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Plymouth fans say ‘we told you so’ as Ryan Lowe causes a stir when asked on Preston’s ‘identity’

Plymouth fans say ‘we told you so’ as Ryan Lowe causes a stir when he was asked a journalist asked a question on Preston’s ‘identity’.

The Lilywhites manager came across as “bullish” according to reports in his pre-match press conference this week, being asked a number of topics, but it was his response to one that got many people talking on social media.

The identity of his team, fitness and continued, poor underlying data was put into question, take a look at what he said that has left many sparking a conversation…

A journalist questioned, as per Lancashire Post: “You know what football’s like. Fans will criticise. You got it on Saturday after the game. It’s never nice. Ryan, in our job, we talk to supporters a lot who get in touch either on social media or phone ins or whatever way they get in touch. I spoke to a couple of fans since Saturday, Ryan, and I did put the point to them, as you’re three points outside the top six, where do you want to be? And the response from the supporters I spoke to was, don’t talk to me about the league table. I want to talk about the identity of our football team. What is our identity? And you’ve been here two years, Ryan. Can you just sum up exactly what.”

Ryan Lowe responded: “Let me put that back in your corner then. Who was the fan? And what has the fan done in football? That is fine (they’re a paying supporter), no problem.

“But to answer your question, the identity of football is winning football matches and however way you do it, you do it.

“So, I won’t name the team, but a team playing attractive football, with loads of xGs is sitting third or fourth bottom in the league – or fifth bottom.

“So, where do you want to be? What do you want to be? I want to compete in every game and we’ve competed in large parts of games. There have been a couple where we haven’t.

“Do we want to play nice, attractive football? Yeah. Are we allowed to at times? Probably not. Do we have to get the ball up the top end of the pitch and win first and second contacts, then play? Yeah, that is what’s suited us of late. Did we do a different job against Norwich? Perfectly well. Did we perform in a 3-5-2 against Watford, first half? Probably one of the best 40 minutes this season – on the front foot. The goals then kill you in the second half.

“So, there is an identity. The identity is winning games of football or trying to. Do we change for different teams? Of course, you have to adapt.

“The team that are fifth from bottom, playing expansive football and probably have the best xGs in the league.. guess what mate? They are three points off the relegation, so that’s why I asked who asked the question.

“If you are sitting here telling me there’s an ex-pro, who’s had all the badges and managed 300/400 league games – who wants to ask about the identity – no problem.

“But, what I can’t have is someone who probably doesn’t known an identity and just wants kick rush football, or no risk football.

“So I am not having a go, whoever has asked you, I’m just saying if they want to come with the credentials and bring it to the party then we will look at it.

“But don’t just say ‘what’s the identity?’ when people know the identity.

“The identity is keeping Preston North End in the Championship, first and foremost and finishing as high as we possibly can – with a style that wins games of football.

“And I’d like to think probably 90 per cent of the fans, maybe 95 per cent of the fans, would agree.

“Because the football club definitely agrees with that.

“Would we all like to be expansive and score loads of goals? Of course.

“But that’s just not doable in many divisions unless you’ve got the best of the best.

“So, what I’d say is that the identity is winning games of football and you find a way.

“I could sit here and play nice, tiki-taka football, but if you are third or fourth bottom guess what?

“You probably end up out of a job, and that’s not what I want to do.”

Talking on Preston’s underlying metrics which are in and around the bottom three, Lowe added: “We have MRKT Insights who have got every metric you can ask for.

“We know. We’ve got it all. We don’t hide away from the fact that’s what it is.

“But, I guarantee that the bottom three clubs would love to swap with me today.

“So, there’s your answer.

“There are ways and means of trying to do it.

“Sometimes teams are blessed with more pace and quality and funding – that’s fine.

“We have to be Preston North End, who over the years have competed every single year in the Championship and sustained it.

“And that’s what we have to continue to do. Whether we find a style, when the time is right, to be open and expansive – but I don’t want to be down the bottom half of the table.

“I want to win games of football and find ourselves at the top end.

“Metrics probably don’t show that, but metrics don’t always show a true reflection because there are a team down at the bottom – who’ve got all the top metrics – but they are three points off the bottom three.”

His side currently sit 8th in the Championship table with 32 points from 22 games, and are 4 points from the playoff places.

Twitter users reacted and Plymouth fans say ‘we told you so’ as Ryan Lowe causes a stir when asked on Preston’s ‘identity’…

@BluebirdSnoop: They didn’t question their identity when they where winning tbf

@Leigh123pne: No and why would we? The issue starts when you’ve only won 2 in 13 and have gotten progressively worse

@davepea37587268: I don’t need football qualifications Ryan, I’ve got eyes.

@TomWain_wright: Preston are wank, 3 points outside top 6 is brilliant for them. Grow up Preston fans

@CoventryKing: Ngl that was a fairly respectable question and he’s acted like he’s asked him something offensive 😂🤣

@J56Walsh: They won the league in September, don’t understand why they’re moaning.

@FPL_BDLion: Oof. Clearly didn’t have an answer to a reasonable question, so tried to deflect.

@Blackburnfanat1: Joey Barton would be proud of this

@scottmillar1: What an absolute roaster.

@charlien044: Asking to be sacked isn’t he

@_ArgyleDan: Dropped a bolluck here.. could be the beginning of the end. 😬 such a shame 😏

@BinnieLawrence: Not a great response but also not the sort of response that will send supporters into a lather

@ElliottJamess: What a div

@Lee__Brown__: This ‘identity’ nonsense is becoming a little tedious. Fans of all clubs now using this word. Let’s be blunt, you have an identity when you are winning but you’ve lost it when it’s not going great? Give over. It’s called form.

@PR4PNE: Right everyone. No criticising Ryan unless you’ve got your UEFA pro license #pnefc

@Jay_Blogs: A poor response from a manager about his fanbase.

@rhi_an3: What an absolute arrogant 🔔 end

@andybartlett87: We warned you

@jakerowl1: Very poor from Ryan Lowe this and I naturally like him #swfc

@MrAlanJR: What he says is absolutely correct, most Fans don’t have a clue what they are talking about and have never played or been involved in a team. that said, it was a stupid thing to say and doesn’t help him at all.

@Umayr_WFC: What a arrogant manager. The way he set his team up against us. He needs to go back and re do his UFEA Pro Licence 🤣

@JackWFC1234: What an arrogant wanker

@clare_jeffs: Fans have been asking for honesty & he’s giving them that. You can’t have it both ways. Preston started the season overachieving and it seems some of their fans are starting to be unhappy.

@StephenCra44736: He’s a jerk isn’t he? Arrogant prick. I almost feel sorry for PNE fans

@MissC2020: He’s under pressure and crumbling. A long way back from this Ryan

@__sharpy__: It is jarring tho when people moan like fuck all game and on here when they can’t pass ball five yard, Preston are just outside play offs and surely not had a big budget coming into the season, must be well annoying, too many fans worldwide are spoilt divs

@warf_danny: State of this

#pafc 🤝🏻 #pnefc
Hating Ryan Lowe

@Harrymfc124: Sorry everyone, you can’t have an opinion because you don’t have a coaching license and you’ve never done anything in football

@manlyspenny: Every manager of a professional football club should be able to clearly articulate their playing style.

@ColinJByrne: One minute my second team #pnefc are challenging for the title and now this ? What’s going on!

@bradsburnerygm: He’s absolutely right, I listen to some of the clowns on WM and think fuck me do you even have a brain

@ReeceNuttall_: i just really don’t like him anymore…

@danny_rose_p: What an awful response to a reasonable and quite respectfully asked question. Definitely brings back painful memories of Spurs managers in the last 4 years. So glad to have Ange, literally love the man.

@jackcarter22: proper “he’s thrown a kettle over a pub, what have you done?!” vibes.

@BenRobinson93: What have you done in football Ryan above League 1 level? Stupid comment from him this to paying fans #pnefc

@DeepCopperTin: A very odd response. Is he expecting stands full of ex professionals?

@Craig28Davies: As bad as it sounds it’s true 😅😂🤣

@GraceHalliday12: Wow, how arrogant can you be? #pnefc

@IanCookson72: This is all turning a bit messy. Not what we want to see. #pnefc

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