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Peterborough sack manager and quickly appoint former boss for the FOURTH time

Peterborough United sack their manager Grant McCann and quickly appoint former boss Darren Ferguson for the FOURTH time.

McCann, who was in charge of the Posh for over 11 months having come back for a second stint in February after Ferguson resigned, couldn’t save them from dropping into the third tier last season.

The 42 year old had. a promising start to the 2022/23 campaign, but his side gradually fell down the standings, sitting 8th with 35 points from 24 games played, five points from the playoffs.

It was a 3-0 home defeat at the hands of Wycombe Wanderers on New Year’s Day that proved to be the final nail in the coffin for McCann’s stay at the club. His side won 18 games and lost 22 of the 48 games he had in charge.

The football club have parted company with manager Grant McCann and assistant manager Cliff Byrne.

Peterborough United have parted company with first team manager Grant McCann and assistant manager Cliff Byrne. The pair took over in February 2022 and leave the club with a record in League One this season of 11 wins, 11 defeats and two draws from the 24 matches played.

Chairman Darragh MacAnthony said: “Grant and Cliff have been very professional throughout their time with the football club. Sometimes in football, it just hasn’t worked out. With the squad that we have, at the beginning of January, where we are in the league table is not where we expected and we feel if we are going to give ourselves a chance of a promotion run, now is the time to make that change.

“After watching us lose 3-0 at home on New Year’s Day, that hammered home what kind of run we have been on, one win in ten weeks and that is just not going to cut it. We have high expectations, and those high expectations will continue.”

Co-owner Jason Neale added: “I really want to thank Grant and Cliff for coming into the football club and giving it their all. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite worked out how we wanted it too and that can sometimes happen. I want to wish them nothing, but success in the future.”

The football club can also confirm that they have re-appointed Darren Ferguson as manager until the end of the season. The owners of the football club have explained the rationale behind that appointment.

“We are delighted that Darren has agreed to take over until the end of the season. When you look for a manager in January, it is a very difficult time, an impossible time to get someone in, so if you were to write down what you would want in a manager, someone who identifies with how you work was a football club, someone who has had multiple promotions on their CV, someone with a style of football that gets people off their seats, where would you find a manager like that? It just so happens we have one that lives nearby and has agreed to come and help us until the end of the season.

“We are not talking a long-term appointment, it has been agreed between ourselves and Darren that the best way is for him to come in and work with the squad. He only left a year ago, none of the owners wanted him to leave, for us the Championship was a challenge for a club our size, he made the decision to leave, Darragh felt it was the wrong decision at the time, but we feel that after a year out, he is full of enthusiasm, he is going to come in and his motivation and aim is to get another promotion under the belt.

“He has won five promotions in his career; he will be going for number six and we are delighted that he has agreed to return. It is business as usual and on we go.”

Posh are next in action live on Sky Sports at Port Vale on Monday 16th August (8pm).

This is what fans ad to say as Peterborough sack their manager and quickly appoint their former boss for the FOURTH time…

@GaryCarter58: The year is 2041 and Darren Ferguson has just been named Peterborough manager for the 28th time

@steve_nicholls1: Is this some sick joke ?

@jack1hinchy: god bless you for banning me for the rest of season 🙏🏼

@_rynjsmth: When will this end

@pufcben: April fools ain’t for another 3 months lads ?

@jfgpufc: what the fuck

@jacobcr27518800: Why are we not going for Danny Cowley. Listen posh fans. He would be perfect. We’re not a big club and cowley would not have the more pressure on him at a big club. Hes managed in the championship before so it’s a perfect deal.

@Tommochats: The fan base should get behind Peterborough Sports now stop wasting your hard earned cash on this rubbish and support a club that is progressing.

@RichBream82: If it hasn’t worked the last 4 times, what makes you think @DMAC102 that it will work a 5th time? #pufc

But, but, but…
We’ve only just had January 1st.
How can it be April 1st already…?

@TommyBeardz: Boys and girls, everyone is taking the piss out of us and we hardly make any noise in the ground, let’s just get behind our fucking team and get London Road bouncing? Fuck the negativity lads lets GO

@Tommochats: A joke club…fergie has had his day but he is the only one that DMac can work with

@DayPaul84: Fergie Out. Darragh Out.

@poshcricketer: Pathetic. I agree that sadly it was time for Grant to leave but to bring back Fergie is astonishing and shows a major lack of forethought. That’s me done for the season. I’ll see what the summer brings before I spend any more cash with #pufc. Truly ridiculous.

@ShhPo: Did he actually leave the building or does he have a room in the stadium? This is the most farcical decision I’ve ever seen!!! Absolute refusal to build and develop the club further, for the first time since he took over I think it’s time for DMac to go. #pufc

@sjreynolds1883: Again?? Must have a revolving door.

@Kieran_UTP_: We’re a laughing stock

@clobertss: This is a joke surely?

@Hobling_No1: Darren Ferguson AGAIN?!?!?!?!? Hey @DMAC102 there are other managers out there. Doesn’t always need to be job for the boys

@craigDLyons: Embarrassing. Time to stop going round in circles. Time for honest open talking. If we’re broke come out and say it. Joke of the year and it’s only 4th January

@danhoward__: you are taking the actual fucking piss here surely no fucking way have you actually done that, id better be dreaming

@SteveDilley1: Didn’t realise it was April fools already? There are absolutely no word for this. What an absolute cycle of fuckery this club has become! #pufc

@jsimpson191: Oh for fuck sake

@DanShelcot: Is this for real? 🤪

@OfficialShaunyB: What a fucking shambles of a club

@benharper87: This is getting beyond a joke at this point

@Benbrisley1: Wtf

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