@beardywxm: Stockport fans cacking their pants cause a couple Wrexham fans want to come watch the game, fucking heads have fallen off in (Not a) County.

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