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Players stunned by Darren Moore’s exit a week on from revealing his plans for Sheffield Wednesday

Players have been left stunned by Darren Moore’s exit a week on from revealing his 2023/24 plans for Sheffield Wednesday.

Sheffield Wednesday announced that manager Darren Moore had left the club with mutual consent, only three weeks after leading the team to promotion to the Championship.

Dejphon Chansiri, the chairman of the Owls, told the club’s website that “both parties” thought it was time for Moore to depart the club despite their success in returning to the second tier after two seasons.

Moore’s side bagged 96 points last season in League One, but they had to settle for to the playoffs. Ipswich pipped them by 98 points and Plymouth by 101 points.

They made an incredible comeback, overcoming a 4-0 first-leg deficit against Peterborough in their playoff semi-final to reach Wembley where they defeated Barnsley 1-0 in the last minute of extra time on the 29th of May.

Reporter Dom Howson claims that Moore was not too happy with owner Dejphon Chansiri in January, when he wanted to strengthen the squad to help their promotion push.

“Just heard about Darren Moore’s departure. Is it a total shock? Can’t say it is to me. Led to believe he wasn’t happy at the club’s lack of transfer business in January. Wanted 4-5 new players. He was allowed to sign a brand new XI last summer. Big call for Chansiri now.”

Sky Sports News’ Tim Thornton:

“Nobody saw this coming, nobody expected this to happen. Darren Moore took a lot of credit for their promotion, first and foremost for the season Sheff Wed had. In any other season, 96 points would’ve been enough to get them promoted.

“In the play-offs and that remarkable turnaround, captain Barry Bannan talked about how Darren Moore had masterminded their comeback, and then the drama with Josh Windass scoring the winner in the last minute at Wembley.

“Moore’s reputation was enhanced and it’s interesting that the statement says both parties believe this is the right time to go – there was certainly no sense of that after the game at Wembley when everyone was looking forward to the new season.

“It leaves Sheffield Wednesday in a very difficult situation.”

David Stockdale said: “Well I thought a perfect time for stability and growth after last season… but…. Guess not. #swfc I hope I’m wrong. Thanks for memories I won’t forget Darren.”

Darragh MacAnthony tweeted: “Wow did that happen? Not shocked if it did.”

Barry Bannan said: “You broke records. You were a part of history, and more importantly – as a person – second to none. Thanks Gaffer, and all the best in your future.”

Liam Palmer posted via Instagram, saying, “Thank you for everything, Gaffer.”

Michael Hector tweeted: “This is a shambles 😂😂”

Josh Windass wrote: “As a human being. One of the very best. What a man ❤️.”

Just a week ago, Darren Moore said via talkSPORT: “Yeah, for me it’s it’s getting this club back in the Championship and competing against some real top teams and in a real competitive division.

“And that’s what you want to challenge yourself. And every single week, every single game we come against, we know as a football club and as a team we’ve got to be our absolute best, because we know if we’re not, you won’t get the result that you want.

“And I think that’s the thing really, that drives it. Because, you know, as a manager and as a group of players and everybody at connect to the football club, we know we’re going to have to be our absolute best in terms of our preparation, in terms of our game plan, in terms of the support everybody was playing their part of the football club has got to be at their best.

“And I think that pushes you on, really, with that excitement. And we feel that obviously with one or two of our experienced players that we still got currently the squad have had the experience of Championship football.

“Recruit and recruit well, in terms of making some key signings and obviously reliant on be reliant on the loans window, which you can use to great effect.

“And I think that with these group of players here, with making the right sign ins and getting them in the football club and bringing the loan players in, it’s essential and getting much more the younger players to balance out the squad. And I think if we can do that, get a good preseason in, then we’ll have a look.”

Clinton Morrison also reacted to the news of his exit, saying on Sky Sports: “Sometimes football annoys me, and it annoys me now hearing this about Darren Moore, because let me tell you, the job he’d done at Sheffield Wednesday was fantastic.

“He told me the stories about him when he came back from after losing heavily defeated against Peterborough. He couldn’t sleep. He was up till 6:30 watching games, of watching the games, the home games, and saying, we can pull it back.

“And he called the lads in the next morning at half ten and told them that, knowing Darren Moore, I know personally, no way would he have wanted to leave that football club.

“Absolutely no way would he have wanted to leave, Sheffield Wednesday is a massive football club. You’ve just got them to the Championship and then why, all of a sudden, would you want to leave that? No, definitely not. I think it’s a terrible decision.”

Here’s what fans are saying with players stunned by Darren Moore’s exit a week on from revealing his plans for Sheffield Wednesday…

@fittall1987: The worry is it sees a return towards the dictatorship model that landed us in league one in the first place.

@JamieBu09905219: There’s no way this is a mutual decision. I don’t think the chairman was going to back Darren in the transfer market. Basically, your ambitions don’t match mine, so I’m off then. Need a quick appointment to avoid massive disruption to the squad.

@finswfc151: Failing to believe this was mutual decision. No way

@DinoPaggiossi: So what’s changed in such a short space of time 🤯🤯🤯🤯. He was planning for next season 🤔 Something has gone very wrong at the club.

@AndyDodd17: All I can think is he’s asked for money that he can’t have, decided his reputation has risen has a Manager and if he stays without the money we’ll get relegated and harm his reputation again 🤷🏻‍♂️ doesn’t make sense

@sneakunique: Well one thing I can say. Iv never seen the players, club, staff and fans more United than this. On the back of last season, it really was one club all pulling in the same direction. Just feels like it’s all imploded and I don’t get it at all. Deflated as fcuk!

@jonhill79: Darren Moore gave us 2 of the greatest days possible last season but let’s have it right, 1 of those was because of a 1st leg capitulation. his style of football was dull as ditchwater and he got out though on several occasions last season. Thanks for the memories DM #swfc

@David_Read: Absolutely baffling this. Bloke has done a good job and he also seems like a sensible person to have in charge of one’s football team. Shocking

@shauncannister: #SWFC be interesting to see what chansiri says later.. thing is thou his english isnt the best n struggles to make sense. Will b a heated atmosphere no doubt.

@rbswfc: Players seem as shocked as us !

@kerrie_11: Gutted 😥 This isn’t Darren’s decision don’t care wot anyone says, wot the hell has gone off, we’ve just been promoted he was planning for next season then this 😥 why

@RocketOwl1986: Been a few times during the season where I thought Moore time might have been over but the way the season ended and the memories created – all I can do is thank Darren Moore for his efforts and time as #swfc manager. One of the good guys and I’m sure he will bounce back.

@ConnectedCounty: So sad to see Darren Moore leave. He got us promoted and, more importantly, reconnected the club with the fans. Back to chaos and toxicity! #swfc

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