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Police condemned as video emerges of incident with Grimsby fans at train station

Police have been condemned on social media as a video emerges of an incident with Grimsby Town fans at a train station earlier this week.

A two minute long clip has surfaced, getting over 35,000 views, showing a fan being pepper-sprayed before falling to ground in pain.

@EdwardJ20381152 wrote: “The lad was just saying bye to his mate as he had to get a Sheffield train and nearly got shoved into tomorrow the others coming in front and actually prevent him going back. No one approaches the police.

“Just released on bail for apparently drunken disorder and apparently assault as I spat on the back of of an officer’s leg whilst blinded and choking on pepper spray. Got my sight back at about 9pm

“I step away from him yet he still sprays me.

“@gardencourtlaw Thoughts on this ? Reasonable? Proportionate? Necessary? Policing by consent?”

This is what Twitter users said with police condemned as video emerges of an incident with Grimsby fans at a train station…

@GTFC1979: Neil Ruddock has a lot to answer to there.

@ReubenPeacock03: Police are absolutely disgraceful towards football fans

@ianwhite_2020: As if he just sprayed them all 😂😂😂

@lewdavies15: Police are the biggest firm in uk football

@psb_group: Absolutely no need! 🤯🤯 backwards policing again 🥴👏🏻

@raz_detain: Another example of poor policing at football and abusing there power but us fans are the issue aren’t we…..

@killerhales: But they stand and get abused by the public left right and centre with no reaction. Comes to football and they are power hungry bullying cunt. Transport old bill and West Yorkshire together is a massive cunt combination

@Mason_1094: Worst of the worst football police are. Horrible people

@scottneedham88: Biggest firm around. Cause more trouble than anything

@HaydnSandvig: Slashed peak on cap! Think he is former Army guardsman/ RAF rockape? at some point in his life. 🫣 would seem an over reaction to use pepper spray from this evidence!

@GeordieMariner: ACAB! Most scrutinised group football fans are for policing. Completely unnecessary

@Fletchy99: Look at the clip of them, dweebs and losers. How are they meant to catch criminals when they can barely catch their breath, do we even have fitness tests anymore lmao

@DarlisonArchie: The copper takes his phone, then proceeds not to give it back the guy clearly went to get his phone and that’s what’s needed to start using force and pepper spray, do one the police in this country is shocking hate the lot

@Brotonswfc: What went off? Some police are helpful and engage with fans, so much better when they do, even have a laugh.. Then theres these sort who just hate football fans.

@LiamReedmfc93: Plod at it again

@TomDuncan1990: Embarrassing from the copper there

@danl1977: Power pissed

@JacobSwallow4: More bothered about football fans doing nothing than catching actual criminals.

@Connollywolves: Idk why you people are even surprised anymore

@QuantumOfDoris: They’re @BTP cops haven’t a clue what they’re doing!! I’d say contact @FansHaveRights but don’t think he/she has the connections/ability to assist since taking over the account from FairCop 🤷🏼‍♂️

@90sRaveSquad: Question of the day. who thinks they have the biggest power trip bouncers or the plod? These cunts pip top spot for me like 🐷

@JacobSwallow4: Innocent guy being sprayed for no reason

@Ste_Bolton: Big man with the pepper spray

@Lukeaaron32: Another power mad bellend taking on football fans for no reason. We’re fortunate to have @PNEPolice and the team do our games, fairest ones around.

@dcfcKyle: Tough bloke aiming it at children

@JosephO__: Police quick to turn up to a train station but no where to be seen when you’re being burgled

@MikeyMcMahon: This how we get the ‘reputation’ people talk about? Can see no justification at all for pulling out and using their spray here… they’re just allowed to get away with it though. Absolute abuse of power, week in week out. #gtfc

@RyanCollins1987: Absolutely no need for that at all. Police power mad, how was that unarmed man a threat at all to any of them police officers yet he gets pepper sprayed?? Police just mad on power. Absolutely no need. It’s not an offence to go to a football match.

@J_Bateman03: Abusing power as per

@outsidethetent2: Interesting policing methods 🤔

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