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Police aims taser at Rangers fan holding Pringles can and chocolate buttons at Liverpool

Police officers aims a taser at a Rangers fan holding a can of Pringles crisps and a packet of chocolate buttons at the game vs Liverpool.

Some fans have been left amused by the short clip, which shows something had clearly went on as a supporter is on the ground of the concourse surrounded and probably handcuffed.

To stop anyone from trying to help or get close to the supporter, one police officer gets out his taser ready in hand and to use should he need to.

But it’s who the copper is aiming it at that made some people laugh, considering they seemed rather harmless and had their hands full of food and drink, unlikely they’d lash out or even approach with force.

This is what social media users said as police aims his taser at a Rangers fan holding a Pringles can and chocolate buttons at Liverpool…

@copleym1982: Tazer ready in the ground??!!! WTAF

@Souness56onward: @MerseyPolice – really??

@DukeDeOrange: Never in all my puff going to games have I seen a taser pulled and I’ve seen some scuffles.

@Willl13C: Calm doon James Bond the guy drinking his bovril

@henryjm17: Just having his chocolate button and Pringles man

@NWhichelow: who’s the weapon wiv the chocolate buttons 😭

@dougiehend1961: Taser v chocolate buttons. Only one winner there 😂😂

@Reecedcfc: Is he offering him a chocolate button?

@Chris1985Kelly: What where yous gonna do smash him with the milky buttons? 😂😂😂

@jhendy_10: Guys eating dairy milk buttons and drinking coffee. Those poor polis must have been terrified

@BdrummerSf: Only us Scots could weaponise a packet of Cadburys Chocolate Buttons #proudtobeajock

@yougowego26: He has a little look around and notices his colleagues ain’t backing him up and puts it away, no need for him to draw a taser here at all

@83Colly: All about proportionate response. If I had someone squaring up to me brandishing (checks notes) a pipe of Pringles and a Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons sharebag I’d probably be reaching for the holster.

@TimMCFC: Don’t forget the other bloke with a oat milk latte and a smart phone

@matthew_doe: Dunno what’s funnier here tasers at the football or getting about bally’d up with milk buttons and Pringles in hand🤣🤣🤣

@MitchMoylan: Tasers at football. I absolutely despise these lot.

@_SamB94: Away day checklist: 1. balaclava ✅ 2. chocolate buttons ✅

@realleebaker2: The kid using his bag of buttons as a shield.

@camykeys72: Ye like to think where the protection of our fans is thought about here or where the people who have been put in that position to look after us are .

@ENGkemish94: Nothing says away days like some sour cream & onion Pringles and a bag of Cadburys choccys buttons

@harvshizz: Have to say my man still eating his Pringles when there’s tazers flying about is an inspiration

@davskicross: Drawing tasers at football fans now are we.

Liverpool fans were trying to draw out Rangers fans prior to the big Champions League tie by signing ‘Lizzies’ in a box’ to the Rangers fans heading into the stadium.

Luckily this didn’t escalate into something more as police tried to make sure trouble didn’t break out.

We also saw Liverpool fans taunting Rangers supporters with an IRA chant ahead of the game. See more on that HERE.

It was confirmed that seven Rangers fans were arrested after the Champions League match at Anfield.

Merseyside Police said the arrests were mainly for affray and being drunk and disorderly with all of them still in police custody. The sex or ages of those who were arrested is currently unknown.

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police said on Wednesday: “There were seven Rangers fans arrested mainly for alleged affray and being drunk and disorderly. All are still in custody.”

Ahead and after the game there was trouble, with it reported that some of Liverpool’s murals had been damaged, offensive graffiti was sprayed on some buildings in the city – one of which of Jurgen Klopp.

There was also some heated scenes outside the ground with police trying to prevent some flare ups between Liverpool and Rangers fans…

A number of the travelling fans had issues getting into the ground and wanting tickets, queues formed and the majority were left unhappy at how they were treated…

@billy1872scot wrote: “The policing and entry into Anfield last night was back to the 80’s. They could have easily seriously hurt, fans, police and stewards it was a disgrace to be honest. @RangersFCSLO To not have ticket checks hundreds of yards back was just fkn stupid.”

@spiritofshankly: Despite remonstrations around safety + huge inconvenience of ticket collections LFC are pressing on with it. Rangers fans had to queue in downpours to pick up tickets. It’s not an acceptable ask of fans. We’ve put questions to LFC but have yet to hear back

@AlanHarrisSpain said: “Absolute mayhem once again at an away European game. Held back half an hour with increasing pressure from the back and ultimately police drew batons at the front. A dangerous disgrace for a Club that sadly should know better.”

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