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Plymouth manager makes plea to the EFL after controversial decision

Plymouth manager Steven Schumacher makes a plea to the EFL after a controversial decision in the latter stages of their win on Tuesday.

He has declared he would like to see goal-line technology introduced in League One having not been awarded a goal when they faced Sheffield Wednesday at Home Park in midweek.

His side went on to win the game 2-1, thanks to a 90th minute header from Sam Cosgrove, but it was another goal of his on the 87th minute which wasn’t given that was a talking point afterward the final whistle.

When a header from Cosgrove in the 87th minute was hooked clear by Wednesday defender Michael Ihiekwe via the underside of the crossbar the Pilgrims’ players thought it had crossed the line first.

Referee Andy Davies and his assistant on the Lyndhurst Stand side of the pitch went against giving the goal, though, despite protests from the hosts.

Plymouth Argyle tweeted: “Unbelievable. We think we’ve scored through a Cosgrove header. The referee not having it.

“With the benefit of replay it looks in, but we would say that.

“As it is, the referee gives a corner and Wednesday clear.”

Schumacher said, as per Plymouth Herald: “I would like to see goal-line technology brought in. A decision that goes against you like that could prove costly in the long run.

“With goal-line technology, I think everyone unanimously across the board has said they have liked it.

“The Championship are using it now, and the Premier League. There has only been a couple of occasions where it hasn’t worked in the amount of games it has been used in.

“If we could get it in League One then, yeah, definitely, but we haven’t at the moment.”

On the incident, Schumacher added: “I did feel at the time it was over. The lads said it definitely looked over. I haven’t seen any more footage but thankfully didn’t cost us because we got one in a minute later.”

It was the second time in the last month that the point of goal-line technology was raised following an Argyle game.

When his side played Portsmouth at Fratton Park in September, the home side thought they broke the deadlock with Sean Raggett flicking the ball towards goal after a long throw-in

It looked like it crossed the line before Argyle skipper Joe Edwards scrambled the ball away, and there were also claims of a handball by defender Nigel Lonwijk, the match officials wasn’t interested in protests.

Portsmouth boss Danny Cowley said after the game: “There’s a handball and it’s about two yards over, but I haven’t had a chance to speak to the referee yet.

“We are in the 21st century and to help the officials, I think we should have the technology in professional football. I don’t know why we don’t have it, but his watch would most definitely have been vibrating if we did.”

Also this season, many recall the EFL had been left “incredibly frustrated” by the failure of goal-line technology during a Championship match between Huddersfield Town and Blackpool.

Huddersfield were denied an equaliser when Yuta Nakayama’s effort crossed the line, only for goal line technology to fail in detecting the goal.

Blackpool ended up winning the match 1-0, after Theo Corbeanu had earlier scored his third goal in four matches.

The error meant Huddersfield stayed in the second tier relegation zone, with just four points from their opening seven matches.

In a statement, the EFL it was “incredibly frustrated that a technology failure at Huddersfield and Blackpool has overshadowed a fantastic weekend of action on the pitch”.

The statement added: “We have now received an initial assessment from Hawk-Eye, the providers of the Goal Line Technology service in the Championship, that during a second-half incident with Huddersfield attacking, the match officials did not receive a signal to their watch or earpiece as, due to multiple factors, the ball was no longer being tracked following it entering the Blackpool goal area. See more on that and the goal itself by clicking HERE.

As the Plymouth manager makes a plea to the EFL after the controversial decision, fans had their say…

@PAFCSykesie: Definitely seems there’s an agenda against #pafc from the@EFL and the officials they don’t want us going up. Disgustingly poor refs/lino’s every game

@Macy___93: 100% we’ve had 2 goals not given when they was goals one last season away to burton and then Tuesday night

@Richard84185456: Yes we need it

@Mooro65: Look at the standing foot, basically on the line and then where the other foot is. Officials are genuinely very poor at this level. And most clubs fans will agree.

@shockyben: Corrupt as it gets 😂

@hicks_malcolm: Yes definitely but please …. no VAR 🤣

@owendykes32: Hey, @EFL – sort your officials out, bunch of clueless idiots in the #pafc game

@Deano_pafc: Very close call as he’s falling back to kick away, so clearing leg is more above the planted foot than out-stretched. The penalty appeal on the other hand, that was a stonewall penalty! Disgrace that it wasn’t given!

@cornishsailor: That’s as conclusive a screenshot that’s available. Defenders standing foot looks to be on the line and the clearing leg stretched well into the goal. The fact that the ball went up onto the bar and out reinforces the physics of it, but the officials said no, so that’s that.

@zakbrownz: Ban @_AndyDavies from Home park awful Ref #pafc

@BrendanBassett: Look where his standing foot is …def a goal

@Greenironcoxy: This was mad. The ref thought it was in but the linesman stood there useless. Everyone then stood around waiting for someone to give the obvious goal. Odd situation. Linesman was useless on that side imo.

@Dezzi_Distin: Lino also stood there near 18 yard box not inline with the last defender! That’s why he didn’t see it!

@Greenironcoxy: The last defender on that attack was about 5 yards off the line. I’ve just watched it. Everyone in the ground knew that was in apart form the lino, who missed quite a bit imo.

@Greenironcoxy: Ref got quite a bit of undeserved stick. Thought he had a decent game. Allowed Scarr to tustle with the attacker all night. That’s the refereeing I want to see. Felt he should’ve given the second of the penalty appeals tho

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