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Plymouth fans vent anger at players and Ian Foster after losing to Sheffield Wednesday

Some Plymouth Argyle fans decided to vent anger at their players and Ian Foster after losing 1-0 away at Sheffield Wednesday.

Djeidi Gassama’s goal in the 60th minute earned the Owls a narrow victory, making it Sheffield Wednesday’s fifth win in their last six Championship matches, staying in the bottom three only on goal difference and within two points of Plymouth, who remain 16th despite slipping to a fifth defeat in their last seven.

And judging by the videos emerging after the game, those in the away end weren’t happy with what they saw on display at Hillsborough…

Plymouth’s Ian Foster said, as per Plymouth Herald: “We didn’t feel it was a game we ought to have lost. It’s really unfortunate the manner of the goal.

“Adam has made a honest mistake. He should have cleared his lines and unfortunately he has slipped over and they have scored on the transition.

“Second half I thought the team were perfect in terms of their approach. I thought we bossed the second half and I can’t believe we have come away having lost the game.

“We are really disappointed with a couple of big moments in the game. I think we should have had two penalties. The first one in the first half where Lewis Gibson has been dragged down to the ground from a corner.

“The referee (Stephen Martin) said he didn’t hold him for long enough, I don’t know what that means, and then there is a handball in the second half as well. So we are really disappointed with the performance of the referee but not with the players.”

“I thought he [Bundu] perhaps should have scored in the moments that he had, but it’s a real positive for us he has shown his ability when he has come on, and that’s what we have wanted from him. We have had to be patient with him because of one or two injuries of late, but his performance late on was excellent.”

When questioned if it was a concern Argyle had gone goalless in over four hours of football of the last three games, he said: “Of course it is, yeah, but I thought we created chances tonight.

“We desperately want to score goals, we are working hard to do that, it’s just not falling for us at the moment.”

While some Argyle fans clapped Foster and the players at full time, others instead aimed their frustrations towards them.

When asked for his message to them, Foster said: “We need everybody to stay together. I said this when I came in, it’s going to be quite a tumultuous rollercoaster ride, we know that, that’s the Championship.

“We are going to have our ups and downs.- We have had some great ups and we have had some disappointing downs, and tonight is one of those, but we ask the fans who have travelled and given us incredible support to stick with us.

“Trust me, I feel it as much as anybody. I will carry the burden of the team, it’s my responsibility. I understand the fans’ frustration. They have travelled up here in their hundreds, which is unbelievable on a Tuesday night to come here, and we thank them for that.

“Every time we show our application and our levels of what I call the non-negotiables it’s for the supporters, it’s for the badge, it’s for the club.

“We know who we represent and we always try our best to represent them to the highest level. We never come away from that. We know how passionate our supporters are, and our players are desperately disappointed we haven’t been able to get a result for them tonight.

“I think we have had plenty of shots tonight, we just have to be a little bit more ruthless in those moments. It’s not us trying to be too pragmatic or defensive.

“We have got the ability to hit teams on the break and score goals, and we have shown that countless times this season. We have just got to be calm, we have got to continue to do our work and I’m sure those moments will fall for us.”

Foster was told Argyle started to play with an attacking impetus after they had fallen behind, he replied: “No, I genuinely think it was a really solid performance away from home.

“When I look at it we have made one error and we have been punished for it, and that’s hard for the players’ mentality, but we will stick together.

“That’s the big thing, the togetherness of the group and the staff and the supporters. We make sure that we are one, and we make sure that we are strong together and we go into Saturday looking to get three points.

“We won’t look back, we will look forward. We won’t dwell on this. We will review it properly and we will crack on with Blackburn’s analysis as soon as we get back to the hotel tonight.”

Sheffield Wednesday’s Danny Röhl told swfc.co.uk: “This was a massive result and performance, I am so proud of my players. It’s another clean sheet and this is the basic, the defence has been fantastic.

“Now we must keep going, keep the momentum. My players have given everything again, we deserved the win, all the guys are fighting for every ball, the whole team. They have brought the wins home, I will take this win and I am very happy.”

“Please guys, come to the stadium on Friday, it would be great to see a sold out stadium to make this a big event for us.

“We have two very tough games next but this is what the Championship is all about. We are the hunters and we will keep going.

He added, via Sky Sports: “In the last few weeks we’ve invested a lot of things to come to this point now. We come closer. We’ve closed the gap and it’s an unbelievable race at the bottom of the table, maybe eight or nine teams around us.

“This is the outcome from the last few weeks and I hope we can recover for a big game on Friday. I hope we are sold out and everybody comes to push us forward.

“We have to really enjoy it. It is my wish on Friday we have a great atmosphere and this power from the stands to the pitch and from the pitch to the stands. It could be massive on Friday.”

Twitter users gave their thoughts after seeing Plymouth fans vent anger at players and Ian Foster after losing to Sheffield Wednesday…

@davetrevaskus: @SimonHallett please. I admire the intention of bringing in a promising coach with a positive attitude, but a limited career in sheltered FA coaching roles doesn’t prepare a Manager for a relegation fight. Decisive action and foreseeing risk should be a huge strength of yours.

@PilgrimCas1437: 10 games to go and no chance we stay up with Foster in charge

@RhysCallicott: Either sack him or be relegated. Your choice @SimonHallett

@DRM5515: Foster has sucked the life out of this football team. We just lost to a bang average side who were there for the taking. Enough is enough, get him gone.

@PlymOSL: Everyone nearly everyone wants him gone, Argyle just do the right thing he’s ripped the club apart and has already alienated the fans. Don’t make the same mistake as we did with Adams, there’s still time to save us. Get him gone.

@lewinreid: Only took Bundu 2 minutes to make more of an impact than Foster’s shocking England youth signings. Shock.

@argyle_fan: I wanted to give him some time, but performances are dreadful and dull- we never look like scoring. We are going down with Foster in charge. #fosterout

@pafc00: Can anyone tell me why we moved away from a 4-3-3 that was fast, free flowing football scoring 2 or 3 goals a game for this drab, monotonous 3-4-3 hoofball? It’s absolutely shocking how this team has been destroyed within 2 months.

@Resurgam96: What happens when you take the cheap option, an assistant manager from Saudi Arabia. Livid.

@ZacJone88787190: 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 enough is enough

@CaldiniOh: Foster out. Worst appointment we’ve ever had.

@504_training: Leave Foster in Sheffield. Hes not up to it. Embarrassing

@therealdsg: Admit the mistake and change it. We all make mistakes but this one has sucked the soul out of the club inside 2 months. Im sure he’s a great coach on the grass but the championship is clearly light years beyond him at this stage.

@lwestlake7: Joke! Absolute joke! That is not how we approach a game of football! NEGATIVE!!! Out of the last 4 losses this one is the worst 😡😡🤬 fuming and disappointed! We look so deflated, we once had energy and hunger to attack! Where has it gone argyle?? This is not the argyle I know!!

@StevieWotsa: Please leave please please i’ve given up debating just please leave.

@Churchyboy90: Get him out now before it’s too late. Go down and we aren’t coming back for some time.

@Dave652Dave: What a massive negative difference from when Dewsnip and Nance were in charge; it’s a world apart from what we are used to. We are definitely in the poo if Foster stays in charge.

@jjoseveth: Not that long ago, I was inviting everyone I could to watch my team play football. Even if we didn’t win, you knew we would score goals and give it everything – I was very proud of that. I don’t know what our identity is now, but I’m not proud of this style. Uninspiring borefest

@argylematt: Enough. Every game feels like we are a minnow in the fa cup trying to cause an upset. No attacking patterns of play. No spirit. No idea. Admit a mistake and move on

@pafc8994: Do one foster. You’re not wanted here. ‘Uncle Simon’ – you’ve got this one wrong.

@mxeyy_: Corner flag post tonight, have some balls Argyle. We will ALWAYS be behind you, listen to the fans. Get Nance in for the rest of the season and we will show you how much we love you.

@lewisharley10: What’s Fosters excuse this time? Wednesday are a “better team” and a bigger club than us like every other team we lose to? or just that our performances are truly embarrassing. Simon just do what you need to do before it’s too late.

@joesepi1608: @SimonHallett if this guy doesn’t get the sack by the end of the week our great club will be relegated! The choice is yours! 💚#shouldhavestayedinsaudi

@Christo32895641: Foster needs to go. The style of football is terrible and we’ve gone from scoring goals and we’ll win, maybe draw to if we concede we lose. It’s not the players, it’s the manager. He must of lied in his interview because this isn’t the style we need.

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