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Players trample 30 B&Q sand bags onto pitch using ad boards to try and get non league game on

Players decided to trample 30 B&Q sand bags onto the pitch using ad boards in a bid to try and get the non league game on.

Gainsborough Trinity made the trip to Bamber Bridge for their Northern Premier League fixture, however, their game was at risk of being called off due to the heavy rain in Lancashire on Saturday afternoon.

The referee was worried about a specific wet area on the pitch, causing a delay in kick-off.

To resolve the issue, an official from Bamber Bridge quickly went to a nearby B&Q store and purchased bags of sand to spread over the problematic patches.

Leading up to the game match, Gainsborough wrote on Twitter: “We may yet have a delayed kick off. The referee currently taking his time looking at a problem area, over on the far side of the pitch. It could be dependent on Bank Holiday queues at @BandQ just down the road. We’ll keep you up to date with news as we have it.”

The club then uploaded a video of two players, using half of an advertising board, stamping the sand into the pitch.

They said: “30 bags of sand and players with buckets and spades trying to compact the sand with anything available…”

Gainsborough skipper Dylan Cogill, a landscape gardener by trade, said: “It wouldn’t have been on if we didn’t board it down first. I’m glad the ref let us play the game as we got three points.”

The match was delayed for 30 minutes, with Trinity, currently managed by Russ Wilcox, came out as 3-1 winners with Declan Howe, George Hornshaw, and Lewis Butroid getting on the scoresheet.


Interviewer: Well Russ for winning run for winning habit just keeps on rolling

RW: Yeah really tough uh day today really to be fair to Bamber Bridge excellent side with the ball uh I think we caused him a lot of problems first 20 minutes we best team by a country mile first 20 and then we stopped doing the basics well for me we you know we gave the ball away too cheaply um but you’d have to say at one a piece a few months ago or certainly five or six months ago would have got beat today resolute stay strong back five outstanding with with three midfield in front and the two at the top dropping in just a great team performance uh a performance that that you’re always looking for not the prettiest of games because of the pitch um but the last togetherness again which I keep speaking about digging in during difficult periods uh playing on the counter you know we scored three outstanding goals as well today um I thought first 25 were excellent really really good and then the second 20 minutes of the first half they were really good um fluky goal they equalise with you know that’s their first shot on target I think after about 25 minutes so we we did boss the first bit and then second half we had to be resolute we had to sit a little bit deeper we had to defend crosses which we did um got some great first contacts then played on the counter and you know George has done a fantastic strike from the edge of the box probably against the run of the play at one a piece to to put us in front and then it’s about you know staying strong staying resolute uh playing on the counter and you know fortunately enough we put the game to bed with the third goal great bit of play by Dec great ball to the back post and superb to see your opposite wing back in the box and it’s a lovely header from Lewis Butroid.

Interviewer: Exactly it is all about goals at key times we’ve touched on it a few times this season they got a good goal well like you said a fortuitous goal but at a good time we were dominant should we say at 1-0 and probably should have had it more

RW: Yeah we were very dominant but we sort of know how how they played to a degree they changed the shape a little bit today they went four four diamond two um which made it difficult you know a lot of work for the midfield lads who were absolutely outstanding in there as well um and just like I say just doing the basics well I think we can do the basics a lot better than we did today I thought we made hard work in the second half obviously until the third goal uh well second and third goal you know it was if you’d have put money on who’s going to get the next goal you’d have probably said Bamber Bridge at one apiece uh we’ve probably scored against a run if play but then we’ve managed that last period really well really really well bodies bodies on the line blocks headers saves from uh from Dylan great save with his left hands spun it around the post and these are the things you got to do um to win games but just so pleased at at the work ethic of the group I think that’s that’s that’s the difference between a while ago I think we’re just working harder for each other we’ve got quality in the group we speak about that every week saying look if we take the boxers hard work uh organisation doing the basics well we’ve got quality in the group I think we’ve showed that we we all three goals you know excellent goal from Dec again I think that’s 19 for the season which is an outstanding return uh hopefully you know we can get him on to 20 plus for this season but as a group um got speak hardly enough for the group at the moment we have to maintain that you know and it’s sometimes hard when we’ve sort of achieved that goal of of making sure we’re not in that bottom four uh but to be fair to the group we’re staying together we want to win every game and that’s hopefully you know put us in in good stead moving forward

Gainsborough’s 3-1 win means that they are 11th with 50 points from 34 games played, 11 points from the playoffs. Bamber Bridge are 16th with 41 points from 33 games played.

Twitter users reacted after seeing players trample 30 B&Q sand bags onto pitch using ad boards to try and get the non league game on…

@jipyapstam: How can that be playable ?

@will_stanser: Our players doing it aswell ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

@LiamGale02: Defensive Duo turned Groundsmen the wonders of Non League Football. That’s my Skipper @dj_cogill and @ashleyjackson7 🔥💯

@AATM_Media: When you think you’ve seen it all, non-league football just has a habit of giving you a little bit more. Whole-hearted content as skipper Dylan Cogill gets the game on, #Trinity rewarded with all three points 💙

@nige_Avalley: Tbf still better than City’s. #bcafc

@CllrMattBoles: I’m sure this is the professional look the @NorthernPremLge league expects from its clubs 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

@CTonComms: 😀 Non-league is great.

@AllettMowers: Not playable

@editopher: I love non league

@Rssoccer11: A brush would be more usefull.

@jamie_ward84: This is why non-league football is unrivalled. 😂

Clare Snow: I see Dylan Cogill got roped in to doing his day job 😀 hope he’s getting paid for that x

Andrew Newton: Looks more suited to Rugby not Football… utb.

SteveSue Houghton: Doesn’t look playable to me. Can’t believe the ref is allowing it to go ahead

Darren Codd: Wtf? That pitch is utter crap

Steven Warwick: Not even fit for growing spuds. 🥔

Alison Lee Gooding: Looks shocking

Jamie Bradley: Non-league special, captain of the away team sorting the pitch out to go on to win 3 points 🔵🔵🔵

Liam Mcnulty: How on earth was that playable 🤣🤣

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