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Police investigate trouble in concourse between Brentford stewards and Nottingham Forest fans

Police investigate trouble reported in the concourse between Brentford stewards and Nottingham Forest fans on Saturday evening.

Footage has emerged showing what went on as tempers boiled over, those inside seen pushing, shoving, shouting and throwing bottles about while onlookers gathered on the stairs.

@Jonesieboyy tweeted: “@Brentford @NottPolFootball stewards attacking fans again I see. Same as last year! Absolute joke of a place. Needs sorting out!!”

This saw the Notts Police Football Twitter account respond back with: “There is a live investigation and I have viewed the CCTV. There is more to what has happened. I am unable to comment further.”

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It’s not just a letter about Ivan Toney’s free kick that Nottingham Forest are looking to write and send.

Ellie Molloson (@elliemolloson) tweeted: “I am putting in a formal complaint for the second season in a row for needless violence and aggression.”

Then added: “FOOTBALL FANS: @nottm_forest are putting in a complaint to forest, compiling your stories of poor stewarding from this season and last season away at Brentford. Please dm me your name and your experience in detail. Thank you #nffc”

As police investigate trouble in the concourse between Brentford stewards and Nottingham Forest fans, Twitter users wrote…

@dalesilvermat3: In all fairness, there was only one chicken balti pie left #NFFC

@_LRG91: Someone take the last pie again? “Don’t bulleh me”. Bunch of pansies can’t throw a punch. HAHAHAHAHA #nffc

@NeilParny: Kicked me out at half time because I wouldn’t let the jumped up little steward look in my wallet on the way into the ground before kick off. Police saw what was going off & ushered me past them. I went down at half time & was surrounded by 5 or 6 stewards, & chucked out.

@rmck77: They were doing exactly this when we were there earlier this season! The Stewards were asking lads to see inside their wallets. The fans weren’t having it and it was kicking off. All a bit strange IMO

@NeilParny: My mates said that at half time that the police had to step in & get the stewards away as they were winding fans up on the concourse.

@willhalsey1: Apparently it’s a premier league directive to search a certain proportion of wallets to crack down on drugs at football. But surely this can be done / explained without fans having to experience this kind of treatment?

@NeilParny: I don’t mind getting searched at all, but to hand over my wallet & it searched by hand is a no no. Now if there was reasonable doubt about the contents it should be a police officer to do the search. The stewards were overly aggressive to a number of fans.

@Rogers16Finn: Threatening to stab fans at halftime then picked on random people after the game absolute disgrace

@Keeling6Steven: On entering the ground I was searched he felt my wallet in my pocket and attempted to remove it I stopped hiim and walked away which he wasn’t happy I told him never too touch my wallet again much to his dismay

@johnpayne01: I’m glad somebody is highlighting this. For a second season in a row the Brentford stewards all seemed to be desperate to fight fans.

@Richwhitty63: 1st for me .Search before entering the stadium and the steward says what’s that in your pocket.’My wallet’ ‘Take it out and show me’ but that’s not good enough he asked me to open it up. So he now has seen photos of my family/Bank cards and cash This aint right

@tmkbanks: Couple of my mates had their wallets searched which i don’t believe the security have authority to do

@finzoforest: They were needlessly violent and picking on people at half time and the end of the game too

@itsemmanffc: asked to search my boyfriends wallet before letting him through any checks and went through the whole thing. not a sniffer dog in sight

@wrighty1000: Yes. We were ejected at halftime as a mob of them came over and accused a lad eating a sausage roll of under age drinking. They were aggressive & instigated the whole situation – appalling behaviour!

@CapitalR: Tried to search me twice outside the ground for no reason after the 1st time, but i said no and moved on. Thankfully nothing else for me, but saw and heard a few things went on. Not good at all.

@GaryMarriott73: Why the fuck I had to take my wallet out for a search outside the ground and then the steward opened it up and checked every pouch. Unacceptable.

@AO1865: They were brilliant to us, we were having a good chat and a laugh with a few outside…

@Davidsm37973608: 100% agree, the level of intimidation and provocation by the police and Stewards is not acceptable, it’s a throw back to the 90’s, the Forest stewards were fantastic, #nffc

@WPacey_89: Didn’t see what happened this time, but it kicked off at half-time last season in the lower concourse because a couple of them made threats to Forest fans. Absolute bellends.

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