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Police investigate new footage of Man Utd fan mocking the victims of Hillsborough disaster

Police investigate new footage which has emerged of a Man Utd fan mocking the victims of the Hillsborough disaster on Monday night.

A vile Manchester United supporter was seen allegedly doing a gesture referencing the deaths of those who lost their lives in the tragedy.

During the 2-1 win over Liverpool, what appears to be a Man Utd fan was seen mimicking the fencing that crushed supporters in 1989 and planting his face into it. Yet bizarrely the stewards do nothing about it.

The footage has done the rounds on social media and has been widely condemned with one user saying: “As a United fan myself my f***** disgusted by this little squirts actions. Totally shameful & vile who needs exposing & severely punished in more ways than one. He’s an f****** embarrassment to United. I mean us United fans have it when Scousers mock us over the Munich air crash.”

On the same day we also saw Manchester United fans filmed throwing objects at bus ahead of game against Liverpool, thinking the bus that was passing through was full of Liverpool fans, when it actually had been their own and with kids on board.

United fans had also been staging pre-match protests against the Glazers – the family who own the club and are almost universally unpopular across the entire fanbase.

Adam Bradshaw, the driver and the owner of the coach company, said: “It was a school group from South Africa on a football tour. They’ve come over here to visit as many clubs in the UK as they can and play a few games.

“Part of the programme was to go to the game last night because they are all massive United fans. They all had the scarves and shirts on and were excited for the game.

“Then we were outside that pub, the Tollgate. They started throwing bottles and cans at us for absolutely no reason. Kids were cowering under the seats and in the aisleways. It wasn’t good at all.

“I’m a Manchester-based firm, with Manchester written all over the back of the bus in massive letters and with a big Manchester bee on it. It’s hard to believe they thought we were Liverpool fans.”

Footage of the incident was shared on social media, with Bradshaw following up with his own comments on what occurred. “Many thanks you idiots, we were bringing a group of kids to the game (Manchester United fans) all were frightened to death,” he tweeted via the company’s account.

It took a few minutes for Bradshaw to get the bus fully clear of the area in the crowds and slow traffic. He was relieved to get away without serious harm. “My main concern was nobody got injured,” said Bradshaw, who did not want to give details of the passengers. “If a bottle had come through those poor kids would have got showered with glass.

“There were a couple of dents to the panel work but no broken glass. I’ve been to away grounds all over Europe and England, never had issues. When things started being thrown they [the passengers] wanted to know why we were being targeted and I couldn’t give them a reason for it. I was shocked. But I wouldn’t even call those people doing it fans or supporters of United. I’d call them yobs.”

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed to various media outlets that they are aware of the video circulating and are working in conjunction with those at Old Trafford.

The Hillsborough disaster sadly saw 97 match-going Liverpool fans die during an FA Cup semi-final between the Reds and Nottingham Forest.

The Leppings Lane stand allocated to Liverpool supporters became overcrowded as police match commander, David Duckenfield, ordered exit gate C to be opened.

A report in the Liverpool Echo said that the final police watchdog report on the disaster won’t be published before 2023 – which amounts to over a decade after investigations began.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) started its investigation into the 1989 tragedy and they added that it would start a Salmon process – meaning where those criticised in the report are given a chance to respond – in early 2023.

It is currently unknown how long the report will take also say they do not know how long the report will take, and findings will summarise the investigative work carried out by the IOPC and Operation Resolve, while also look into areas that have not been investigated before.

Just one person has been convicted so far, former Sheffield Wednesday club secretary Graham Mackrell. He was fined £6,500 and ordered to pay £5,000 costs after he was found guilty of failing to ensure the health and safety of the fans arriving at the ground.

Duckenfield was charged with gross negligence manslaughter in 2017, but, he ended up being cleared in 2019 at a retrial.

Social media users had their say as police investigate new footage of a Man Utd fan mocking the victims of the Hillsborough disaster…

@WollyOrren: This is grim

@douggie78: That steward who goes over to him at the end wants calling out as well. Should have got the police involved.

@Insaniti_LFC: Female steward in the tunnel watched and did nothing.

@Wheelo007: Footage is crystal clear. Lifetime ban @ManUtd

@MrCharlesGill: @fa @premierleague get onto man u and make sure they have this person banned for life at OT there is no place at all for this, it is sickening!

@mufcaway_: Class lad 🇾🇪👊🏻 I’d bet anything that the person recording this video done airplane gestures before videoing him.

@BrianDurand56: Pathetic from their stewards

@l77sehardwick: Vile individual. Name and shame 😡

@LeeMasetheace: Pricks like this are still allowed in a football ground somehow!! 🤷‍♂️😡

@_mash75: If that’s a homophobic or racial ‘mock’ the vermin is arrested. The same should apply.

@hayleyp_1990: @gmpolice or how about these two then? Let’s see what you actually do about this one then. Oh wait that’s right… it all gets brushed under the carpet your end of the Lancs doesn’t it?

@MarkRan77: Absolute scum! Anyone defending this is as bad as the idiots in the video, hope he gets banned for life and anyone else who decides to mock any sort of tragedy, @ManUtd care to take a look?? @LFC

@CalumKnight1: Find him. Ban him. Lock him up.

@kopice86: Do the right thing @ManUtd and ban these tw@ts for life

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