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‘Piss take’, ‘Too steep’ – Fulham disgust fans with season ticket prices for new stand

Fulham disgust fans with their new season ticket prices for the soon to be finished Riverside Stand for the upcoming 2022/23 season.

It’s rather obvious now that the club will be returning back to the Premier League unless they mess up their remaining fixtures.

With that in mind, the Cottagers are taking advantage of rising the costs, however it’s left a divided opinion from the fanbase, some willing to pay but others feeling deterred.


Following the announcement that the lower tier of the new Riverside Stand will open to supporters next season, the Club is able to share details around Season Ticket options for this area for the 2022/23 season.

The opening of the Riverside Stand lower tier represents a significant moment in the history of Craven Cottage and will accommodate more than 2,000 supporters.

As previously outlined, seats will initially be available to purchase for one season only. In line with commitments made when the development first began in 2019, previous Riverside Season Ticket Holders who still hold an active Season Ticket will be offered priority to purchase a seat in this stand.


Priority groups for the temporary 2022/23 seating season have been devised to ensure that fans who want to take up the offer of a seat in the new stand have the option to purchase a seat in a similar (albeit not identical) location to where their seat was previously located in the Riverside Stand during the 2018/19 season.

Given the highly contemporary configuration, the new stand is different to the old Riverside stand and not all seats will be an exact like-for-like; locations will be much improved and include padded seating.

The new Riverside Stand now boasts some of the very best seats available to take in the match action at Craven Cottage, providing an intimate experience like never before. Every effort has been made to identify blocks that would equate to a similar location as occupied in the old stand.

Season Ticket Holders who meet the initial criteria for this offer will be issued with a priority window of when they are eligible to purchase their new Season Ticket, which will be communicated in advance via both email and post.


  • When a priority window opens, fans in this group will be able to log in to tickets.fulhamfc.com, view and select seats from the blocks available;
  • Seats will be sold from the centre of the stand outwards, available to purchase for a limited period of time on a first-come-first-served basis;
  • Once a priority window closes, blocks and seats will then be offered to the next group, and so on;
  • Each priority window will last seven days with the first window opening at 10am on 29th March 2022;
  • Fans who do not purchase a seat during their allocated priority window will not be able to purchase during other sales windows and will have to wait until all of the priority windows have ended;
  • Supporters will be able to purchase their seat in full or use the Club’s instalment plan option – fulfilled by finance provider V12 – allowing fans the opportunity to spread the cost of their Season Tickets;
  • A seat move window, along with the ability to purchase additional seats, will take place following the completion of all priority group windows;
  • Should any seats remain after all ex-Riverside Season Ticket Holder priority periods have ended, an option for Season Ticket Holders in all other areas of the ground will take place.

During the Season Ticket Holder priority purchaser windows, all 2022/23 Season Tickets in the Riverside Lower Tier will be priced at £1,000 for adults and concessions (65 and over, 18-21 years) and £500 for under-18s.

Supporters will have access to the Lower Tier concourse. Whilst this area will also continue to be developed to its final design during the campaign, there will be food and beverage facilities as well as concourse entertainment available inside and outside.

2022/23 Season Ticket renewals for the other three areas of Craven Cottage – Hammersmith & Putney Ends and the Johnny Haynes Stand – will launch in May 2022.

Fulham disgust fans with season ticket prices for new stand (Photo Credit: The Football Pitch Hunters)

As mentioned, Fulham disgust fans with season ticket prices for new stand, see what they said below…

@41henshawstreet: £1000 for a season ticket in the lower tier at @FulhamFC next year. We might mock Fulham supporters for their middle class ways but this will price out a fair few and others will say “fuck that”. Fuck modern football. The game doesn’t belong to us anymore.

@nwelchh1: £1000 for an 18 year old are you taking the piss? I’ll stay at the back of hammy end thanks

@AdamBrightPhoto: You are pricing fans out of the game

@OhWhenTheTown: 1,000 pounds for a season ticket in their new stand 🤮

@mugwump69: £1000 to get soaking wet when it rains?

@Tactical_Times: £1000 seems steep. According to http://ChelseaFC.com the most expensive season ticket with the European cup winners, 10 minutes from Craven cottage, is £940. Feels like Fulham FC might be taking the piss a bit.

@opinions_fc: £1000 is a joke. Greed and profit before the fans.

@Kenzema: Shambolic football club

@MarkClaiden: £100 a point

@Davea100: This makes me wonder what the rest of the grounds going to for cost next season

@blancoseast: HAHAHAH £1000

@FrankieHolliday: I don’t want anyone to moan about how watford are charging a little over £400 for their season tickets next season when clubs like Fulham are charging £1000 for some tickets

@graffiti_space: Insane pricing…massive own goal. Stop gentrifying our ground!

@PaulFFC1879: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 a grand! I’ll stay in the hammy end thanks.

@Matt_Smyth680: 18-21 ST at £1,000. Can’t be called a family club at that price.

@milldogs4: £1000 (one thousand pounds sterling) for a season ticket at a ground with a neutral stand. how mentally ill must those be who pay it

@JakubKrupa: better start playing euromillions then

@George_FFC_: 1,000 😳 looks like I won’t be going back to my old seat after all

@neil_laws: At those prices ‘Get stuffed’ seems more appropriate.

@scottyb_89: A grand 😂 get outttaaa here

@JimJDean: It’s to cover the leccy bill! 🥴

@1ClubInSW6: U taking the piss lads?

@thinkingitright: £1k??? are you haven’t a laugh? shocking number

@SmmcSue: Is this a sign for the rest of the stands ticket prices for next season? Be such a shame if fans are priced out of our return to the Premier League. After 40 years as a STH it may be the one year I can’t afford it!

@willjones_ffc: So out of touch 😂😂😂😂

@thesoopabees: These lot think they are Arsenal 😭

I know it’s London
But wow

@rbh1978: The prices are a joke – especially the lack of concessions. Forced to put up with the dreadful mixed Putney End only to be ‘rewarded’ with these prices. After almost 40 years, it could be me out as a season ticket holder. Shame on you 😡

@CyclingLawLDN: I know there might be a huge influx of Chelsea fans looking to go to football games in Fulham but this is a joke.

@StoreTw8: As a club we need huge credit for keeping the cost of our season tickets affordable for all in comparison to a lot of other clubs. Fulham Charging £1000 for adults and £500 for kids in their new stand. 😮 Brentford charging on average £500 for an adult and £124 for kids. 👏

@rianmbfc: Spent 3 years playing with just 3 stands to go and charge fans £1000 for the new one, that’s horrific 😭

@FFCVoice: Such a shame and an opportunity missed. Of course I expected it to be more expensive but £1000 for lower tier and £500 for my 10 year old. It’s not even a consideration.

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