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Peterborough boss slams own fans after what they did outside stadium in-game

Peterborough United boss Darren Ferguson slams his own fans for what they did outside the Weston Homes Stadium in-game on Tuesday.

He described fireworks being set off while fans sang outside the ground during last night’s (April 27) League One clash with Doncaster as ‘unhelpful’ to his club’s promotion push.

An estimated 100 individuals were outside the stadium with Ferguson’s side 2-0 up and looking set to clinch automatic promotion. Fireworks were let off and celebratory chanting could be heard while the match continued.

However, Posh players ended up bottling their lead and Doncaster recovered to force a 2-2 draw and delay the home club’s promotion party.

Posh officials suggested the match was close to being called off after fireworks landed on the playing surface. There was unrest in the director’s box and Posh chief executive Bob Symns left the match in the first half to ask fans to behave. The club had asked fans not to attend the game, but an area for them to congregate had been provided.

Reports suggested the fans had been asked to leave a city centre bar because of a lack of social distancing and arrived at the stadium earlier than expected.

Ferguson said: “I don’t want to criticise our fans because we have missed them and it must be frustrating not being able to attend matches.

“There is naturally a lot of excitement around the club with promotion so close, but the fireworks and the singing were unhelpful.

“If I was the Doncaster manager or a player I would have got extra motivation from what was going on.”

Doncaster’s Andy Butler confirmed that was the case. He said: “We didn’t want Peterborough to be able to celebrate in front of us. We could hear the singing, but it appeared to have stopped by the end of the game!”

On the game itself, Ferguson said: “After 25 minutes aand 2-0 up you are thinking if we get another goal it could be a really enjoyable night for us. I thought the first third of the game we were outstanding. What we worked on came off and we had opportunities to increase the lead.

“For a few minutes we got a bit sloppy and they are a good technical team. Psychologically in football, things can change quickly. They got a goal back and it lifted them. It gave them hope and it affected us too much.

“We started the second half poorly. We lost a sloppy second goal. You have to analyse the game carefully when you’ve only seen the game live, without watching it back, but I felt their keeper made three unbelievable saves.

“When they equalised, the game became stretched and that is what they wanted. Both goals we conceded were poor. The game changed on their first goal.

“What I have to do now is regroup the players. I need to keep them focussed. We have come too far to lose that belief. We are still in a good position. We have got to go and try and win the game against Lincoln. We have to do certain things better than we did tonight.

“We are disappointed, because we know we had a big opportunity tonight, but we have another opportunity on Saturday.”

Posh will clinch promotion to the Championship at their home ground on Saturday (May 1) if they avoid defeat against rivals Lincoln City. Supporters will again ask fans not to attend.


6.5 – Bursik
7.5 – Thompson
7.3 – Beevers
6.5 – Kent
6.3 – Butler
6.6 – Reed
7.2 – Taylor
8.3 – Ward
7.4 – Szmodics
6.5 – Dembélé
7.6 – Clarke-Harris
6.1 – Hamilton (sub)
5.9 – Burrows (sub)

7.1 – Jones
6.2 – Wright
7.0 – Butler
7.6 – Anderson
7.2 – Horton
6.1 – Sims
6.4 – James
7.2 – Smith
7.7 – Lokilo
7.2 – Okenabirhie
6.6 – Bogle
8.1 – Richards (sub)
5.9 – John-Jules (sub)

Twitter users reacted after seeing the Peterborough boss slams his own fans after what they did outside the stadium in-game…

@Renegadebastard: Darren Ferguson kiss my bollocks. No party on our watch you woman whacking mingebag

@EMorgannnnn: How embarrassing if you’re a Peterborough fan out celebrating last night 🤣🤣

@JHcafc: Peterborough fans letting of fireworks for them to bottle a 2 goal lead will never not be funny 🤣🤣🤣 #hcafc

@ffstmkm: That’s a very poor excuse for bottling yet another lead

@E_Sure91: Just a reminder for the club that Lincoln will be motivated on Saturday whether there are fans around or not. Let’s leave the excuses and get the job done

@Skydank1: Were the fireworks that much of an issue? If in the ground, fans would have been celebrating and singing ‘we are going up’, would that have motivated the opposition?

@andytaylor761: really?? so when fans are in the stadium we shouldnt chant or cheer as it will make the players unable to pass to each other or tackle? This is up there with the Man u grey shirt excuse

@RossShep92: 🤣🤣 fireworks should have stayed till the end if we went up, but Jesus Christ if fans can’t chant and sing when the team support is close to getting promoted then it’s madness!

@tj1934: Bizarre. If fans singing and partying makes us bottle it then we don’t deserve to go up. Excuses. #pufc

@MerRudy: It’s bollocks. Posh fans and all fans belt promotion songs out for weeks and weeks before promotion is secured, when they are in the grounds. Clear for the players to hear. Handling this is all part of being a sportsman. I wouldn’t have done it myself, but leave the fans alone UTP

Don’t blame it on the sunshine.
Don’t blame it on the moonlight.
Don’t blame it on the good times.
Blame it on………
The fucking fireworks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Unfucking believable!.

@gempufc: I agree the fireworks were a bit premature but blaming the fans for singing outside the ground? That’s one of the worst excuses I’ve ever heard ffs #pufc

@samuel_pufc: Oh fuck off mate 🤣🤣 if the boys can’t handle a little fucking noise from some fireworks after watching the cunts bottle it year in year out for 8 season… then I don’t know what to say, man the fuck up, and let the team and manager take the blame, not us fucking fans

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