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‘Please no’ – Fans react as Steve Bruce issues a come-and-get-me plea to Premier League club

‘Please no’ – Fans react as Steve Bruce issues a come-and-get-me plea to managerless Premier League club Leicester City.

The Foxes are currently in search of a replacement for Enzo Maresca who departed to join Chelsea on a long-term contract.

Steve Bruce appeared on talkSPORT this week and has since expressed his interest in the position, saying he’d gladly accept the opportunity to manage Leicester if offered to him.

The 63-year-old told talkSPORT: ‘A points deduction wouldn’t put me off. Leicester, you know where I am! I mean, what a wonderful opportunity that is all of a sudden.

‘You know, they might have a few problems, but Leicester has been a great club over the past few years, of course the fairy tale of winning the Premier League a few years ago.’

He hasn’t been on the touchline since he was axed by his previous club West Brom in October 2022 after a disappointing spell at The Hawthorns, with the Baggies in the Championship relegation zone following a run of just one win in their opening 13 Championship matches of the 2022/23 season.

‘I’m looking to do something. I mean I’ve had a year off now,’ he said.

‘Either management, or working alongside somebody. Or I’d like to think if a chairman asked me a question on football, I’d like to give him an answer.

‘I’ve been in [football] a long time. But I’ve had a long winter in this country without work and so to do something is the next step.’

Across his managerial career of 24 years, Bruce has managed over 1,000 games, won 384 out of the 1,032 games, and has a win percentage rate of 37.2.


Sky Bet – 5th June
Steve Cooper – 4/6
Carlos Corberan – 3/1
Ruud Van Nistelrooy – 7/1
Oscar Garcia – 10/1
Graham Potter – 12/1
David Moyes – 25/1
Rob Edwards – 25/1
Carlos Cuesta – 28/1
Liam Rosenior – 28/1
Marti Cifuentes – 28/1

‘Please no’ – Fans react as Steve Bruce issues a come-and-get-me plea to Premier League club Leicester City…

@Savartist: Suddenly David Moyes seems like a reasonable option! 😂😂😂

@thegingerpostie: We are not THAT desperate.


@wesleyspencer28: No way

@danielb28599656: No chance he’s useless!!!

@Custardboy2: I will shoot myself if it’s Steve Bruce

@ninety_six96: We were in a European semi final barely 2 years ago and now we’ve got Steve Bruce on the line… Jesus…! #LCFC

@Rederzz93: No thank you! In football it’s always important to change with the times. Unfortunately Bruce is stuck in an era where his philosophy on the style of play is no longer successful.

@_samorr_: No, please, I’m begging, no

@_dc194: I think this could be worth it for a laugh. Purely because fans of other clubs would rinse us immediately, and if by some slim chance he turned around a -15 and kept us up, imagine how good that’s going to feel. The greatest of great escapes. #lcfc

@THLCFC: Nothing against Bruce, but keep him away

@sparky__26: DoF role for me….

@lord_barrold: Course he would be interested. The Viper hasn’t had a pay day for a while!

@LCFC_Finn05: Fuck offffff 🤣🤣

@eggnchips2: Haven’t they gone through enough

@KieranBarker96: Go on then, my names in the hat aswell 👍🏻

@TallentireJoel: @LCFC whatever you do don’t appoint him #LCFC

@HowayHarky: Fucking hell! Imagine being a Leicester fan. You’ve been promoted and have a young exciting coach, next thing he fucks you off at the earliest to join Chelsea – where he’ll be lucky to last until Christmas – then this clown starts piping up… they couldn’t/wouldn’t… would they?

@Tom_0sbrne: He’d finally get to work with Hamza Choudhury

@NE1Geordies: More clubs than Tiger Wiods, this fraud. Why tf would they fight to get back in the top flight and let this clown take them straight back down

@nipperstorer89: Ive made a plea for Megan Fox to come get me but there u go!

@GeordieCL85: Honestly think if the bloke aimed a come get me please to Dagenham & Redbridge FC, they’d ignore it. No chance Liecester are considering cabbage heed.

@JBudrey: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. This is the funniest thing I have seen in ages..good luck foxes

@FreezerIceMan9: Of course a points deduction wouldn’t put him off as it means there’s less pressure on the useless twat to succeed.

@Reynox78: Didn’t realise it was April the 1st

@Culletonfox: April come round already?! Time flys

@lee199522: More front than Brighton this bloke. Absolute cheek of him

@Mark14Robinson: Poor Leicester

@NuFcPRO: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Deluded old cunt

@Scottio200: Of course it wouldn’t put him off, he has a ready made excuse for when Leicester would be bottom of the league at Christmas with 2 wins all season. He would blame the points deduction, the press and pundits would have his back and totally overlook the poor performances.

@Madmuzzy: “A points deduction wouldn’t put me off” But he’d blame it at the first sign of trouble

@SavMondo: My thoughts are with Leicester at this difficult time.

@laeton_ts: aye but he’d never work again cause it’s not fair on his wife as he’s a family man

@dougkerr1: The guys a fkn charlatan

@TheDuckyEgg: The absolute cheek of this prick. Cannot stand the bloke. Deserves to never work in football again.

@seth_b2509: Thought he was bullied into retirement?

@dannyraworth: Fuck 🥴😂

@JOEREILLY1689: How are the kebabs & cheesy chips in Leicester? Well, you know.

@BbNufc: Easy 6 points for us next season

@_mrjoey: Yes please 🙏 would be fun to watch 🤣

@tnekmail: Please let this happen 😂 😂

@LROYSTON: Pray for Leicester.

@Ben_woodward9: I hear Jennifer Lopez might be back on the market, ben afflek wouldn’t put me off, Jennifer you know where I am! What a wonderful opportunity that is all of a sudden!

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