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Police investigate alleged assault by ‘a staff member’ on young player volunteering as linesman

North Wales Police investigate an alleged assault by ‘a staff member’ on a young player who had been volunteering as linesman.

The incident is said to have taken place during Amlwch Town’s 8-0 defeat to Penrhyndeudraeth in the North Wales Coast West Premier League fixture on Saturday, the 27th of April.

Police are requesting any information regarding the incident after a video surfaced on social media showing what happened with a member of Amlwch’s coaching staff and a volunteer linesman, said to be a player.

The incident took place from after just 15 minutes of action with people at the game audibly stunned at what happened.

The linesman is able to get back to his feet, helped up by Penrhyn boss Riccardo Pellegrino, while the  Amlwch staff member returns to the bench.

The rest of the Penrhyn squad rush over, only to be ushered away by Pellegrino to prevent anymore conflict.

One of Pellegrino’s assistants then talks to the staff member in a bid to calm him down, while other players from the home bench then walk on over.

This has been reported to North Wales Police, as reported by both the NWCFA and Penrhyn.

The club’s statement read: ‘A fantastic result and performance from the lads today.

‘Unfortunately, the game was marred by an incident which occurred approximately 15 minutes into the game when a Penrhyn player, acting as a voluntary linesman, was assaulted.

‘The Club will not be making any further comments but will support the player as the matter has been reported to the police.’

The NWCFA added: ‘The North Wales Coast Football Association (NWCFA) are aware of a video circulating on social media in relation to an incident at Amlwch Town FC. This incident is currently being investigated by the police, which the NWCFA has requested details.

‘Whilst this is an ongoing investigation, we would urge people not to share the video or comment as this could impact any investigation.

‘The incident will be investigated accordingly on conclusion of the police investigation.’

Penrhyn ended up winning the game 8-0 with Cai Henshaw netting four goals, while Tom Hughes scored a brace, Deio Hughes and Gwion Davis got the other two.

Pellegrino added on Facebook after the incident: ‘Your behavior on the pitch after what happened was impeccable, I’m proud to coach this fantastic group of lads.

‘I’m proud all of you COYC.’

Noel Mooney, the FAW Chief Executive, tweeted: “Yes we are aware of the incident – as are police. There is no room in football for this.”


North Wales Police said the 1st of May: ‘We can confirm that we are currently investigating an assault which occurred at Amlwch Town FC’s grounds on Saturday, April 27th.

‘We can also confirm that we are aware of the footage which is being circulated on social media and ask that people do not share to avoid potentially prejudicing any legal proceedings.

‘Police enquiries continue and we are urging anybody who may have mobile phone footage showing the incident to contact us as soon as possible quoting reference number 24000385680.’

Police confirmed on the 2nd of May that a 43-year-old man has been arrested after a linesman was punched during a non-league football match.

They add that the man had been bailed and inquiries were ongoing.


Twitter users gave their reaction as police say they are to investigate the alleged assault by ‘a staff member’ on a young player volunteering as a linesman…

@1919Bangor: Hopefully jail and a lifetime ban

@Matthew_Wyn97: There’s no room for this in Welsh football !!! Disgraceful behaviour 🤬

@GileadStaffs: 😱😱😱.. no wonder grassroots football struggles for officials!

@seandavis90: Shocking

@mikeychalpin: there is no room in society for this never mind football

@dagnall_mark: It’s hard enough to get young lads to become officials without this kind of pathetic behaviour. He needs to be arrested and banned from all football at every level. Disgraceful.

@Jordan_Fox95: This is absolutely disgusting. FAW ban , a national one and police should be on the case

@Darren_Moody: Fuckin minging behaviour this over a game of football. Only look like a kid on the line.

@FWPeterBailey: What’s the matter with people!?!? @refsupportuk

@naturalbornred1: What the actual feck……?? IT’S A GAAAAAME!!!!

@darrentimmsgolf: This has nothing to do with football, police need to be involved.

@chrishughes_22: Should never be allowed near a football pitch again. State of it.

@CQNFans: That’s disgusting, no matter how much you hate the officials decisions you shouldn’t be doing that

@benjaminhopton: Ban? He needs jail.

@Azzacj: Life time from from all sports in any capacity an also jail time for gbh if authorities are series about stomping these incidents out of grass roots they need to act

@ben_forbess: Absolutely awful. This should be a police matter also

@wozwebs: Disgrace. Should never be near a football pitch again.

@scott1brothers: This countries relationship and behaviour around the “beautiful game” is toxic. I see it every week as a Grassroots Manager and coach. Something needs to fundamentally change.

@CCFCxAR10: As someone who has done their refereeing badges, this makes me appreciate why I didn’t continue with them. Honestly not worth the hassle and aggravation. Especially from parents and coaches. Needs to be better safeguards in place especially for U18s

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