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Plymouth boss questions referee after Flemming ‘forearm smashed’ Kesler-Hayden in the face

Plymouth Argyle boss Steven Schumacher questions the referee after Zian Flemming ‘forearm smashed’ Kesler-Hayden in the face.

Flemming then went on to assist George Saville to make it 2-0 Millwall on the 97th minute, with footage of it quickly going viral overnight.

Schumacher said he spoke to Oliver Langford after the game to voice his concerns, not only on that, but a number of Argyle counter attacks in the first half which had been called back after Millwall committed fouls, rather than playing advantage.

Schumacher said following the Championship fixture, as per Plymouth Live: “Obviously, we wanted to get a better result than that. I felt the way we played especially early on in the game – the way we passed the ball, the energy and the quality we showed – was really good.

“We got into some dangerous areas and didn’t quite make the most of them again. Some of that was excellent defending from them and some of it was poor decision making from us.

“It’s frustrating overall because on the balance of it I think we have definitely deserved something from the game. I think we will play worse than that and get a result this season. It wasn’t the way we wanted it to go.

“There were a couple of opportunities in the first half where we should have been allowed to continue but the referee pulled the game back when we are counter-attacking so I’m really frustrated about that.

“I have been to speak to the referee. He has held his hands up on one of them, he said he shouldn’t have stopped it, but there was another opportunity where Finn Azaz skips past one of their players and we are away.

“We have actually got a four v three in our favour and the referee pulled it up. Yeah, quite frustrating, but once they got the first goal I thought they defended their box really well.

“They wasn’t interested in ever coming out again and just did what you would expect a Millwall type of team to do.”

Schumacher said on Millwall’s first goal: “It’s debatable whether that’s a foul on him (Miller). The lad has not gone for the ball and nudged him, so his header goes in a direction that it shouldn’t have gone, but when Watmore brings the ball down we should sense danger.”

On Millwall’s second goal, he added: “I think the player reads where Kaine is going to go and Kaine tries to take him on and he has read him, but he has put his arm right in Kaine’s face. Forearm smashed him in the face. That isn’t allowed.

“The referee has said he felt he (Flemming) was just stronger than him (Kesler-Hayden) and I’m saying ‘You can’t put your arm in someone’s face.’ It’s a clear foul.

“That didn’t determine the outcome of the game. It was probably over by that moment anyway. I’m not going to moan about that in particular but you never know.

“If we get a foul there and Conor (Hazard) kicks it up the other end anything could happen, but as it turns out it’s 2-0 and it’s game over. A few things like them decisions I felt just went against us. We didn’t get the rub of the decisions.”

“I could see the lad was going to run straight through us and we didn’t go with the runner. As Championship players do, they pick the right pass and it was a simple finish really for Flemming. So frustrated with that because it was the one time we didn’t deal with how direct they go.”

As the Plymouth boss Steven Schumacher questions the referee after Flemming ‘forearm smashed’ Kesler-Hayden in the face, fans took to have their own say…

@Olliepafc: Just knocked out kkh

@Bradleyplym: if im honest with you, there needs to be a official complaint made towards that ref for allowing that foul in the first place, it dont effect plymouth already lost but it changes the final score, its not the only case tonight where the ref showed he cant ref

@ArgyleYap: Foul all day

@BenLaunder79: Nice to know that players are now allowed to elbow in the neck 👍

@SupremeLeaderD3: Send that official back to the national league

@looker06: That was easily a foul how the ref hasn’t seen that is beyond me

@Ollie_Haggart: That refs getting demoted in the morning. As blatant a foul as ever you will see. We’ve been shit and don’t deserve much, but that is a joke

@joeblake53: I have never seen anything like it. Clear elbow in the face 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Level of officiating is worse than L1

@OllieWilliams21: It’s just assault at that point

@min7y: Wanna get him in the gym, folded like a paper plane

@MillwallDolbs5: Have that 💪😂

@Prov5: Wheres this fight at home? Fuck sake let’s see some of this Saturday 👏

@JON_BANKSY: Bodied 😂🤣

@frostyandrew: Can’t believe the ref didn’t give a foul 😂 most blatant foul I’ve ever seen

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