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Police called with arrests made over punch up incident following Basford v Ilkeston

Police and a dog unit were called with arrests made over a punch up following the Basford v Ilkeston match on Saturday afternoon.

Ilkeston Town’s match at Basford this afternoon ended with fighting outside the ground, with the Ilkeston supporters bus being held up.

Police reinforcements were called after Ilkeston won the Northern Premier League Premier Division fixture 1-0, with about twenty police officers and dogs eventually restored order on Greenwich Avenue.

A double-decker bus was able to leave and complete the short journey back to Ilkeston with the trip organiser apologising to those on the bus who had been left frightened or upset by the incident.

The match was watched by 700 spectators, with suggestions there may have been a lot of outsiders there looking for trouble.

As per Nottingham Post, one person was left injured and two arrested, with the fight following the match and happened shortly after 5:15pm.

Back-up officers came, including dog units, and order was restored as a group of people was dispersed.

Sergeant Jordan Hinds, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Officers arrested two men following reports of a fight which happened outside Basford United Football Club following their home match against Ilkeston Town Football Club on Saturday (September 16, 2023). Police called for back-up after reports of disorder involving rival fans in Greenwich Avenue, Basford, which happened shortly after 5.15pm.

“More officers soon arrived, including dog units, and order was restored after a group of people dispersed. Inquiries were carried out following the violence and two men, aged 19 and 59, were arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

“No serious injuries were reported. One man received medical treatment after sustaining an injury to his finger but was later discharged.

“These were unpleasant scenes which spilled out into the street after the match, and we will be working with the clubs to ensure this sort of disorder doesn’t happen again.” Basford United also reported on social media that an alleged use of homophobic language also took place at Saturday’s match.

The statement reads: “We are aware of an alleged use of homophobic language at Saturday’s fixture with Ilkeston Town FC and will work closely with the FA to investigate the matter. Basford United Football Club does not – and will never – tolerate homophobic language, nor any other form of discrimination and abuse.”

Nottinghamshire Police has not received any reports of homophobic abuse as of yet. Sgt Hinds said: “While we haven’t currently received any reports of alleged homophobic language used at the match, Nottinghamshire Police is completely opposed to all forms of hate crime and will always take robust action, should we receive any reports of this nature.

“Hate speech can have a real, longstanding impact on victims, which is precisely why we take all reports we receive so seriously, and why anyone found to be involved should expect to find themselves in trouble with the police.” Anyone wishing to report a hate crime can do so by calling 999 in an emergency, 101 for non-emergencies, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Social media users reacted on reports police were called with arrests made over the punch up incident following Basford v Ilkeston…

@Bcafc1981: See the trampolines were in full force again

callum.015: Pathetic what football fans have come to this day lads it’s a game football 😂😂😂

b3nge23: Booting lads on the floor whilst on camera, someone’s getting a knock on the door

davenewmz85: The absolute state of this lot 😂

mark.i.irvin.9: Why? I literally don’t get the point in it!? 🤦🏼‍♂️

gofortheturkey: Come on then, while moving backwards

mark.weston.38: Absolute punch of Fanny’s…. Get ya handbags away

danielforrest8: Sad bastards fighting out the front of some old folks house.

scott_holmes_06: Since when have Basford had fans 😂😂

@GedlingPie: “come on then” proceeds to back off 😂 These are fully grown adults (notice I didn’t call them men) No wonder kids these days strut around stadium’s wearing stone island but couldn’t stub their toe without crying. This is the shit they think is cool & hip 🙄

@jonowolves: Punching people on the sly and on the ground… proper hard 🙄🙄

@wardell808: Scrap outside some pensioners bungalows 😄

@Boulton101: Pathetic. Hope those involved are arrested. Keep it away from Non-League.

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