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Plymouth chairman disappointed by ‘disgusting comments’ on Ryan Lowe’s exit

Plymouth Argyle chairman Simon Hallett says he is disappointed by ‘disgusting comments’ on Ryan Lowe’s exit to Preston North End.

Lowe surprised many by resigned from his position as manager of the League One high flyers earlier this week and was soon unveiled as the new manager of the Lilywhites, who play in the league above.

Steven Schumacher was quickly appointed as his successor, a move which got praise from the Green Army, however there has been some criticism aimed at Lowe.

This is something that hasn’t gone down well with the club chairman and he took to the Argyle website to say what he felt over the social media reaction.

“I have been disappointed by much of the social media commentary about Ryan’s departure,” he said.

“Some of it is simply disgusting.

“If anyone should be upset by Ryan’s decision to leave and the manner of his departure, it should be me. I am not.

“Of course, I was disappointed, but I respect his decision to move on and I respect the reasons for it.”

Hallett, who upped his shareholding in the club to 98.5% in October 2021, insisted that he would remain in contact with Lowe and maintain a friendship with him.

He said: “Above all, I am grateful that he was a key part of the team that has successfully helped re-establish Argyle in the eyes of its fans, the city and the area.

“I enjoyed my relationship with Ryan over the last couple of years, and came to like him more and more as the months passed. I am confident that we will stay friends and wish him every success at Preston.”

Hallett adds that fans are entitled to their opinion, but remained firm that Argyle’s identity should keep to a positive club environment.

He added: “You may have a different view, and you are, of course, entitled to express it.

“One of our club values though is respect and we do not condone abuse of anyone, whether employee, fellow fan, or former manager.”

Plymouth Argyle boss Simon Hallett says the probability of finishing  Leagues One and Two on the pitch is low | ITV News West Country

Plymouth chairman disappointed by ‘disgusting comments’ on Ryan Lowe’s exit

Hallett is keen for fans to come together and back Schumacher, especially after his side drew 1-1 at MK Dons with a 66th-minute Conor Grant goal helping them get a point in midweek.

“That we dealt so well with Ryan’s surprise decision to join another club is testimony to the institutional strength that we have built over the last few years under Andrew’s leadership. We can look to the future with optimism for that reason alone.

“We can also be optimistic about our new manager and his ability to lead the first team to continued success. I’m delighted that Steven Schumacher has committed to Argyle, and both Jane and I are so proud of his first few days as our new gaffer.

“Schuey is now able to build on the foundations that he and the rest of the coaching staff laid under the leadership of Ryan Lowe.

“We set out two and a half years ago to find a manager who was young, forward thinking and wanted to play attractive attacking football. We’ve still got one. Let’s enjoy what Schuey and the team bring us and spend our time and energy supporting them to the hilt.

“As a club, we are firmly focused on the future, and the fulfilment of our five-year plan. I ask that supporters now do the same.

“As ever, thank you for your support. On to Sunderland!”

May be an image of 7 people and text that says "Daniel Storey @danielstorey85 Plymouth, 4.35am. Two coaches of supporters ready to leave for the 3pm kick off in Sunderland. Sunderland 6 hr 44 min 402 miles London O Plymouth"

Twitter users reacted with the Plymouth chairman disappointed by ‘disgusting comments’ on Ryan Lowe’s exit…

@PVCKREW: Simon Whilst agreeing to most of what you said regarding the abuse of Ryan. I think it was what wasn’t said by Ryan that was the issue. The majority of the fan base loved what Ryan was doing so it felt particularly hard when he left without explaining his decision to the GA.

@leon_horn: He ain’t thank us publicly, Simon, You, Jane, Andrew Zac, the players or the fans. After all the support you gave him, that was so dishonourable and disrespectful to you and us. I wouldn’t condone some of the stuff posted, but I was bitterly angry and disappointed in him.

@argyleross1985: It’s a closed chapter as far as I’m concerned. Don’t want to hear songs about Ryan Lowe tomorrow. He’s gone. I’d much rather hear ones for Schuey! 💚

@steviebwoy: I think we need to just take a deep breath and get over it now. It’s all in the past, and the future’s looking strong with Schuey at the helm. Let’s channel our energy towards supporting the team rather than berating our ex-manager. It’s far more productive 🙂

@richmoi222: Thoroughly classy response from our owner as normal. So lucky to have him.

@SimonGarethLowe: Well said @SimonHallett. Thank you for your continued support and dignity.

@lewinreid: Lowes been on twitter to update his bio to Preston manager but not thanked the chairman, staff, or fans

@argylepwl: It’s at challenging times you realise what standards are. We have an Owner with standards and integrity. Luckily we don’t have Peter Risdale. Moving on with Schuey.

@grrooves: “we had no identity”. I’ll leave that one there. We’re all behind everyone at the club 💚💚💚💚💚

@KevCOYG: Good, positive words, Simon, & I completely agree that no-one should be abusing Ryan (or anyone else in football) but I would say that we have as much right to be disappointed by the manner of his departure- and by some of his subsequent words- as you. Still- onwards & upwards 💚

@NikPAFC: His unsavoury comments toward the club during his PNE press conference have undone all the hard work he did at Argyle for some. I think he leaves us in a better place than when he found us although, now he has shown his true colours I’m glad he’s gone. Argyle however, lives on.

@Argylenath: We are lucky to have Simon and Jane. The professionalism that is driven from the very top of our club is so reassuring and can be felt all the way down. I am excited by this new chapter, and I wish Schuey all the best. Now let’s get out of this league!

@jjrrbb25: I hated the manner of his departure and subsequent comments but some of the comments have gone a bit far. Also cringe with all the scouse related stuff bearing in mind who’s stayed behind to manage. So for me, no particular best wishes to Lowe, he’s gone. Onwards with schuey

@Ollieargyle9: Some comments overstepped the mark but ultimately you refer to a football club as lacking an identity and not being as big as the likes of bleddy Preston you can’t expect fans to sit there and take it. People love this club; someone attacks it, they will fight back.

@StevieWotsa: No one would begrudge him to further his career. But the way it was handled without the thought of the fan base was in itself disrespectful! By all means leave but don’t leave after building something without so much as a goodbye. I would never do that!

@CarlBarnard15: Agree in Principle @SimonHallett most of it was tongue in cheek as most banter is, some take it too far but that’s minority’s for you. We can all take a shock, but hardly a glowing report form Ryan in his PNE conference. Wouldn’t If took a minute to give thanks to all of us.

@Nixie57: Well said Simon I was shocked to read some of the abuse on social media, I have enjoyed his spell as manager and the brand of football played, but we must respect his wishes and ambitions and I personally hope he is successful at PNE but I also think we have a real star in Schuey

@jameswill26: Simon we all idolised Ryan, he’s simply turned his back and walked away, completely belittling the club on his way. I can’t believe he’d do that, shocking behaviour. No thank you no goodbye nothing, just like we didn’t exist. If I’m honest that’s what hurts more than anything 😢

@olpafc_: I think the thing most people are annoyed about is Lowes comments after joining Preston, especially claiming that argyle had no identity before he came. Anyway that’s done now, onwards and upwards with Schuey at the wheel💚

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