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Police give verdict on Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths’ online messages to teenage girls

Police give a verdict on Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths’ online messages to teenage girls and it’s one that’s caused plenty of reaction.

The Hoops striker, who is married with kids, has been lying low after it was revealed police were investigating an alleged social media exchange between an account linked to the 30-year-old and a 15-year-old female Scottish Premiership youth player.

Griffiths is thought to have returned to his property based in Bothwell, Lanarkshire, earlier this month after being sent home from Celtic’s pre-season training camp in Wales after the allegations emerged.

Celtic also launched their own investigation into the matter.

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A Police Scotland spokesman said this week: “In relation to recent reporting regarding alleged inappropriate communications online, a full assessment has been carried out and it’s been established there is no criminality.”

Club bosses have also launched their own investigation, though the outcome is not yet known.

Griffiths did not feature in Ange Postecoglou’s first friendly as manager with Celtic beating Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 in Newport last Wednesday.

A spokesman for Police Scotland stated last week: “We have been made aware of social media content. We are making inquiries and assessing for criminality.”

A Celtic spokesperson told several media outlets: “We have been made aware of online comments concerning Leigh Griffiths. The club will now look into this matter carefully. Leigh has left the training camp as we do this. It would not be appropriate to make any further comment at this time.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

A Hoops fan said her hero did not ask her age after contacting her online.

It came after details of the pair’s Instagram chats went viral. In one, unmarried Griffiths, 30, called the teen “ya cutie”. He also sent her a camera emoji.

She replied: “What do you mean? x”

Griffiths, who won the League One title with Wolves a good few years back, then said: “Have a think to it n get back to me x.”

The teen later said: “2 days later n Im still clueless.” The dad of five then posted four ‘weary’ faces.

After the comments were shared, the girl wrote: “I did reply because I’m a Celtic fan. I felt privileged he had messaged me.

“My age was never mentioned. In no way does this make it right. I feel sorry for his wife and children.”

Screenshots have been shared on social media
Cops are making enquiries

The girl wrote on Instagram: “I’m sure a lot of you have seen what’s going on, Leigh Griffiths didn’t ask my age, therefore he wasn’t capable of knowing.

“In no way does this make it right, but anyway Hail Hail.

“No way am I sticking up for him I genuinely feel sorry for his wife and children.

“And yes I did reply because I’m a Celtic fan Obviously I felt privileged that he had messaged me my age was never mentioned and I’m sure if he knew he wouldn’t have replied.”

The girl claimed on Instagram that Griffiths did not ask her age

Fans reacted as police give a verdict on Celtic’s Leigh Griffiths’ online messages to teenage girls…

@andyh1872: So because he didn’t explicitly say anything other than send the camera emoji and hint and what he wanted he’s free to crack on and groom other weans? Fucking disgusting man

@cameron56689617: Wtf so they’re letting the dirty nonce off without punishment 🤮🤮

@RyanStevenF: Contract should still be torn up.

@heather171086: Just because he was cleared doesnt mean what he was doing wasnt wrong.

@marcusgrahamm: Still barking regardless, hope the club have done the right thing and terminated his contract

@PMMc90: Just because the girl reported it before anything illegal happened doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have. Don’t know a single fan who wants him kept on, time to punt him @CelticFC

@Fitzy_072: Police Scotland found no evidence of criminality; I guess we’re contractually stuck with a player who a large percentage of fans want nowhere near the club. As expected, the replies to this are a cesspit of anonymous accounts point scoring. People need to be better.

@derekharvey2011: Leigh griffiths is a dangerous man hink about it the cunt was smart enough to tae use 📸 emoji instead of coming oot and actually saying send scuddies this is a guy who’s done this before and knows how no tae avoid jail

@DavidOReilly3: The cult of Leigh Griffiths are out in force….doesn’t change the fact he was messaging a 15 yr old calling her cutie asking for pics. Him and all his bullshit can leave immediately.

@FKickboxer: Make no mistake I don’t want to see him in a Celtic top again

@seanie_bhoy: Still gotta get him far from the club as possible

@gemma38821090: Celtic da’s actually celebrating a predator getting away with it

@geraldobhoy: As far as Leigh Griffiths career at Celtic goes he’s the cat with 9 lives..

@officialkappa99: Leigh Griffiths might not have done anything illegal but it doesn’t mean what he did was ok.

@greer1872: Disgusting

@jimmybhoycelts: How can the screenshots with a 15 year old have no charges na sorry no buying it

@Time3Rag: I don’t give a flying fuck what the police say 🤷🏻‍♂️ Leigh Griffiths is a Fuckin Deviant 🤷🏻‍♂️

@67shadesofgreen: Get him out of the club now!

@SeanDonohue12: Clock has already started on his next act of stupidity. Should put a sign on him showing the number of days he’s gone without embarrassing himself and the club

@jack_mcgonigle: Still a creepy cunt, get him to fk 👍🏽

@Rangers_co_uk: Celtic have got away with hiding and aiding a paedophile ring for decades, sweeping an inappropriate message under the carpet is nothing to them and their friends in the SNP / Police Scotland. We’ve seen the evidence, we don’t need them to tell us he’s a nonce.

@Teagsy_: Speaking only for myself here… In my opinion, Leigh Griffiths doesn’t have what it takes to play for Celtic. A real liability. Both on and off the park.

@DMMacdonald96: Leigh Griffiths’ contract should still be terminated for me.

@thefavritwan: Get him chased out our club. The fact of the matter is an adult shouldn’t be messaging children….end of.

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