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Police arrest man after Kasey Palmer racism incident as Coventry and Barry Bannan make threat

Police arrest a man after the Kasey Palmer racism incident as Coventry City and Barry Bannan make a threat ahead of this weekend’s meeting.

Coventry City will head back to Hillsborough for the second time in a week as they take on Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup Fourth Round.

At the weekend, their Championship meeting was marred by racism towards Kasey Palmer, with police confirming that investigations are ongoing, and the man – who has not been named for legal reasons – has been released on bail.

An SYP statement read, as per The Star: “A man has been arrested following a racially aggravated public order offence at the Sheffield Wednesday FC and Coventry FC match last weekend (20 January).

“It is alleged that a Coventry FC player was racially abused during the match. We are continuing to work closely with Sheffield Wednesday FC and Coventry FC to investigate.

“We do not tolerate hate crime or disorder and anyone with information can report concerns to club officials and officers who will be present on the day. The man has since been released on police bail.”

Coventry manager Mark Robins feels Kasey Palmer should make the final decision on if he wants to play against Sheffield Wednesday after what happened.

Robins said, as per Coventry Observer: “I think Kasey should lead on whether he’s available to play, I don’t know how he feels although I’ve got an understanding of that and how he’s lived through these last few days, that’s for.

“Kasey is a grown-up and he will lead by example, and he will want to do that for everybody and certainly his family and we just need to support him through that.“There’s been a lot going on over the last few days and there’s rightly been a spotlight shone on that situation and hopefully that can be brought to a swift conclusion and be dealt with, but it’s the wider issue.“We have to make sure and ensure that this changes.

“I think you look at what’s happened, and we’ve got to try and make it make a difference in a positive way.”

Assuring his team’s stance, Robins aded, via the Mirror: “There’s been a lot of talk this week that if it happens again, we’ll walk off the field. That’s got everyone’s backing.”

“And I think if it happens again, I think that’s what we should do. The players should be – and are – aware of that.

“They have the backing of the owner, Doug King. He’s come out and said it. It needs to be said so that everyone understands the consequences.”

He continued: “Kasey’s been okay. But that’s not to say it hasn’t impacted him, because it has.

“Unless you’ve experienced racism, you can’t understand how it feels. There’s no place for any type of racism in society, let alone on a pitch or in a stadium.

“This is so important. It has to stop. The perpetrator should be caught, dealt with and made an example of. Kasey’s posting on social media, asking if it will ever change, is damning on a particular section of society because the vast majority are normal thinking people.”

Robins called for action from FIFA president Gianni Infantino: “There has to be wider-ranging consequences as well as has been alluded to,” he argued.

“FIFA president Gianni Infantino has come out and said what he thinks – let’s see now what he does in terms of backing it up.”

Bannan: We can always um we can always do more, I think what we’ve done up until this point is good but it’s not working so we need to do a bit more as a community as a country as a world really it needs to it needs to stop, so we can always do more and until we do more and stamp it out and we’ve got to keep going.

Interviewer: It’s football for all that it like I say it’s a football problem cuz it’s society problem football is such a big industry and a multinational industry and a multiethnic industry more so than ever these days it can also be a tool for sort of positive change can’t it

Bannan: Of course football’s for everyone so when these things happen it’s disgusting really, so we need to like I said earlier we need to probably do something stronger because we’ve obviously done the knee, we’ve done the strips before games and stuff and it’s still happening, so whatever they decide to come up with then we’ll fully back as players and as a club. You’ve got your PFA who deal with these sort of things and no doubt he’ll be in the next couple of weeks or so to make sure everything that’s happens not affected people here so we’ve got Palms who he’s the rep for the PFA so if the players are struggling with a problem then they’ll contact William who’ll then contact the PFA so yeah we’ve got people in place to deal with these sort of things if it’s affected people.

Interviewer: when there are localised incidents or national incidents as we’ve seen with various different national teams across the world there’s always the discussion as to whether a team or both teams should walk off as a player and obviously as the captain of Sheffeld Wednesday how how do you feel about that

Bannan: Well if if the player who’s received the the racist thing that weekend like what happened at Hillsborough decides to walk off then I think as a team it’s a team game at the end of the day so if it happened to any other players and our player was affected by it and wanted to walk off then no doubt we would all walk off together I think it’s probably maybe going forward that should could maybe be like in written in paper if that does happen then that’s what the go to is that you probably have to walk off because there needs to be something in place because there can be a bit of confusion and I think there’s got to be something in place that if that does happen again that there’s something that happened following that so if it happened to any our players and our players were affected and wanted to walk off we would all walk off as a team 100% obviously it has happened loads in football but for me that was the first time that it’s happened whilst I’ve been on a pitch so we’re all still new to it as much as it’s been going on we’re still new to these incidents so it’s hard to find a way of how you should go about it so but I think the other days well we been quite late on then that probably affected the the outcome maybe if it’s was a bit earlier in the game we would have probably all then come to a conclusion of walking but I think because it was so close to the end of the game that’s maybe why that never happened

Twitter users had their say as reports police confirm an arrest for a man after the Kasey Palmer racism incident as Coventry and Barry Bannan also make a threat ahead of their sides’ meeting this weekend…

@therealowlstom: Good, throw the book at him and ensure he never sets foot in any ground ever again, never mind just Hillsborough. And perhaps now the Coventry fans that are convinced there was some sort of conspiracy to sweep this under the carpet will realise that there never was.

@civetta: Thank heavens for that. Hope they get the bottle thrower, too.

@elTav: And that Wednesday coin chucker 👍

@timcas23: Suggest they lock him in a room with Kasey tomorrow night 30mins before kick off so he explain his actions personally!

@suechapman67: Good news 👍

@sammiowl2: About bloody time too 👋👋

@JTurnz: This should be the standard protocol tbf

@Yvonne70skyblue: Let’s hope we are never in that situation to have to do that but if it were to happen we back the lads we win together lose together and stand together against racism #PUSB

@GirlOnBike1102: I hope that KP finds the strength to walk out on that pitch tomorrow with his head held high!

@Jeff11484041379: Both teams walk off Barry. Not just the side who had the player abused. Show solidarity between both teams playing that day.

@oomrpieoo: I have issue with his poor choice of words. Why would it be “our players” racism affects black players of both teams. Clearly been placed on camera not having a clue what he’s talking about and sitting on the fence. “Whatever they decide to come up with” I mean, really. Educate.

@PeteDudgeon1: Both @Coventry_City and @swfc players should take the knee before the game in a united show of support to Kasey Palmer. #KickItOut

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