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Pitch invader dodges stewards before being caught after halting Bolton v Peterborough

A pitch invader dodges several stewards before being caught and escorted out after halting the Bolton v Peterborough match on Saturday.

It came right towards the end of the fixture, fans making their frustration known with a series of hand gestures.

A number of fans also could also be heard shouting something more expletive as he tried to get back over the advertising hoarding, only to be dragged back into the hands of the security staff.


A supporter who invaded the pitch during Wanderers’ Sky Bet League One fixture against Peterborough United on Saturday has received a lifetime ban from the Toughsheet Community Stadium.

Jack Conway of Ramsbottom ran onto the pitch in the final minutes of the game, forcing the referee to halt play.

Neil Hart, Chief Executive Officer at Bolton Wanderers said: “Entering the pitch at any time is a criminal offence and as a Club, we take a zero-tolerance approach to supporters who behave in a way that embarrasses and disrespects our Club, our players, our staff and fellow Wanderers’ supporters.

“Mr Conway may also be punished by the courts but regardless of this, he will never enter the Toughsheet Community Stadium again and we will continue to act strongly against all forms of anti-social behaviour.

“As ever, we extend our thanks and appreciation to the majority of fans who continue to show their loyal and valued support for Bolton Wanderers in a positive, passionate and respectful way.”

Bolton Wanderers will continue to take a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of anti-social behaviour, including pitch invasions, using pyrotechnics, taking drugs to games, throwing objects or for discriminatory abuse, and will issue strong sanctions against anyone found to have committed such an offence.

If you ever experience or witness any of the above during a matchday at Bolton Wanderers, please report the incident via TEXT or WhatsApp to our dedicated One Wanderers number: 07542 850 902.

The League One fixture ended up playing out to a 1-1 draw, meaning that Bolton had lost ground on the play-off pack after a second game without a win.

Jonson Clarke-Harris saw his opener cancelled out within 60 seconds by Victor Adeboyejo. And to make matters worse for the hosts, Gethin Jones had been sent off in first-half added time, the Trotters did however manage to hold on to the point.

Wanderers: Baxter; Jones, Forrester, Iredale; Thomason; Dacres-Cogley, Sheehan (Morley 92), Dempsey, Williams; Adeboyejo (Nlundulu 64), Charles (Bodvarsson 73). Substitutes: Hutchinson, Morley, Jerome, Khumbeni, Matheson.

Booked: Iredale, Dacres-Cogley, Dempsey, Thomason.

Sent off: Jones.

Peterborough: Bilokapic; Kioso, Knight, Edwards, Burrows; Kyprainou, Collins; Poku, Mason-Clark (Wakeling 85), Jade-Jones (Randall 69); Clarke-Harrius. Substitutes: Talley, Katongo, Crichlow, De Havilland, Randall, Sturge, Wakeling.

Booked: Kioso, Collins

Referee: Ross Joyce

Bolton boss Ian Evatt said post-match: “The end result is an important point. We’ve had so much to cope with the last couple of weeks, with the injury list, people playing not 100 per cent fit but doing it for the team and this football club.

“The resilience they showed second half was absolutely brilliant. We need to keep finding that resilience because in football seasons you do face adversity.

“In life you face adversity and it’s how you come through those times which really defined and shapes who you are as a person and a team and I think today we’ve shown a lot of character.

“We’ve rode our luck at times but I’m a firm believer that hard work puts you where good luck can find you and today that hard work did that. When called upon we needed that little rub of the green and we deserved that.

“I thought Will was outstanding. I thought the back four in the second half were outstanding,” added Evatt.

“It’s tough. They put you under pressure and against one of the best attacks in the league, with the bodies we’ve missing and going down to 10 men, it was a phenomenal effort to keep the score at one.

“I’m really proud of the boys. I said in the week that football always gives you opportunities. Last season with the injuries that we had, unearthed Eoin Toal and he had a fantastic season. I think Will Forrester is going to be this season.

“I’ve got to say, the fans were absolutely unbelievable,” said the Whites’ boss. “They were like the 11th man in the second half. The players were receptive to the support they were being given and that really got us a point and got us over the line, so a massive thank-you to them. When this stadium is positive, it’s a difficult place to come.”

Fans reacted as the pitch invader dodges stewards before being caught after halting Bolton v Peterborough…

@eamonnduff: Bolton should be fined for that debacle. As should the referee for blowing time well early. Embarrassing on both fronts.

@Rae_Doherty_93: Stewards just took the piss tbh and that’s me being a Bolton fan.

@fubbarr: Was at the match. The guy was in the top tier of the stadium. God knows how he got onto the pitch.

@implaying442: Proper Bolton fan that. Earned us a point today 👍

@Loatesy95: First steward just watching him walk on the pitch and make no attempt to so much as walk after him was brilliant. Great for the players if he was a serious threat 🙃

@Tompeetbwfc: The first steward who grabbed him definitely told him to do a runner 🤣

@BwfcFans: Our stewards 😂🤦‍♂️

@willpufc: I said to my brother send on a pack of 30 snails and they would’ve got him quicker

@jobo901: Comedic what’s the point of them?

@Dylan58750642: Should all be sacked

@RoryGordon13: Absolute muppet. But every one of those stewards is not fit for purpose. Stood around like bloody penguins. What if he had attacked a player. @OfficialBWFC

@BurndenAces: When is the next community day? #BWFC

@Davidgr90743660: How many stewards

@BWFCzakk: Fucking shocking the stewards were, there was about 10 of them that went on the pitch at the front of crazy corner and just stood watching and then once he was off they took about 29 seconds to stroll of the pitch!!! Useless every fucking single one of them!!

@harrykinsella26: Absolute wanker. Sack every steward walking after him

@Flapper_Kirby: Stewards earning their money at Bolton 😂

@jkecrx: Our stewards are horrific. Not one of them could be arsed

@callumdowning: All those stewards should be sacked for not absolutely clattering him and giving the fans what they want #bwfc

@JimTheWanderer1: I was fucking livid at this 😂 we just needed the game to end and this clowns extending things

@JaseWheatley: I take it around 20 Bolton stewards have been told they won’t be needed again!?

@alyn_line: What a grade A plonker! 🤦

@ChaarliePage: Pitch invading is weird, everyone just hates ya for it and you get banned… so why? 🤣🤣

@TomLordy1991: Idiot 🤣🤣

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