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Player retires at half time after receiving “serious and wholly inappropriate comments”

Player David Cox retires at half time after receiving “serious and wholly inappropriate comments” during Stenhousemuir v Albion Rovers.

The Wee Rovers ace has claimed that a suicide taunt from a Stenhousemuir player has pushed him to retire from football.

The 32-year-old states that Stenny’s Jonathan Tiffoney aimed the slur at him at half time during Thursday night’s game at Ochilview.

Cox, who has opened up about his previous attempt to take his own life, slammed the player and insisted he’s had enough of playing.

He alleges the opposition player told him he should have succeeded in his suicide attempt.


Another go at my mental health at football! Time to chuck it!

Posted by David John Cox on Thursday, 29 April 2021


Posted by David John Cox on Thursday, 29 April 2021

Cox said on Facebook live: “The second half is just starting, Albion Rovers and Stenhousemuir. I have left the stadium.

“I wasn’t playing tonight I was on the bench, one of the boys on the Stenny team… we were having a wee bit of to-and-fro on the bench and they had a wee go at my mental health. Told me I should have done it right the first time.

“So I promised myself the next time it happened I’d walk off the park. Obviously I wasn’t playing (but)… I am done with football. Completely.

“Some folk might not think it’s a big deal, I’m f*****g fed up listening to it.

“Don’t get paid enough for it and they’d put me on the park I’d probably have broken the boy’s legs deliberately.

“I tried to speak to the referees about it, they didn’t want to know because they didn’t hear it. Same s*** we’re talking about all the time, we talk about racism and the personal issues that get brought up in football, but if it’s not heard by officials or whatever there’s nothing they can do about it.

“So I’m going to do something about it and for me it’s leaving the game. I’m done with it.

“It wasn’t of the reasons I wasn’t going back to football, I did in January but I’m done with it.

“Because I either keep playing and I’m going to batter somebody on the park, which will result in me being the bad one.

“Once he was called out on it he knew what he said and tried to deny it.

“Nothing gets done about it, nothing is going to get done about it. Football is full of s**** with the things that they say and it’s going to continue to happen.

“So, aye, I’m done. Hanging the boots up for good. I’ve just walked away there, I’m off in the middle of the game. I’m not doing it.”

Albion Rovers stand strong with their player, while Stenhousemuir are calling on an investigation into the situation.

A Rovers spokesperson said: “The health, safety and well-being of everyone associated with Albion Rovers is of paramount importance to us.

“Football is a place for all and we believe is should be enjoyed without fear, favour or prejudice.

“We are aware of an alleged incident that occurred during this evenings match and have been in touch with David Cox to offer our unconditional backing and support.”

Stenny released a statement, saying: “The club is aware of a verbal altercation that took place between players from both Stenhousemuir and Albion Rovers.

“We have spoken to the players involved, David Cox of Albion Rovers and Jonathan Tiffoney of Stenhousemuir.

“Both players are making claims of serious and wholly inappropriate comments being made during the game that have implications for player wellbeing and mental health.

“Whilst we accept that things can get said during a game, we believe the allegations are sufficiently serious enough to merit a more detailed investigation.

“We will therefore be referring this to the Scottish FA and will work with them and our colleagues at Albion Rovers to investigate the incident.”

Fans reacted as the player retires at half time after receiving “serious and wholly inappropriate comments”…

@ArabChris40: This is a totally unacceptable situation and my full support goes to David after this very horrible incident tonight. Personally I believe the offender should be sacked by Stenhousemuir and given a lifetime ban from football in Scotland by the SFA.

@JeffH1960: It shouldn’t be David that’s walking away from football tonight 😡

@andygebb: This is an easy one. Offender should be sacked in the morning and no team should ever sign him. Teams need to stand together when it comes to this stuff.

@daggerman65_ian: I’m sure that every decent football fan of every nationality will be wishing David Cox all the very best. Rivalry is strong in football and emotions can run high. But there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. I hope David Cox sees the support he’s receiving.

@bornabrsc: Absolutely sickening, no ban is too harsh for the stenhousemuir player. Hope to see serious action from the governing bodies.

@JamieCochrane18: Horrible behaviour hopefully David cox see’s everyone on social media standing with him always a tricky wee player when I seen him play against us

@JosephC51533972: The player responsible (Johnathan Tiffoney) for the abuse should be banned for life. No ifs or buts only way to stop this scumbag mentality.

@Rangers_Zone: He should struggle for a job outside of football. Being banned for football for life shouldn’t even be a debate.

@theNLNomads: That’s abhorrent. Absolutely no defence for that. Sacked tomorrow I hope, fined heavily and a lifetime ban from Scottish football as a minimum.

@kennycameron51: All the best David Cox. Serious changes needed around attitudes to mental health however check the comments. Vast majority, and those of decent human beings in support of him.

@sayersy1872: @ScottishFA need to act on this and very fucking quickly!

@aboutceltic: Step up @ScottishFA

@JordanARFC: Encouraging to see such unequivocal support for David Cox on the back of tonight’s incident. The football community pulls together at the worst of times and speaks with a united voice – there’s no place for personal abuse on or off the pitch.

@schreuder92: Making a comment about someone’s mental health to get “one up on them” is an absolute cowardly act. Terrible that David Cox has felt the need to walk away DURING the game. I hope he’s ok and see the support. The Stenny player in question should rightly have the book thrown at him

@cowanauskas: One player tried to kill himself, he survived and managed to come back stronger only to be taunted about not doing it right by a sex offender. Hopefully David Cox plays again and Jonathan Tiffoney doesn’t kick a ball for a very long time @albionrovers

@Baggy88: Horrible creature. Keep yer head up David.

@quinzo82: Wow! That’s shocking behaviour! Stay strong David!

@Oldfirmfacts1: Solidarity with David Cox, and well done to him for speaking out

@weekazMFC: This truly breaks my heart. David cox shouldn’t have left the stadium but he felt he had too, the other nasty guy should have. Good luck to David and I wish him well.

@spindlingdude: David cox has retired from football and left the stadium at half time after the stenny captain told him he should have done it right the first time referring to cox attempting to take his own life we talk about racism what about mental health #warriorstvlive

@Jonnynaecash: @ClydeSSB this needs addressed tomorrow night I think, good footballers falling out of love for the game left right and centre

@darren_m1979: Disgusting what happened as i help out at a mens mental health group, it is hard enough to get guys to talk without people in this day and age still treating people like that.

@kollatoral_dmge: 💯% behind you David. You did the right thing walking away mate. Let’s hope the guilty party is severely punished.

@Joe_1Coy: as a person who suffered from mental health for number of years this is just a slap in the face. This makes me sick and disgusted with the vile abuse from the Stenny Captain to David Cox. Stay strong Brain Cox don’t let that low life get into your again. Please

@DuncanLibertine: Solidarity with D Cox. The footballing bodies come together and understand that these kind of remarks along with any racist remarks are absolute zero tolerance. You should be terrified to lose your job to say these things. Along with being horrified at the person you have became

@ChrisPatrickqkb: #WeStandWithDavidCox My support has been added. David – don’t let this be it. You’ve come back before & you can do it again. Even if not as a footballer, use this support as motivation to get your head right and come back as a youth coach to warn players of mental health issues

@JackJarvisEsq2: The 2 sides of mentality 1 David Cox a man brave enough to come out & speak about his mental health 2 Johnathan Tiffany lowlife scumbag reminding us why a lot of men don’t speak out about mental health I stand with David Cox

@grantds06: just rip up the players contract

@MilesPidgeon: Absolutely disgusting, if he is still playing football by the end of the week then that is fucked up.. what a vile human being!

@RyanGriff06: Give him the sack sex offender scum and now this great captain you have

@bluecolabottles: He’s a sexual abuser and a fucking scumbag to boot. Sack him.

@SparesCeltic: Hope @StenhousemuirFC never have that rat @tiffers2_ in there strip again. Inexcusable what was said to David Cox.

@parsman1967: If this is true tonight this player should be banned for a long time I am sure @StenhousemuirFC will take the appropriate steps.

@LiveLoveCeltic: I am heartbroken and livid in equal measure at what was said to David Cox… absolutely disgraceful.

@jordanrmckay_: It says a lot about the support for David that the website is currently unable to cope with the traffic wanting to read this statement. #WeStandWithDavidCox

@andy54708: At the end of the day football is supposed a game there should be no place in it for anybody who thinks that making remarks like that to another player is acceptable. Stay strong david.

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